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http://www.B4HEART.com is an Inspiration of Hope in the Name of Humanity! Our GOAL is to Enlighten Hearts and Minds in the Name of Peace. Our Aim is to Dynamically Wake— People Up via Insight as a Spiritual Revolution; and Inspire Mankind to Focus and Participate  for the Betterment and Benefit of All, as Peace and Mutual Understanding are Vital to this Cause. Conclusively, this Website is a Platform, a Resource for INTENT— Dedicated to Bringing about Conscious Awareness as Compassionate Change; Hope, GoodWill and Fulfillment— Worldwide, Here on Mother Earth, via B4HEART!

Welcome to our Out-Reach Program for Parents, Teachers, Teenagers, Tweens, Children and the Any-Bodies that CARE Enough; to Engage in Dialogue, as well as Critical Thinking. Fundamentally, We are a Voice for Concern, Where We Can Exchange Ideas about the Problems that Plague our World Today. Accordingly, Collaboration, Coordination, Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion are the Keys— to Ensure Efficiency, Peace and Harmony — CoExistence; Amongst Our Diverse Cultures, Customs and Beliefs.

In Essence, Everything is Inter-Connected; ONE- BIG-Cause-Effect Relationship. InterDependence; a Family of Earthlings. Unfortunately, CoDependency is Classified as a Psychological Disease. But, Ironically, Nobody is Perfect. Everybody is Addicted to Something. We are All Dysfunctional in One Way or Another and CoDependent on Something or Somebody. Idiosyncrasies are but Characteristics of Mankind as Persona is Unique. Define Sanity. State of Minds Vary. 

All Humans Make Mistakes. Some Make More Mistakes Than Others. We Must Lean From All of Our Mistakes. Sometimes People Need Help. Some People Need More Help Than Others. To Forgive is a Choice. To Serve Humanity is also a Choice; A Sense of Peace. 

Cooperation is Vital to Peace. Beware of the Domino Effect. United We Stand, Divided; We Fall— into Culture Clashes, Culture Shock and Sadly but Surely— All-Out-WARs, Including; War between— the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have-Nots'; the Rich against the Poor.

Be Aware of the Subtleties of Power. The old adage of the “golden” Rule still applies: “He who has the gold, makes the rules”.  There is a Very Fine Line Between National Security and Corporate Security. Sometimes, You Have to Dig Deep; in Order to Expose Truth. BE AWARE: Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified! Alas, ‘Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.’

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”—-Michael Ellner

Tragically, it is an Awful and Alarming Situation. But, Believe It or Not, to be Candid and as Dramatic as it Sounds; Unfortunately, it has Already Started. Never Underestimate the Vile Powers of Envy, Jealousy, Doubt and Denial. Beware of the Audacity of Greed. Poverty is so Inhumane and Disheartening. If Inhumanity is Not Provocative; What Is?

People Can Only Take and Tolerate so Much Misery in Life. Poverty Takes its Toll as Patience Turns into Restless Panic as Rage Lingers. Dejection, Because of All of the Rejections, Escalates— as Emotional Overload, which is a Toxic Fact of Life; Mental Anguish. It Produces— Angry, Scared and Confused Mindsets, Walking Time-Bombs. They are an Embodied, Dispirited Force; to Be Reckoned With — Eventually. Ultimately, a United Discontentment which is Infuriated and Morphs into Dissent; Can Become Very Dangerous.

Never Underestimate A United ‘State of Minds’. Never Underestimate the ‘State of Your Mind’.  Wake Up! Be Open-Minded. Open Your Heart. Destiny Awaits Our Command. Alas, “There is a way to provide against the onslaught of poverty. It is the recognition of the power of the mind.” (—A.G. Gaston) It is Time to:

 Logo Spotlight

“Overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.” —Peace Pilgrim

History Speaks for it Self. Or, Does It? Do You Believe All the Lies You are Told? How About the History that Wasn’t Taught in Public Schools? History that is TABOO. In Retrospect, Hindsight is 20/20. Yet, How Ironic, How Peculiar it is, as Perspective is Significant; Still. Attitude, Attention and Awareness are Indispensable. Wake-Up! Far Too Many People are Clueless? Dah! Dahmesticated? Oblivious…

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” — George Orwell; ‘Animal Farm’

Verify, Self-Preservation is, but an Obstacle that must be over-come; in the Search for Truth. Self-Preservation of Historical Reputations of the Elite; have Deceived Humanity Long Enough. It is Out of Control. Honesty is Dangerous in a Corrupt Society. All the Strategic Covered-up Lies / Conspiracies and illegal / Evil Deeds of the Past, are NOW Coming Back to— Haunt ‘We, The People’…

It is Time for Transparency. It is Time for Disclosure, Clarity, Honesty, Accuracy and Accountability; in Our System of Government. It is Time to Change Our Mindset; The Mentality of ‘We the People’! 

“The United States has such an unequal distribution of wealth so that it’s in the league of corrupt underdeveloped countries, no longer in the league of the developed nations, according to the latest edition of the world’s most thorough study of wealth-distribution.” Eric Zuesse, Investigative Historian.  Read His Full Article, Click Here.   

America is Now Infested with Demented Street Gangs. Why? Survival, Survival in the Environment that was Created for Them. It is, What it is—A Degrading Way of Life. A Life-Style Out of Necessity, as They are Born and Welcomed into Poverty, Indignity, Danger, Despair, Deprivation, Disgust, Frustration and Desperation as Well as Criminal Ideals; Horrors of the Ghetto.

It is but, an Awful Travesty in this Land of Plenty and yet, a Real Fact of Life; a Traumatic Crisis, an Atrocity. You Either Enlist in the Gang, or You are Victimized by Circumstance; Typical Routine. There is No Mercy.  Clicking Up, is a Crucial Choice; as ‘POWER CORRUPTS’. Ironically, It has Become an Honor to Join Their Particular Gang, a Sense of Belonging; Bonding, Status and Quick Cash.  

The Gang Leaders Have a Stranglehold on the Hood; as an Isolation of Terror Rein. They Wreak Havoc and Turmoil as Tension Mounts. Boundaries and Limitations have New Meanings. The Powers that Be, Know that the Local Children are the Future of that Particular Gang. It’s a Continual Cycle of Violence and Chaos; a Diabolical Tradition with All of Its Repercussions.

Thus, Loyalty and a Hush, Hush Code of Silence; are Vital to Their Cause, a Lust for Power, Money and Control of the Streets. Therefore Many of the Gangs are now Structured, Just Like Our U.S. Military; Strategy, Conditioning, Etc. They get Strapped; Carry Guns. They Have Protocol; a Chain of Command with Ranks, Rules and Regulations, a so Called Code of Conduct, and Enforcers; to Punish Those that Don’t Abide by Them. Snitching is A No-No, per Street Law.

Rats, get Exterminated; Retribution. Gang Life is a Life of Violence, Fear and Intimidation. It is but a Menace to Society. A Pack of Gang-members is Dangerous and Unpredictable as Rigor and Temptation are Overwhelming. Somebody always wants to Make a Name for Himself, by Proving that He has Heart / Balls.  Shit can Hit the Fan Quickly. Some Gangs, even Adhere to a Diabolical Initiation and Oath— ‘Blood In, Blood Out’. In Fact, Once Somebody is ‘Jumped-In'; Jail or the Morgue, are the Only Alternatives.

Unfortunately, Sex, Drugs, and Guns; Equals Cash Money— on the Street. Power and Control of Terrority, is the Name of the Game; via Violence and Murder as Bloody Turf Wars are a Common Occurrence. Illegal Behavior is a Lucrative Obsession; Instant Gratification.

Crime Is an Encouraged and Idolized Way of Life, in the Hood. Little Children are Taught to be Gangstas. They Learn How to Gang-Bang; Hustle, Put in Work for the Gang via Crimes. Ten Year-Old’s get Paid to be on the Look-Out for Po-Po.

Gang Leaders are Looked Upon as some sort of Bad-Ass-Hero? They Set Examples as Ghetto Role Models / Mentors? ‘Gangsta’-Rap Music Fires the Kids Up; Social Conditioning, which has Already Produced a Few Generations of Lost Souls. 

Alas, Ghetto Life is so Dehumanizing. In Fact, it is Sabotaging America’s Human Capital, by Destroying Young Lives, Our Future. Furthermore, America now has the Biggest Prison Population, in the Entire World. And Corporate America is Getting Richer, and Richer; as They Build More Privately Run Correction Facilities. They Get Paid for Housing Prisoners. They Also Make More Money From Their Cheap Labor. It is a Form of Oppression / Slavery— Forced Labor for Profit.g.

Unfortunately, Many Poor People are in Prison, because of Drummed up Charges, Others are There because They Can’t Afford to Pay a Decent Lawyer to Defend Them. Instead of Being ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty'; They Are Guilty Because They Can’t Afford To Prove that They are Innocent? Corporate America Loves to Make Money off of the Poor.

In Fact Two judges, President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan, were Sentenced to Serve Lengthy Jail Time in Federal Prison in Pennsylvania for the Infamous ‘Kids For Cash Scandal’. “They were Guilty of accepting judicial kickbacks among other charges. They were accused of accepting money from Robert Mericle, builder of two private, for-profit youth centers for the detention of juveniles, in return for contracting with the facilities and imposing harsh adjudications on juveniles brought before their courts to increase the number of residents in the centers.”

 “Mericle, who is president of the Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, paid approximately $2.1 million in finders fee to Ciavarella for bringing the construction of the facilities his way. Federal authorities charged Mericle with helping the former judges disguise the source of his payments. Mericle pleaded guilty on Sept. 2, 2009 and was sentenced in April, 2014, to 1 Year In a Minimum Federal Prison Camp, Near his Home?”

How About That? Typical, as Class Does have its Privileges. But, Poor Robert Mericle will be on probation for a year, once he completes his prison sentence for Ruining Young Lives for Profit. And, “He also had to pay the financial penalties associated with the sentencing, which were a $100 special assessment and $250,000 fine.”  Quid quo pro?

Ironically, there is more to this Grotesque Story, as there were a Few More Players Involved. There was the late state Sen. Raphael Musto of Pittston Township, who was also charged with corruption. Robert Mericle told authorities that he provided gifts and money to Senator Musto in return for helping secure state funds for Mr. Mericle’s economic development projects. The 85-year-old longtime Democratic lawmaker suffered from health problems that delayed his trial. He died the day before Mericle’s sentencing.

Originally, Robert Mericle wasn’t the only person charged in this case. Robert J. Powell and Gregory Zappala, the owners of the two private, for-profit prisons, Pennsylvania Child Care and Western Pennsylvania Child Care, were also accused in the $2.6 million kickbacks to the pair of judges. Mr. Powell was sent to a Halfway House for his Prison Sentence for 18 Months.

He testified against the 2 Judges, after wearing a wiretap in the case; which Benefited His 2 Partly Owned Detention Centers? Dah! Gregory Zappala escaped prosecution in this case.  It isn’t known if this is because Zappala truly did nothing wrong or because of his connections.

Incidentally, Stephen Zappala Sr, a former Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is Gregory Zappala’s Father. His brother is District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. whose office, did prosecute cases that resulted in children being sent to his brother Gregory’s facilities. Stephen claims to have no ties to either facility. No Conflict of Interests?

Why are Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges Appointed to Office by the President of the U.S. for Life? In Fact, Federal judges appointed under Article III of the Constitution, are guaranteed what amounts to life tenure and un-reduced salary; so that they won’t be afraid to make an unpopular decision. ‘Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.’   

Yes, the Rich are Innocent until Proven Guilty. Yes, America has Double Standards. Yes, America Has a Class-War Going On, and It is Hell on Earth— in the Ghetto; as it Destroys Young Lives. Unfortunately, Certain Urban Affairs Fall on Deaf Ears?

Many Poor Neighborhoods, In Fact Many Cities for the Matter are Being Overwhelmed and Terrorized by All the Violence. The Citizens are Terrified, They are Afraid to go Out at Night. Wake Up America; this is a Humanitarian Issue that has to be Addressed Soon. It is Time to Nurture and Cultivate Our Children via Love. We Best Not, Train Them for Violence…

In the Meantime, Our Politicians Won’t even Address these Issues? They Do Nothing To Combat this Problem.Nobody Address Our Drug Problem in America Anymore Either? Unfortunately, It Is a Fact and it is Accepted as Being Routine; So What, Its No Big Deal? Are They Truly Oblivious? Baffled? Ignorantly Unconscious? Or Greedily Content in their Gated Communities?

Why Are We Lied to, in regards to the True Numbers of the Unemployment Rate in this Country? It is a Major Concern as it Factors into this Mess. In Fact According to Data Released in March, 2015 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “For the first time the number of Americans out of the labor force has exceeded 93 million.”

Ding Ding! No Jobs, Means No Work, No Money. Alas, Street-Gangs, Drugs and Unemployment; a Recipe for a National Disaster, Waiting to Explode. Wake Up America!

Check Out Robert D. Putman’s New Book Entitled: ‘Our Kids; The American Dream in Crisis’

One of My Best Friends, John Culliton Mahoney, Wrote the Following Song that Captures the Plight of Today’s American Cities. Listen as He Sings— Singing ‘City of Broken Dreams':

Is Your City or Neighborhood Infested with Street Gangs, Drugs and Unemployment? Do You Feel Safe Walking Outside, all Alone at Night? Are You Scared when You are out— During the Day? Can You Afford to Move, or Will You Have to Join a Gang; to Feel Safe? Has Your City Turned Into ‘A City of Broken Dreams’?

How  Can Our so Called Political Leaders Silently Stand By and Watch and Wait, as so Many Suffer? What are They Waiting For? What Are “We the People’, Waiting for?Chaos?

It is Disgusting and I am Disgusted by it, Because— I Care! I Care about the Future, the State of Affairs in the USA; for the Sake of my Grandchildren. I am Not Crazy or Paranoid. ‘We the People’, are Crazy for Accepting and Tolerating Our System of InJustice and Corruption. It is Time for a Change…

America Needs New Leaders, Leaders who are Willing to Re-Unite the United States of America. Not Leaders whom, are Destroying it From Within, Any Longer. America Needs Another sort of ‘New Deal’ Program Implemented Today. We Need Leaders with Vision and the Will to Exercise Innovation Out of this mess…

Thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ in 1933, the “Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC),  was established by Congress. It provided jobs for young, unemployed men and a few women during the Great Depression. Over its 9-year lifespan, the CCC employed about 3 million men nationwide. The CCC made valuable contributions to forest management, flood control, conservation projects, and the development of state and national parks, forests, and historic sites. In return, the men received the benefits of education and training, a small paycheck, and the dignity of honest work.”

2016 is Our Chance to Make Our VOTES COUNT! #B4HEART2016! We Need a Third Political Party in America. A Party that Represents, ‘We the People; Not Corporations. We Cannot Afford Another dyNASTY of Either ‘Bush’ or ‘Clinton’. Just Look at the MESS that They Created. I Believe We Have the Intelligence and the People to Change the Dirty Diaper.  

I also Personally Believe Whole Heartedly— that All U. S. Citizens, Should do some sort of National / Military Service; when they Reach the Ripe-Old-Age of 18, or when they Finish College. Not for the Actual Purpose of WAR. Prepared for War — Yes.

Actually, It Would Get these Kids off of the Streets and Out of Gangs, Teach them a Trade and Rebuild our Infrastructure. I also Believe that All U.S. Households should be Required to Own a Rifle or Shotgun; Unless they are a Felon. ‘We the People Have to be Ready, Willing and Able to Defend America! It is Time to Implement a Strategic Discernment.

America’s Borders are being Flooded by illegal Aliens, trying to Sneak in Everyday. 70,000 Kids Will Show Up Alone at Our Border This Year. What Happens to Them? In Fact, Many of the Hard-Core Gang Members that we have in America today, are from Mexico and Central America. They Take Orders from Back Home, from Where they Left. And Now, Obama Wants to Give Them Amnesty? Illegal Aliens are not immigrants! He is Destroying America with his Socialist Agenda, From Within; Just Like Abe Lincoln Warned. And, He is Already Acting Like a Dictator, With All of His Executive Orders. Is America’s Fate the same as that of the Titanic?

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Abraham Lincoln

Do You Own a Gun? If Not, Perhaps You Should Buy One; While it is Still Legal. The Situation is More Complicated than You can Imagine as Gangs are Growing, Organizing, and Migrating All Over America; In Search of the Almighty Dollar.    

Unfortunately, Life Isn’t Always Fair. In Fact, It is Complicated and, It Becomes More Complicated; Because of Ignorance. Haphazardly, it is Certainly a Stressful World— Fraught with Uncertainty, Presumptions, Evil Greedy Intentions, Geo-Politics, Conflict of Interests, Malicious Intentions, Ulterior Motives, Surveillance, Selective Memories and Unintended Consequences. Go Figure? Thus, Cautiously by Virtue of Suspicion, We Must Weigh All of Our Options and Be on Guard, as Earth is Possessed; Plagued by Inter-Acting, Unconscious EGOs. I, I, I’s?

Ironically,‘ Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified!’

Traumatically, We Have Achieved Status of Blatant Stupidity. Conditioned, ill-Informed Earthlings, Whom Cherish— Me, Myself and Mine, as We are Consumed by an I, I, I, State of Mind. Why Can’t Mankind, Just Get Along?

Why Don’t We Help Each Other, by Simple Acts of  Sharing and Caring? Kindness is Precious. For all Intensive Purposes, We Have Made Great Advances in Technology But, Some How; We Managed to Degenerate as a So Called Intelligent/Civilized Species. It is so Irrational, so Illogical? It is but an Insult to Humanity…

Just Look Around— Conflicting Egomaniacs, Everywhere; Pathologically Competing, Manipulating, Fighting for Survival, Space, Status and Stuff, Me and Mine, Not to Mention; Notoriety—Fame and Fortune. Why? Self-Interest? Selfish Interest? Is Mankind Mad? Alas, Jesus Proclaimed: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

How Does One Define Sanity? Ultimately, It Is But; a Matter of Perspective and Comprehension. Stop, Look, Listen; Cognition. Willful Resistance of Temptation is Your Option. Consideration, Compassion, and Simple Acts of Kindness are Your Obligations. Blessed are They, Whom “See Through the ‘EYEs of LOVE'”; for They Have Transcended Above Their ego… 

Literally, CHOICES / CAUSE and EFFECTS; Define Destiny. Mankind, as a Whole, Co-Conceived and Continues to Tolerate, Accept, Pretend or Ignore this Ridiculous Conditioned Mess, that We Live In? But Subconsciously, Mankind Does Know Right From Wrong. Possibilities— Galore, We Do Have the Power to Create Change; Alter Ignorance — Make a Difference.

Truth Be Told, It Is Easier Said Than Done; But Destiny Awaits Our Command. “A thought becomes a word and then a deed. Therefore, Be very careful of your thoughts.”  Think Before You Act. Never Underestimate the Power of Your Intent. Facts are Important. Commit To— Making a Difference. 

Invariably, the CHOICE to Do So, is Waiting for YOU. In Fact, It is Our Duty; A Noble Purpose! We were Not Born, to be Blinded by Our Own Un-Conscious Ego, or Greed, for that Matter. We Think; Therefore, We Are! We were Born to Be Aware, to Be Conscious, Present and Make Our Presence— Ready, Willing and Able; for the Betterment and Benefit of All. Tune INTUIT— B4HEART.

We are Born to Question Authority; in the Name of TRUTH and, We Should be Willing to Die for LIBERTY. You Have to Stand for Something, or You Die, for Nothing. We are Here to Learn How to Get a Long with Each Other; in The Name of Peace and Harmony…

Grievously, Death Articulates Life via Grief but; Slavery, is the Death of Freedom Itself. And Then— How Dare We Question Authority? Alas, is Grief Truly Personal? Can Mourning be Contagious? Or, Will You Only Mourn If and When— You Become a Slave.

Don’t Ignore Your ‘Moral Urge to Act’. ‘Hope Springs Eternal’; as Destiny Awaits Your Command. Miraculously, by Virtue of Grace, Hope Emerges for: “As Long As There is Life, There is Hope. As Long as There is Hope, There is Life.”

Significantly, the Law of ‘Supply and Demand'; also—Applies to—  Liberty! We the People— Control Destiny; Leverage— The Power to Communicate is Influential. There is Strength in Numbers. Never Underestimate the ‘Power of the Pen’. Never Underestimate the ‘Word of Mouth’. INTENT is the Power that Manifest Destiny.  

We Can Either Remain Silent via Willful Ignorance and Do Nothing, as We become Slaves; or We Can Unite, Speak Out and Spread Awareness via B4HEART— in the Name of Liberty. Due Diligence! Intuition! Creative Thinking; Innovation! Survival Instinct! ProAction! Common Cause! Jurisprudence; Common Good! LOVE…

Incontrovertibly, the Ultimate Betrayal to HUMANITY; Is To Pacify Stupidity. Beware of Dogma. Be Aware of Taboo. We Are What We Think! Attitude, Attention and Awareness are but; A Matter of Perspective. Perception is Everything. Believe It or Not. To Do, or; Not To Do? To Ignore and  / Or Deny; Leads to InAction. Action Manifest Results via Intent; Rewards. Humanity Awaits Your Devotion. Do Your Part – B4HEART. Together, We Can Make This HAPPEN… b4heart_framed_tile 

B4HEART is an Appeal to HUMANITY, to Become Compellingly Appealing; as we are the Ultimate— Human Resource. Together— WE Must Commit, Focus, Collaborate, and Address— Oppression, Corruption and Social Injustices; such as racism, bullying, poverty, drugs, gangs, disabilities, domestic violence, police brutality, education, disease and indifference. United, we can ease the pain and / or rectify the different situations; significant issues and /  or concerns— including peer pressure, sexual abuse, sexting, AIDS / HIV / STDsanorexiabulimia, obesity, homosexuality, addictions, prostitution, violence, Human trafficking, alzheimer’sautism, dyslexia, and suicide.

Do You Care Enough to Get Involved? Or, Are You Reluctant Enough to Shy Away from Issues that Plague our World; Viable Solutions, Charity, Current Events, State of Affairs. WHY? Excuses? Misconceptions, Indecision, Doubt, Fear or Unbelief? Ridicule? Denial? Inconvenience? Ignorance, or— Sheer Laziness?

Alack, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Think; Curiosity, Reason, Free-Will and Intuition are Divine Gifts. They are Amazingly Magical as Faith, Hope, Charity and LOVE. We Must Utilize These incredible BLESSINGS, AS a Foundation; the: ‘Consuming Passion of the SPIRIT!’  We Can Do It, and Do It, We Must; AS We Raise Awareness. A Tour de Force— to be Reckoned with Beyond— Any Shadow of Doubt…

Substantially, We Must Face Our Problems; Before Trouble Escalates. It is Time to Confront All of Our National Disgraces; Including Power and Control of the Accepted Culture of Corruption. It is Time to Activate and Implement — Your Willing HEART, as We Comprehend Compassion and Kindness, en route to Humanity.

But First, We Must Audit the Facts and Figures that Have Been Manipulated by the Secular pOWERS that bE. TRUTH Knows No Boundaries, as it is Patient and Eternal. We Have Complied with All of the Lies and, Denied TRUTH; Long Enough…  

To hold a pen is to be at war.” – Voltaire


“Reason is man’s faculty for grasping the world by thought, in contradiction to intelligence, which is man’s ability to manipulate the world with the help of thought. Reason is man’s instrument for arriving at the truth, intelligence is man’s instrument for manipulating the world more successfully; the former is essentially human, the latter belongs to the animal part of man.” – Erich Fromm 

 Logo Spotlight

Therefore, B4HEART.com is Literally My Duty and Commitment to Humanity— My Divine Calling; Consigned in Love. I Am but, a Proud Radical Rebel, Determined to— Do Good-Will-Hunting. However, I Need Your Help; as I am Enlisting an Army of B4HEARTers— to Observe, Inquire, and Contemplate so that We Can Make a Difference; to Transcend Mutual-Confidence. Our Ultimate Goal is to Champion Liberty and Justice for ALL…

Never Underestimate the Element of ‘SURPRISE’!

Essentially, B4HEART is a Vital Cause, a Process of Grassroots Effort—Reaching Out, Hitchhiking via the Internet— Transcending a Global Social Movement. Predicated by the Virtue of Love and Empowered, as a Leap of Faith; It is Time to Unite! Alas, Significant Preparation is the Key to Any Desired Destiny. Careful Consideration, Integrity, Ethics, Morals and Intellectual Standards; are the Principles, Our Compass— a Liberating Instrument for this Compassionate Transforming Change.

Our Mission is to Confront,  Address and Challenge the Elite Concentration of Money and Power that is Anti-Humanity. Pathetically, about 1% of the people on Earth, Controls the other 99% of us; Thanks to their Political and Economical Clout? Thus, America’s Spirit of Freedom— has been Compromised, as We Do Live in an Accepted Culture of Corruption…

Clout and Collusion Between Far Too Many Politicians and Too Many Corporations, are Perpetuating Crimes Against Humanity; in the Name of Greed. They are Literally Killing People? Why? Many of Them Should Be Held for Trial in An International Court of Law. We Have to Put a Stop to This— Soon!

They’re Poisoning our Drinking Water with Fluoride and also, by the Method of Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking, for Natural Gas and Oil. Big Pharma, is Killing a Countless Number of People Daily; Because of the Drugs that they Advertise on TV, which has Side-Effects; that are Worse the the Disease that it is Trying to Help?

Doctors Should be Ashamed of Themselves for Pushing these Poisons. Unfortunately, they Do Make a Profit for Writing the Prescriptions. Many Lawyers are Laughing All the Way to the Bank. Collateral Damage; Compliments of the ‘Medical Mafia’. The AMA (American Medical Association), as well as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration); Should ALSO, Be Held Accountable. 

GMO’s Have Destroyed Lives— World Wide. The are Banned in Many Countries But, Unfortunately not Here? Find Out Why in “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth“: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public, by Steven M. Druker.

“His book uncovers the biggest scientific fraud of our age. It tells the fascinating and frequently astounding story of how the massive enterprise to restructure the genetic core of the world’s food supply came into being, how it advanced by consistently violating the protocols of science, and how for more than three decades, hundreds of eminent biologists and esteemed institutions have systematically contorted the truth in order to conceal the unique risks of its products–and get them onto our dinner plates.” 

Believe it or Not,This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Diet Pop which Contains Aspartame; is also Poising Your Body. Check out: The Truth About Aspartame; A Deadly Neurotoxin.

Conclusively, Isn’t it Apparent that Too Many Corporations Lack a Conscience? They Will Do Anything When it Comes Down to Their Bottom Line? Why Do We Allow a Foreign Corporation, Nestle; to sell America’s Freshwater for Drinking, from our Great Lakes, to China via a loop hole; in a Federal Law against it?

Why did President Obama Allow OUR United States Great Lakes Water, OUR Most VITAL Natural Resource, To Be Sold To CHINA? Talk about PROFIT for the POWERS that Be? When Will It Stop? Doesn’t ANYBODY CARE? The PRESIDENT is Supposed to Protect our Resources! It is His Job…

Why do ‘We The People’, Continue to Allow this to Happen? California is Weathering its Worst Drought in 1,200 Years. In My Opinion, President Obama is a TRAITOR as Are Many other Politicians that are Destroying America from With-In; for What Ever Reason, Including Personal GREED…  

Wake Up My Fellow American People! It is but Astonishing, Appalling and Hideous. It is so Obvious. It’s Disgusting. It’s Wrong and Unacceptable. Knowledge is Power! The Moment of Truth is Unfolding Right Under Your Nose. Smell the Greed. History does Repeat Itself… Read On as I WILL State My CASE:

During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln made a speech as he hoped that: “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Unfortunately, today we now have a system of government that is Comprised— Of the Rich, By the Rich and For the Rich?

HELLO! It is Time to Change the Rules! Campaign Financing is Out of Control. NO MORE— Influence Peddling for Personal Gain! NO MORE Quid Pro Quo. We have to put a Stop to All the Deceptions, Collusion and Double Standards. It is Time for Our government to Fess Up to— All of it’s Denials and Lies that were Manufactured in the Name of Greed.

Our Politicians Are Not High and Almighty. They Work for us—‘We the People’! They Must Answer to us—‘We the People’! It is Our Job to Hold Them All— Accountable for Their Actions. We Should Not FEAR Them. They Should FEAR us-‘We the People’. Speak Out! The Main-Stream Media is Controlled by The Powers That Be…    

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” — United States Declaration of Independence

Subsequently, Armed with and Bonded by this ‘Immortal Declaration'; this is a Team Effort. It’s Time to Re-Think, Re-Imagine, Re-consider and Redefine Our Values and Get Our Priorities as well as our Policies/Protocols— In Order. It is Time to Re-Connect and get Resourceful! It Is Time for TERM Limits in All Levels of government. It is Time to Eliminate the Electoral College, which is a Dysfunctional System. Unfortunately, it Can Control the Outcome of our U.S. Presidential Elections and Makes Many Votes Irreverent.

We the People, Must Address— ‘That Space'; Analyze ‘the Gap Between Perception and Interpretation’. Things aren’t always as they seem. The Powers that Be Are Buying Elections. Wake Up!

Frankly, It is Time to Halt the Practice of Proverbial Cronyism and Payola. Truthfully, Lobbyism is Destroying America! And, the Federal Reserve (FED), continues to Rob—We the People Blind via illegal Interest! It is Time to Re-shape and Re-purpose our Government and Channel it Towards— HUMANITY.

It is Time To Be Aware of Willful Ignorance! Never Underestimate the Power of Anticipation. It is time to Care, Consider, and Get into— What-If-Mode. It is Time to Get Civilized via a Spiritual Mentality… 

“Wisdom is a work of art sculpted from our ignorance”

— Noan benShea from his book entitlrd ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

Theoretically, America— “…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Ha-ha-ha… When? Perception is Everything. Unfortunately, It Is What It Is; STILL—Some Fabricated Preconceived Illusion— To Protect and Serve…WHO? To Prevent or Provide…What? Go Figure! The System is Degenerating and Getting Worse? Quit Pretending! Far Too Many People are Grossly Oblivious, Others are Delusional; Brainwashed by Propaganda?

Realistically, it is but, A Semblance of Freedom; Fraught with Double Standards as Well as Power and Privilege— Manifested for the Chosen Few? What Happened to America’s System of Checks and Balances— Separation of Powers? Unfortunately, Corruption in Our U.S. Government, is so Complicated and Inter-twined; Where it Stops, No-Body Knows.

Consequently, It is Time to Start Following the Money Trail. Far too Many Politicians are Making Millions of Dollars, while Serving in Public Office— From Inside Information and from Quid Pro Quo Deals— with the Powers that Be? They Sell their Souls as they Sell— We the People / AMERICA; Down the Drain!

Why Do We Tolerate this Sick Predicament? Are they entitled to Preferential Treatment? It’s Illegal; But No-Body Seems to Care? It is Time to Wake Up. No-Body is Above the Law. We Must Confront— Our Problems. It’s Incredibly Important. It Does Matter. We the People, Must Address America’s Mistakes; Our National Disgraces. It is Time to Admit that they DO Exist, Deal with Them NOW, and Learn from Them! It is About— Attitude, Attention and Awareness…

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.”

It is Time for We the People, to Take Heed! The so called Powers that Be are Not Invincible! A United Attitude is Powerful. Truth is Inevitable. Denial is a Choice but, so is Willful Ignorance…

It is time to Muster Courage, Take a Stand and ACT. Unfortunately, Far Too Many Times, Ignorance is but —a Matter on Convenience; as People Choose— Not to Get Involved? But They Must Get Involved. We Must Participate, Contribute, Volunteer and Vote the Scum out of Office. We Must Unite as One Voice for ‘We the People!

It’s not a Democratic or Republican Thing. It is about Saving America. It is about Saving Our Civil Rights as well as Our Human Rights! It’s about Avoiding Economic Captivity and Restricting the Corporate Lobbyists and Greedy Politicians by Eliminating Foul Play. It is Time to Close the Revolving Door Once and For ALL of Us.  

It’s about:”Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!” The Human Heart Longs for LOVE, FREEDOM, Knowledge, Courage, Safety, Serenity, Peace, Purpose, Progress and Harmony. Everybody Deserves a Chance for Some Prosperity—a Quality of Life. Everybody! It is Time to Change the Dirty Diaper!

Why is Our Government Spying On We, the People? It’s Freaky, Creepy, and It Makes My Blood Boil. It Reminds me of the Stasi as well as the KGB in Nazi Germany. Some Real Scary Shit; Terrifying. It is Profound Significance and a Compelling Cause for Concern— a Clear and Present Danger from the Powers that Be. Invasion of Privacy?  We are Being En-Slaved by Technology. What’s Next?

No More Right to Bear Arms? Police Brutality? Ironically, The CIA has Finally Admitted that it was Spying on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that was investigation CIA Torture Allegations. Whose in Charge? Do We Have a Rogue CIA?

What-Ever? NO! NO MORE! It is Time to Deal with What-Ever. Now! Before it is Too Late. It is Time to Confront and Address— ‘Thou Shalt Not’!

Thou Shalt Not— Take Our FREEDOMS AWAY…

With Today’s Modern Technology, We Should Have A Board of Concerned Citizens— Monitoring Every Politician’s— Every Move. Corruption is Not Their Personal Right! What is the Difference between National Security and Corporate Security?

‘Freedom Isn’t Free!’ We have to Fight for Our Rights, All of Them. In the Spirit of Freedom, We Owe it to Our Children. We Owe it to Our ForeFathers, Ancestors who Fought, Spilled their Blood, Sweat and Tears; and Sacrificed Their Time, Energy and even Their Lives for These FREEDOMs. Count Your Blessings and Thank a Veteran Today! Be Thankful, Sport Your Gratitude. If We Don’t Get Involved and Fight; Who Will? We Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer! It is Time to Re-Unite the United States of America!

We have to Prepare Our Children For this Cause! We have to Teach Them to Observe and to Be Alert. We have to Explain to them about the Real Reason— why the American Revolutionary War was fought in the first place? We have to Educate Them about Free Speech, Their Right to Assemble and, the Importance of Peacefully Protesting, Demonstrating, Boycotting and Voting!

Ironically, there is a Fine-Line Between— Assembling and Conspiring, Between Dissent and Protest? They must Learn to be Civil but, Ready, Willing and Able to Fight for their Rights and Freedom! These Unites States of America, were Founded on Dissension and Conspiracy. This is Your Wake-Up Call— Calling YOU : Do Your Part—Set an Example; Tune Intuit— B4HEART…

‘ Whether small or great, and no matter what the stage or grade of life, the Call rings up the curtain, always on a mystery of transfiguration —- a rite, or moment, of spiritual passage, which, when complete, amounts to a dying and a birth. The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for passing of a threshold is at hand. ‘
Joseph Campbell,
‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’ — 1949

It is Time for a Coalition of B4HEARTers to Take Charge! A Band of B4HEART Brothers and Sisters, United Together! If not NOW? When?  Far too many Americans are at their Wit’s-End. Our Jobs are Outsourced Abroad for Cheap Labor as our Public Educational System and our National Infrastructure are but, International Disgraces! Our whole System is Twisted and Obscene, Everything is In Fact— Sinisterly Backwards? Unfortunately, TRUTH is Inconvenience, TABOO; when it affects the Bottom-Line of the so called ‘Powers that Be’.

Incredibly, Believe it or Not, America is on the verge of Collapse as We were Set Up and, the World is Spinning Out of Control? Instability, Hostility, Violence? Congress is so Dysfunctional and Infested with Corruption and Greedy Egos. The Corporations Own Them. Our C.I.A. Reeks Havoc Worldwide, While Operating in the Shadows with Impunity. And, the U.N. Utilizes our U.S. Military War Machine, to Enforce its Policies. Tempers are Flaring as Tension Mounts. Global Unrest; Turmoil, Strife, Upheaval? The Situation is Critical. It’s just a matter of time; Unless we ACT! It is Time for Some Radical Revision!

WakeupSmaller US_Flag

Ironically, Greed is a Cancer. Status and Stuff? How much is Too Much? Jealousy is Pathic, as  Gluttony is Absurd— while Others Beg for Survival. Enough is ENOUGH—Already! POVERTY SUCKS! It is, but a Burden; a Testimonial to Our Collective Stupidity. It ain’t Cool! Poverty is but an Unjustifiable Dis-Grace in this World of Plenty!

GREED Degenerates into  Spiritual Poverty; Apathy in regards to Humanity? A DIVINE No-No! It is Time to Evaluate the Situation, Calculate Our Potential as well as Our Provisions and ACT Accordingly via Innovative initiatives! Pro-Vision… “It’s Nice to Be NICE!”

“… we put material things above People, vengeance before Love and greed before God?” — Le Ly Hayslip; ‘When Heaven and Earth Change Places‘ 

Undoubtedly, it is Time to Alter GReeD and Channel it Towards HUMANITY! It is Time to Open Your Heart as well as Your Mind! Money is but a Resource; which Can Eliminate Poverty! We must Encourage and Motivate Each Other to Contribute Our Time , Energy, Ability, Resources, and Desire— to HUMANITY. Never Underestimate the Spirit of Humanity…

“Never underestimate the force of a unified spiritual will and understanding.” – G. de PURUCKER

Essentially, we must start by Educating the Children! They are our Greatest Natural Resource . Unfortunately, our Public Educational System has been Infected by the U.S. Federal Government; Influenced and Financed by Corporate GREED. Alas, the Common Core Program is but, the dumbing down of Our Children. It Discourages Creativity, Originality, and Imagination? It Creates Robots. ‘ThoughtS Control’! ‘Man, the ROBOT'; ConformISM?

The Secular Powers that Be, FEAR— CREATIVITY and CHANGE! They FEAR— TRUTH and the Educated Power of We The People! Our Children are Our Future But, They Won’t Have Any Future— Worth Pursuing; If We Don’t Act Soon and Do Something About It!

Time Ain’t Prejudice, it has No Conscience as it Waits for NoBody. There is Strength in Numbers. United We Stand, Divided; We Shall Fall. We can Either Leave Our Children a Legacy of Love or, in Economic Bondage. It Is Time for Some THOUGHT REFORM…

Inherently, All of Us are Curious and Long for Attention. We Seek Approval and Praise. We just want to Belong, be Accepted and Even Applauded. ‘People Appreciate Being Appreciated.’ So Do Kids! We were Children Once. Remember? Learning—Reading, Writing— Communication; Story Telling Time— Lost in Imagination. Wake Up! Memories, ‘There is a River’— the story about Edgar Cayce; Inspired My Life’s Path. It was my Awakening to Spirituality. History— Speak Volumes, ‘Write-On!’ Influence via Experience…

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”—Albert Einstein

All Children Need Love, Patience, Understanding and Compassion. Learning Should and it Can, be FUN. Humor is Infectious as Laughter Stimulates both the Mind and Body as well as our Emotions. Myths and Symbols are Magical. Never Underestimate the Powers of Praise and Prayer. Give Them the Opportunity to Think about Reincarnation and Karma. Teach Them to Never Give Up: 

“Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.”

All Kids, Should Be Encouraged to Follow Their Dreams and, Taught the Difference Between Logic and Intuition. We Must Explain to Them that No and Rejection Are But, Facts of Life. And, That They Must Never Give Up as Failure is Not an Option.

They Must Learn to Focus, Put Things into Perspective and Set Goals / Expectations— as Practice, Patience, a Positive Attitude and Persistence; are Necessary to Achieve Their Dream. A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way; as Does—Faith, Courage and Steadfast Determination. John Lennon Proclaimed: “But I’m not the only one”; a DREAMER.


Kids Also Need Moral, Spiritual and Ethical Guidance! We have to Teach them by Example. Both Nature versus Nurture as well as Genes verses Culture, are Relevant. But. we Must Inspire Their Sense of Wonder, Incite Their Imagination, and Instill Confidence in Them. And, what better Example then the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you want to be treated.” Just “Imagine, All the People”— B4HEART…

Furthermore, They Must Learn the Secrets about: ‘Faith, Hope and Love, and that the Greatest of these, is LOVE’They Must Also Learn to Be Resourceful as Hope keeps DREAMs— Alive. If You Believe; You Will Achieve! When they Believe; They Will Achieve, and Humanity— Will be Closer to a Reality!

Until then, It is up to us as a Unified Society. Unfortunately, We Now Rely Too Much on Technology as Computers are Doing the Thinking and Calculating for Us? Far Too Many Children Can’t Even do Basic Math. They Need a Calculator to Add and / or Subtract. Most Kids Today don’t Even Know How to Tie Their Own Shoes, Let a Lone Tell the Time on a Wall Clock?

“We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.”— Carl Sagan

Alas, Children Must Be Taught; Not Programmed Like a Robot. We Don’t Need Any More Conformed Idiots. They Have to Learn to Think for Themselves. They Must Also Learn to Be Open-Minded. They Must Be Ready, Willing and Able to Acquire Knowledge. Why? Because;  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” That is One of the Greatest Secrets of Life!

All People Must Learn About the Power of Intent and the Magic of Believing. FAITH is Magical. Mankind Must Learn to Believe In Themselves and Not to Take Anything for Granted. We All Have the Right to Say Yes and the Right to Say NO. We Also Have Civil Rights and God Given Unalienable Human Rights; that We Must Pass On to Our Offspring. 

All Children are individuals, unique; as each child learns differently at his/her own pace. Their minds are delicate and impressionable. Unfortunately, some children need more attention then others. That is why Teachers are so vital as the Common Core Standards are Inferior. It’s System Makes So Many Students Feeling Helpless; if not failures! Teachers get paid to TEACH; not follow some— United Nations / Corporate Agenda; U.N. Agenda 21. And, For Your Information: Common Core is Under U.N. Agenda 21!  Check out The United Nations Evil Plan!

CHECK OUT This ridiculous Common Core test for first graders–-I Dare You To Take This TEST!—You will Find it Half Way Down in this Article. Our Government Officials Have Lost Their Minds… WAKE Up America…



It is Time To Put an END to the Common Core Standards; Sign the Petition at: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/stopccsnow

It’s Time to Unite, Time to ACT! Time to Confront the Oppressive Establishment. Time to Awaken the ‘Collective Unconscious’! Think, Curiosity is Empowering, It is but an Invitation to Truth! Spread the Word and Share this Message with the WORLD as we Harness Perpetual LOVE. Glory Be when COMPASSION is a Constant Routine… B4HEART is Our DUTY to Each-Other!


WAKE UP! Denial is the Anti-Christ. Shh and Hush-Hush are its best friends. They are Repugnant? Silence is Not Golden; when Truth is Defied. As a Matter of Fact, it Maintains Perpetual Agony. Speak Out! Deliver us from evil. The TRUTH will set us FREE! Destiny Awaits OUR Command! Inquire! BELIEVE that We Can Make a Difference and Together, We Will Manifest Humanity!

“Substance responds to our faith in it.” —Richard Jafolla

The Powers that Be have Strategically Manipulated the System and Our Institutions Long Enough. It is Time to Get Our Government Back on Track as Well as our Educational System and Our Main Stream-Media. They Lack a Moral Compass? Far Too Many that are in Charge, have an Immoral Code of Honor. They have NO Conscience, No Shame! No Empathy or Any Sympathy? No Regard for Dignity? No Credibility! It is but, a Sociopathic Agenda. What Ever Happened to Journalistic Integrity?  

How can we possibly Trust or Respect them? This current situation, Status Quo; is Totally Unacceptable! Speak Out, Testify! Spread the Word. God Bless the Alternative Medias.

We Must Address Our so called Leaders; the Politicians and Hold them Accountable for Their Actions. Justification!  We Must Address Our so called National Debt and FIX what is Causing IT! We must Address All of Our National Disgraces, Immaculate Deceptions; once and for ALL and Come Clean as WE DEMAND ANSWERS! 

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”—-Michael Ellner

God Bless and Kudos to Lionel, in regards to his remark about the Main-Stream-Media:

“They encourage intellectual torpor and ennui. Asking too many questions especially when you question the official story will get you labeled a conspiracy nut. Asking too few questions will win you high journalistic praise as caution and control are rewarded and heralded.”

Alas, Suppression is Evil. Don’t be Fooled by Censorship by Ownership. How can Anybody Learn Truth when We are Fed Lies and Half-Truths— Propaganda; that Distort Reality? Remember, Knowledge is Power; the Lack of Knowledge is Impotence. Follow the $$$! Who Benefited? Thought is Potent! You are what you Think. THINK about That!

Frankly, I am Mystified by the Stupidity of the Status Quo—State of Affairs? It’s Absurd and Appalling to say the least? Especially since, almost Everybody Knows that it is INFECTING— Their Daily Lives? But No-Body Does Anything to Try and FIX It; let alone— Address It?  WHY?

“God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference…”

— Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr ( 1892 –  1971)

Take  Another Look Around! Far Too Many are Subjected to Economic Slavery? THINK… The Masses are Segregated, Regulated and Controlled Like a Herd of Cattle. Ironically, Our Civil Rights seem to be Disappearing One Right After Another— Slowly but Surely in the Name of National Security? Incidentally, mankind’s God given unalienable Human Rights are abused worldwide and have been throughout history as we know it? Again, WHY?

We Should Not Be Slaves to Bad Habits or Customs. The Powers that Be— Control Us with— Bad Habits and Mindless Traditions. Unfortunately, SHIT Happens and Will Continue to Happen as Long as We Allow it to Happen. Never Underestimate the Power of God’s Grace! It is Time to Incorporate— the ‘GRACE of GOD’.  Let’s Make it Happen. IDEAS Change the World… B4HEART – Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

3 monkeys

  “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” 

—Dr. Martin Luther King

Indisputably, it is Time to be Open-Minded. Imperialism is Diabolical! It is Time to Open Your Heart. United, it is Time to Lay a Foundation, as We Chart a New Path via B4HEART; and Change the Dirty Diaper. It is Time for Our College Students and All of Our Veterans, as Well as Our Current Service Men and Women; To Step Up to the Plate and Get AMERICA Back On Track NOW! Do Your Part— B4HEART…

It is Time To Put an End To All of This Madness. It is Time for Brave Journalists and Main-Stream Media to Speak Truth and Spread the Word— B4HEART. It Is also Time for Politicians to Confess, Come Clean and SPEAK Out. Those that Speak Out; Should Be PARDONED. Those that Continue to Lie and Deny; Should Be Prosecuted, in the Name of HUMANITY! We Must ALL Come Together and Face the Facts. It is Time to BRAIN-Storm in the Name of PEACE on EARTH!

We Owe it to Our Children as They are the Future. We are Responsible for The State of Union on Mother Earth. Communication and Civil Relationships; Cooperation, are Vital  to this Cause via Trust, Respect, and Understanding. Discovery! Synchronicity! The Law of Attraction and Manifestation. BELIEVE. “The Truth Will Set US FREE!”

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Sharing and Caring About Each Other as Well as the Art of Negotiating, Compromise and Bartering, are Precious! If Everybody Participated and Gave a Little Effort Towards Compassion; The World Would Be in a Beautiful Way. Trust and Respect are SACRED.

Inter-action can be Magical as Every-thing in Nature is Connected and Depends on Each-other.  Ever-body has Potential. Possibilities are Endless. Imagination Sustains Life! Vision, Enthusiasm, and Persistence Turns Dreams into Reality…

SHARE this DREAM and Turn this VISION into a REALITY! Tell All your Friends about this Website! Spread the Word All Over the Internet via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18

“With Vision the people shall flourish.”

‘The FORCE is With You!’ You are Endowed with Intuition! You are A FORCE! Together, We are The FORCE to be Reckoned With— Potential Energy, a Chain Reaction of Amazing Grace! It is time to Unite and Organize in the Name of Humanity! Intention, Visualize, BELIEVE, Proclaim, Affirm and Achieve! The Visionary Manifests Destiny! This site is Hosted by Oouey Gooey, a Simple Worm with a Simple Plan:

 B4HEART- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!


Click above to hear a song entitled ‘Believe In Me’.

It is a Rough Demo, sung by Loraine O’Donnell

Lyrics by Robert James Karpie & Music by Dwane Hall

Love W1

“No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.”

— Anonymous

Both Oouey and his wife Olga, Believe in Miracles— Amazing Grace. As Ambassadors of Hope and Goodwill; they Believe in our Children, as our Future Depends on Them. Furthermore, They are Inviting YOU— To Join this Endeavor Immediately!

Help us by getting Your Community Connected to wwwB4HEART.com. They Need YOU to Rise to this Occasion; Plow Through Adversity, Hurdles and/or Obstacles and Help Spread the Word via their B4HEART Badges with Honesty & Perseverance —to Raise Awareness and Make Our World A Better Place to Live In. Borrowing from  Peace Pilgrim’s Passionate Ideal;  they Hope “to overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.”




Ultimately, Oouey and Olga are Determined as They are with US on this Mission— to Evoke B4HEART. However, Two Little Worms —Can’t Do It Alone! Unfortunately, Compassion without Action is Stressful, oh so Painful and Appalling? Won’t You HELP? Stand Up and Take Notice. Muster the COURAGE to Get INVOLVED, Speak Out and B4HEART.

We are all Blessed with Reason and Free Will as well as INTUITION— Our Inherent Source of Significant Sincerity! But, ironically, most of us are in a State of Denial as per one of  Albert Einstein’s Greatest Calculations: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  

Ugh. Imagine That! Ding Ding! This is a Wake-Up Call. A Reality Check! Never Underestimate Your Divine Gift of Intuition— Your Reliable Source of Significant Sincerity; the True ‘Holy Grail’.

Unfortunately, Life is Complicated by Logic per Choices as Consequences. Ironically, Emotions do, Coexists with Reason; an Unpredictable Conflict of Interests. Sometimes People are Overwhelmed by Circumstances Beyond One’s Control. They Become Shocked, Side-tracked, or even Paralyzed by Fear or Doubt and Lose Their Sense of Direction.

To add insult to injury, we have a habit of prejudging— people, places, things and ironically ourselves, in this process of living through our journey? Thus, we become self-absorbed in ignorance, as our mental, physical and emotional conditions, conflict with each other and we get stunk in Routine; oblivious to Truth and Reality. Why?

“Know Thyself.” — Ancient Greek Aphorism

Think! Self-Knowledge is All- Encompassing. Focus! Concentrate! Prejudice can be Very Harmful. Self-Reflection is Your—Personal Awareness. Self-Examination, an Introspective Consideration of One’s Own Thoughts and Emotions are Vital in the Search of Truth! Never Underestimate or Take Anything for Granted. Self-Pity is Self-Destructive.  Never Underestimate the Spirit of Humanity!

Never Underestimate Yourself! Potential is Magical. Possibilities are endless! Don’t Be Preoccupied with the Past. Do a Little Soul-Searching for some Spiritual Clarity! Imagine! Genius is Inspired by Curiosity. Exercise Your Sense of Wonder . Never Underestimate the Secret of Talking to Yourself

“I think therefore I am.” —Dascartes

Ask Yourself: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What’s It All About? What is My Purpose in Life; my Divine Plan, My Spiritual Destiny? Decisions! Temptations? Choices? What’s Happening?

Decisions, are but a Human Dilemma, as Complacency got us into this Mess. Don’t Let Excuses, Continue to Maintain it— Any-Longer! What If? Does It Really Matter? If So, Do Something About It!

Life is not lost by dying! Life is lost

Minute by minute, day by dragging day,

In all the thousand, small, uncaring ways,

The smooth appeasing compromises of time.


If we are, but Lost Souls; How Can We Guide and Teach Our Children? Self-Respect is Mandatory as are Self-Discipline and Self-Management. We Must Become Aware! Self-Awareness is the Key. Self-Control is the Challenge.

Personal Self-Consciousness is a Prerequisite En Route to Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem as Well as Self-Respect. You MUST Get To ‘Know Thyself’. It is but a Process of Enlightenment. 

Alas,  Far Too Many People are Confused as Doubt Enables Uncertainty. Dysfunctionality can Manifests, if and when You are Overwhelmed by Your Own Emotions. You Must Address All Issues, Situations, Predicaments, and Circumstances, with Options; Not Just EMOTIONs. Some People Become Paralyzed by Their Emotions.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.” – Confucius

In Essence, We Are Consciousness. Unfortunately, Our Personal Ego Distorts Our Awareness, as We are Distracted by I, I, I. You Must Know Your Enemy Within. We are Separated from Our Ultimate Nature of Being; by Our Egoic  State of Mind-set. It is, But an Illusion. We are One With Nature. Everything is Connected…

” We have met the enemy and he is us.” —POGO  

Be Still and Concentrate; Cultivate You Awareness. We Have to Learn to Be-Aware of Our Thoughts and Emotions and Then, Self-Manage / Control— Our Options; Reactions / Behavior. Humans Must Learn to Let Go of Their EGO. We have to Stop Putting the I, I, I’s Before HUMANITY! We are but a Common Divinity of Empowerment! We Manifest Destiny…

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

INTUITION is Spontaneous. Your INTUITION and CONSCIENCE, Will Guide You. Eventually, You Will Learn to— Trust Your HEART! Take the Oath and Join Our B4HEARTer’s Club Now! Intentionality—Co-Create HUMANITY!

‘SURPRISE’! Watch for Oouey and Olga’s Free New Apps for All of Your Devices and the New Facebook and Instragram Pages!

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‘Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!’ – Robert James Karpie

Rejoice — If there is a Will, there is a Way. BELIEVE! Dare To Follow Your Dream. Go For It. Make It Happen. INTUITION is the Key. Follow Your Intuition as ACTION speaks louder than words. Consequences— Cause and Effect. Find a Need and Fill It. Solve a problem. A Positive Attitude and a Pro-Active Routine, are Choices as Intent is Vital.

We are Responsible for Both our Actions and our In-Actions. However, In-Actions are Counter-Productive. Thus Accordingly, Human-beings are the Biggest Mystery of Life as we Make All the Mistakes. Someday Mankind Will Realize and Utilize The Miracle of LOVE— Naturally!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Therefore Oouey & Olga are Challenging Kids to Step Forward and Make a Difference —Self-Discipline. This Soon-To-Be Spiritual Project —Must Not Be Denied. It is a PEACEFUL Movement… Do your Part and B4HEART as Each and Everyone of Us is but a Little Book— Unfolding in the Fullness of Time. All of Our Thoughts & Actions —Have a Story To Tell. 

Get Involved Now! We Define Our Own Destiny as Our Heart Knows Right from wrong.  Mankind as a Whole Defines the Destiny of Our World —Mother Earth! We are All co-Creators. We are Either Part of the Solution or Part of the problem. Denial is the Antichrist. Cooperation Is Working Together Peacefully.


Consequently, Human-Beings Create Both— GOOD and Evil? Experience is Our Greatest Teacher. Failure is but a Lesson in Life; Stepping Stones to Success via Many Failures.

We are Influenced through Observation via our Senses. Unfortunately, too many are obsessed with money as they are consumed by greed. Money dictates power and control? To Do? or, Not to Do? Choices are Vital to Our Cause! To B4HEART or Not To B4HEART? It’s Up To You as to Each— His Own Priorities… If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When? #B4HEART2016


 “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ” —  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from The Phenomenon of Man (1955)

Humanitarian Issues

Think! All of Us are Subjected to Interpretation as We are Manipulated by the System via its Institutions and deceived by Logic. Unfortunately, far too many of us are prisoners of doubt? Why? Doubt kills Dreams. HOPE is our Lifeline. DREAM On! Day-Dreaming is Magical! Miracles Happen Everyday…

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”—Albert Einstein


In Essence, Evil is but, LIVE —Spelled backwards. It is merely Wrong Living or Committing Sin. Furthermore, dEVIL is Lived Spelled backwards. When We Live Wrongly by Committing Sins, We are in fact Little devils. Free Will is our Choice. Sin is Violating God’s Will. When We Do Good Deeds, We are Little Angelic gods! God is LOVE… The Golden Rule urges All People to Treat One Another with Dignity and Respect— “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.” LOVE is GOD’s LAW!

Faith is Divine. It is Time to— Just Do the RIGHT Thing! God Bless those who muster the Courage and take the Initiative— to Deliver HOPE as they Sacrifice a little Time, Effort and Desire. BELIEVE and You will Achieve as Life is a Miracle; yet a Transition… We are ALL PROSPECTS!

It is Time for a Change, a Cleansing so to Speak— a REBIRTH As A Evolution oF Consciousness…

Excel via a Willing HEART! 

Ascent from the Secular to Spiritual.

Seize the Moment and Embrace the Opportunity— NOW!

Your Noble Purpose is to Seek Truth and LOVE is Truth…

Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Heart…

Spread a Little Joy and Cheer as You Deliver some HOPE!


Together, We can Serve Humanity in the Name of LOVE…

B4HEART is Your Duty To Make This DREAM A REALITY!

Never Under Estimate The Power of LOVE…

Eventually, as We Endeavor on Faith; We Shall Manifest Peace on Earth and Good-Will to All; Joy to the World…

Welcome to The Age of Aquarius— A Conscious Awakening of Enlightenment as Human Solidarity, Altruism; Unity In Action… AMEN!


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United Nations’ Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a conspiracy by the United Nations to deprive individuals of property rights. Unfortunately, many of our U.S. Politicians and Corporations are pursuing this plan. According to Rosa Koire, Author of ‘BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21′:

UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.  INVENTORY AND CONTROL.”—-Rosa Koire -

And, According to Zbigniew Brzezinski , former US  National Security Adviser (1977-1981) 1995: 

“We cannot leap into world government in one quick step … The precondition for eventual globalization – genuine globalization – is progressive regionalization. Because thereby we move toward larger,  more stable, more cooperative units.” 

Rosa Koire has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 for over 10 years. In fact, she started the Post Sustainability Institute. The Post Sustainability Institute was established to study the impacts that United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and Communitarianism have on liberty.  Their intent is to track the progression of the Sustainability movement and to forecast the most likely outcomes if it proceeds unchecked.

They are a non-partisan, non-governmental think tank based in the United States.  It is Their intention to provide a clearing house for information on United Nations’ alliances with non-governmental and governmental groups seeking to erect Communitarianism as the dominant form of world governance, and to serve as a rallying point for those who oppose the dismantling of liberty.  They welcome your participation and assistance.

Check Them Out at: http://www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org/


Check Out the United Nations’ Evil Plan Here! 


Senate Releases CIA Torture Report…

The much-anticipated report investigating torture methods carried out by the CIA during the Bush administration was released today…

Click Here to Read the CIA Torture Report

“In the report, a product of a 5-year investigation, Senate investigators reveal sordid details of the systemic and individual failures by the agency personnel who ran the “enhanced interrogation program” — the government’s euphemism for systematic torture — during the George W. Bush administration. The program involved capturing terrorism suspects and shipping them to secret overseas prisons, where they were subjected to techniques such as waterboarding.”

“The CIA’s program has long been criticized as un-American and a chilling departure from the nation’s values. Opponents allege that it resulted in gross abuses and inhumane treatment of detainees, some of whom were eventually revealed not to have been involved in terror organizations.”

To read the whole story go to:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/09/senate-cia-report_n_6270138.html


CIA Allegedly Used Red Hot Chili Peppers Music To Torture Guantanamo Inmate…

CIA Admits To Spying On Senate Staff After Months Of Denials…

Risks of Ebola

Now that EBOLA has entered America, it is time to take a few precautions. Learn some Facts and How to protect yourself using a little common sense. Unfortunately, Blood, vomit, urine and diarrhea from very sick patients are highly infectious. And, other body fluids like sweat, saliva, tears, semen and breast milk are also risky. According to the C.D.C., the virus can survive for a few hours on dry surfaces like doorknobs and counter-tops. But it can survive for several days in puddles or other collections of body fluid at room temperature.” Beware; YOU can contract the disease by touching infected fluids and then touching your eyes or mouth.

To learn more check out the N.Y. Times Report at: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/03/us/understanding-the-risks-of-ebola-and-what-direct-contact-means.html

EBOLA— Reaches the U.S.A.

WAKE Up and Beware— It’s HERE!

Unfortunately, EBOLA has landed on American soil, but it was just a matter of time. Is AMERICA Prepared? Are You?

According to the N.Y. Times, “The U.S. is rapidly increasing its production of ZMapp, the experimental Ebola drug.” But will that prevent a major outbreak, a Modern ‘Black Death’? 

To learn more details in regards to the first reported U.S. EBOLA case check out the report by the Huffington Post at:


CIA admits to spying on Senate staffers!


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Another Immaculate Deception!

A National Disgrace that We Better Address NOW or ELSE!


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Check it out— According to an article published by the Guardian:

“CIA admits to spying on Senate staffers!”


  • CIA director apologises for improper conduct of agency staff
  • One senator calls on John Brennan to resign in wake of scandal

“I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA director John Brennan,” Mark Udall said after a briefing on the inspector general’s findings.

“The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate intelligence committee computers. This grave misconduct is not only illegal, but it violates the US constitution’s requirement of separation of powers. These offenses, along with other errors in judgment by some at the CIA, demonstrate a tremendous failure of leadership, and there must be consequences.”

 Below is a transcript from my book Surprise:

WAKE Up - When Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is justified!

WAKE Up – When Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is justified!

What about the CIA – operating in the shadows with impunity? Is our government getting ready to exercises rigid and repressive controls over our social, economic, and political lives in the name of National Security? In 1933 Germany amended it constitution with the ‘Enabling Act;’ which played a critical role in the rise of Adolf Hitler to become the dictator and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany by August, 1934.

Are we enabling our own Demise of America as we knew it? Is there an American Gestapo? How about a THOUGHT Police?

According to an article published on March 6, 2014 by the Wall Street Daily, the U.S. Government is not only spying on We the People, it is also spying on itself. “More specifically, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been monitoring the computers used by Congress’ Senate Intelligence Committee. (Not coincidentally, that’s the same Senate group responsible for overseeing the CIA’s actions.)”

Imagine that! Does the CIA have something to hide? Damage Control?

Alas, “If it turns out that the CIA was spying on the Senate committee that oversees the agency, it would be an outrageous violation of separation of powers. The CIA is prohibited from spying in the United States itself, and there can be few greater violations of that rule than spying on congressional staff carrying out the constitutional duty of being a check on the CIA’s powers. CIA surveillance of Congress would be another sign that the intelligence community has come to believe that they’re above the law and should get only deference from the other branches of government, not the meaningful oversight that’s required by the Constitution.” – Christopher Anders (Senior legislative counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union.)

Check it out at: http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2014/03/06/cia-abuses-power-spies-congress/

Do we have an Enabling Act of our own here at home in the USA? Believe it or not, we have something just as scary. On December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); “for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad.” Amongst the many Powers that it has been granted to deal with and address conflict in the Name of National Security, is a controversial provisions entitled “Counter-Terrorism”.

Counter-terrorism authorizes the indefinite military detention of persons the government SUSPECTS of involvement in terrorism, including U.S. citizens arrested on American soil. Although the White House and Senate sponsors maintain that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention, the Act states that Congress “affirms” this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority.What about the two Boston Bombing Suspects? People’s houses we searched without their permission?

How dare we question authority in the Name of National Security as Congress “affirms” this Unconstitutional, indefinite military detention of US citizens based on Suspicion? Whistle blowers, rebel rousers — Beware! The SHADOW KNOWS! Gitmo? It reminds me of the East German Ministry for State Security (MfS), commonly known as the Stasi.Stasi has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. The Stasi motto was “Schild und Schwert der Partei” (Shield and Sword of the Party). Incidentally, the detention provisions of the Act have received critical attention by both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

What about the ‘War Powers Act’? In March of 2012 at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey brazenly admitted that their authority comes not from the U.S. Constitution, but that the United States is subservient to and takes its marching orders from the United Nations Security Council and NATO, when it comes to taking military action.

They don’t give a damn about the War Powers Act? They can invade whomever they chose without consulting or getting permission from Congress just like they did when President Obama ordered the USA to invade Libya; which was against the US Rule of Law. I guess the world is now ruled under International Law in the Name of the New World Order? What happened to the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’? Destination — the Rule of Unconstitutional Law?

Is the USA turning into a Police State? Are there spies amongst us? Are we being set up, labeled, organized into categories and casted with Suspicion? Unfortunately, the agenda is on a need to know basis. Far too people are now considered Guilty; Until Proven Innocent?  Ironically, the situation is getting worse and worse little by little especially since the Supreme Court decided in June, 2013 that Police can takeyour DNA upon arrest?

Justice Antonin Scalia was appalled as he argued that the case paves the way for increased DNA testing, which he claimed violates the Constitution’s protection against unreasonable searches.

“Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason,” Scalia wrote. “This will solve some extra crimes, to be sure. But so would taking your DNA whenever you fly on an airplane.”

Incidentally, the Federal Government has funded checkpoint surveys— to stop US citizens and draw their blood for cash in cities all across America. Some citizens are even secretly tested if they refuse to cooperate, by a breath analyzer— which operates while they are talking to the police. The results go to some federal contractors, who are working to complete a 3 year, $7.9M USD survey on behalf of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They are allegedly collecting medical data to be used in combatting drunk driving. According to one lawyer, the search constituted an unconstitutional search and seizure.

To learn more go to: http://sagaciousnewsnetwork.com/federal-contractors-set-up-roadblocks-in-30-u-s-cities-to-harvest-dna-samples/

Also go to: http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/19/us/drug-survey-roadblocks/index.html

Wake Up! US_Flag



EMP – ‘electromagnetic pulse’, “This threat is ‘head-and-shoulders’ above all others!” – Billionaire Paul Singer

Wake-Up-Greeting-cards Logo Spotlight According to CNBC : 

“Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has issued an unusual warning for investors, calling the threat of a widespread blackout from an electromagnetic surge the “most significant danger” in the world.

Called an “electromagnetic pulse” or EMP, the events can occur naturally from solar storms or artificially from a high-altitude explosion of nuclear weapons.”

In a letter to  clients of his $24.8 billion Elliott Management; Mr. Singers “called on leaders to protect the power grid and essential electronic devices. He also said that spare parts should be stockpiled and that government and other groups should prepare an emergency response plan.”

The letter continued: “Why are we writing about this topic? Because in any analysis of societal risk, EMP stands all by itself. Congressional committees are studying this problem, and federal legislation is laboriously working its way through the process. We think that raising people’s consciousness about what should be a bipartisan push to make the country (and the world) safer from this kind of event is a good thing to do.”

Check out the whole story at: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101875747#.

3 monkeys

Unfortunately, this is one on the issues that I talk about in my book ‘Surprise’, A Message of Hope – Second Edition; which nobody wants to address?  It is a National Disgrace because our elected officials avoid this National Security Threat and our Survival is in Jeopardy. Ironically, according to Paul Singer’s inside contacts;  our U. S. Government is well aware of this International Threat! But as usual, our incompetent ‘do NOTHING Congress’, does nothing to FIX this THREAT?

In fact they are ready to go on a five week summer recess as they  again, avoid issues vital to America’s well-being? Illegal Immigration is destroying America! Wake Up you Political Pukes! There are over 57,000 unaccompanied illegal  minors being housed somewhere and another estimated 11 million unauthorized humans that are stealing American jobs or living off the System illegally, at taxpayer’s expense and Hospitals are being bankrupted! Your IN-action is inconceivable?


It is time for All of You— To Do— Your Job and Protect America! It is TIME for— ‘We The People to Vote Your Asses Out Of Office— If You Don’t!

 Below is a transcript from my book Surprise: 

“Let’s move on to some other imminent dangers. Our Electric Grid, is in DANGER and our elected officials — Don’t give a Damn? If and when it goes down; we will get knocked back into the Stone Age! Our Top Priority should be to Protect and Modify our electric grid from an EMP or Solar Flares from our Sun.” “A solar flare disrupted primitive electronics such as telegraphs in 1859 and another one A blast like that one above the U.S. could wipe out every electric grid in the U.S. More than 1,800 electric power plants are part of this nationwide network. A Nuclear blast 200+ miles above mid America could wipe out every electric grid in the U.S. – plunging our nation into darkness.” “We must Guard the Grid by passing the Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act (H.R. 2417) which was introduced by Rep. Trent Franks [R-AZ8] in June of 2013. This is very, very serious and if you don’t believe me then you best check out the book ‘One Second After’ at http://www.onesecondafter.com/.  Also you can do a Google search on EMPs and Our Electric grid. You don’t play politics when it is a matter of survival.”


George Noory Launches EMP Protection Campaign

August 04, 2014

George Noory has announced a campaign to protect and insulate the U.S. power grid against an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event or attack via nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and solar flares, all of which could endanger the lives of millions of Americans.

“The preservation of our great nation and the lives of its people are critical. It is not a matter of if, but when we will experience an EMP event or attack. We need to be ready now. I want to thank WND and Joseph Farah for joining this effort, which is imperative to our future.” George Noory,

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/end-is-near-radio-star-launches-emp-warning/#d4HHLCFMfQB01qf6.99

A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal…WoW

By BEN MACINTYRE. Check it out on AMAZON!

” Kim Philby was the greatest spy in history, a brilliant and charming man who rose to head Britain’s counterintelligence against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War—while he was secretly working for the enemy. And nobody thought he knew Philby like Nicholas Elliott, Philby’s best friend and fellow officer in MI6. The two men had gone to the same schools, belonged to the same exclusive clubs, grown close through the crucible of wartime intelligence work and long nights of drink and revelry. It was madness for one to think the other might be a communist spy, bent on subverting Western values and the power of the free world.

But Philby was secretly betraying his friend. Every word Elliott breathed to Philby was transmitted back to Moscow—and not just Elliott’s words, for in America, Philby had made another powerful friend: James Jesus Angleton, the crafty, paranoid head of CIA counterintelligence. Angleton’s and Elliott’s unwitting disclosures helped Philby sink almost every important Anglo-American spy operation for twenty years, leading countless operatives to their doom. Even as the web of suspicion closed around him, and Philby was driven to greater lies to protect his cover, his two friends never abandoned him—until it was too late. The stunning truth of his betrayal would have devastating consequences on the two men who thought they knew him best, and on the intelligence services he left crippled in his wake.”


“Working with colorful characters and an anything-can-happen attitude, Macintyre builds up a picture of an intelligence community chock-full of intrigue and betrayal, in which Philby was the undisputed king of lies…Entertaining and lively, Macintyre’s account makes the best fictional thrillers seem tame.” –Publishers Weekly [starred]

“Gripping and as well-crafted as an episode of Smiley’s People, full of cynical inevitability, secrets, lashings of whiskey and corpses.” –Kirkus Reviews [starred]

“Ben Macintyre has a knack for finding the most fascinating storylines in history. He has done it again, with this spellbinding tale of espionage, friendship, and betrayal. Written with an historian’s fidelity to fact and a novelist’s eye for character, A Spy Among Friends is one terrific book.” —David Grann, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost City of Z

Dr. Mary’s Monkey…


by Edward T Haslam is a must read— “story of the century.” 

Book Description
Publication Date: July 21, 2014

The 1964 murder of a nationally known cancer researcher sets the stage for this gripping exposé of medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations over the course of three decades. Following a trail of police records, FBI files, cancer statistics, and medical journals, this revealing book presents evidence of a web of medical secret-keeping that began with the handling of evidence in the JFK assassination and continued apace, sweeping doctors into cover-ups of cancer outbreaks, contaminated polio vaccine, the arrival of the AIDS virus, and biological weapon research using infected monkeys. This new edition includes a foreword from author Jim Marr.

Book Review of Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T Haslam:

“This is the best kept secret of the last 60 years with more subplots and surprise situations (with no endings in sight). Haslam is a very modest and humble man calling for what should be an obvious formal investigation into many issues still unresolved. He claims he’s NOT the investigation, but his exposure is enough that if one reads the work entirely with an open mind, they will understand why 60 Minute TV Magazine Producers call this the “story of the century.” Haslam introduces us to an unsolved murder of one of the leading cancer researchers of the last 75 years, Mary Sherman. Her autopsy was sealed for around 30 years, and Haslams explanation of how she died makes far more sence than the official police report written under questionable police procedure. Most importantly, Haslam introduces us to the dark side of the Polio Vaccine and the complications it went through during it’s development and the lasting problems we are now struggling with because of it — the SV-40 VIRUS. It’s all over your interest, but ask your doctor or a med school faculty doctor about the SV-40 Virus, and you’ll learn, they know nothing about it. Their education and training has been so carefully compartmentalized and they know nothing of these issues, but they are all over the internet if you choose to look. Haslam teaches us about many doctors who lost their careers trying to blow the whistle on these issues.

In short the polio vaccine made from monkey kidneys carried the SV-40 virus which remains dormant inside baby boomers who received the polio vaccine until the immune system is weakened to the point where the SV-40 Virus can transform into one of the major cancer’s: lung, breast, soft tissue, bone cancer, etc. In the early 50’s 22,000 new cases of polio was called an epidemic, and Ed Haslam now ask, how come around a million new cases of cancer each year is NOT being called a cancer epidemic? I think it’s a fair question.
Hopefully, you will read Haslam’s work and get your family, friends and associates to read it. Main stream media had a chance to share this with us in 2000 when 60 Minutes had spent more time and money on this story than any other segment of the TV Magazine’s history according to their producer, but the network producers would not permit the program to air. Hmmm? Don’t you want to know why? Read DR MARY’s MONKEY, and you’ll begain to have your eyes openened. Edward T. Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker are modern American heros, and only until you have read their works will you even begin to understand why I hold them in such high esteem. Only until you read their works can you begain to understand the price they have paid, the risk they bear; so you and I can learn the truth and demand something be done about it for us, our children, and our children’s children to the nth generation.”

“United Nations Agency Gives Rockets to Hamas”

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According to an article posted by Biblical Times News— “UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Arabs claiming to be refugees, has caused outrage by apparently giving rockets to Hamas.” 

You can read the whole article at: http://biblicaltimes.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/united-nations-agency-gives-rockets-to-hamas/ 

The site concludes that: “Let there be no doubt: the UN supports and endorses terror org HAMAS and hates Israel. That fact is not in dispute. Any other posturing is a lie and a public relations smokescreen. The UN has only stopped short of agreeing with Iran in its opinion that Israel has no right to exist.

Check out more about this story at godgutsandoldglory


This only supports my theory that the United Nation is also America’s worst enemy as it wants to destroy the USA and Democracy en-route to a New World Order!

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