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Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Semper Fi…

familyfriendly120x78  http://www.B4HEART.com is an Inspiration of Hope in the Name of Humanity! Welcome to our out-reach program for children, tweens, teenagers, parents and teachers to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas about the problems that plague our world today. Together— we must commit, focus and address— oppression, corruption and social injustices such as racism, bullying, poverty, drugs, disabilities, domestic violence, education, disease and indifference. United, we can ease the pain and / or rectify the different situations, issues and /  or concerns— including peer pressure, sex, bulimia, obesity, homosexuality, addictions, prostitution, violence and suicide.

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This site is a Leap of Faith— dedicated to Human Values via ethics, morals and careful consideration. Our mission is to confront,  address and challenge the elite concentration of money and power that is anti-Humanity.  It’s Time to Reconsider and Redefine Our Values and Get Our Priorities In Order. It’s not a Democratic or Republican Thing. It is about Saving America. It is Time for a Coalition of B4HEARTers to Take Charge!  if not NOW? When?


WAKE UP! Denial is the Anti-Christ. The Powers that Be have Manipulated the System and Our Institutions Long Enough. It is Time to Get Our Government Back on Track as Well as our Educational System and Our Main Stream-Media. They All Lack a Moral Compass? Suppression is Evil. How can Anybody Learn Truth when We are Fed Lies and Half-Truths? It is Time to be Open-Minded. It is Time to Open Your Heart. United, it is Time to Lay a Foundation, as we Chart a New Path via B4HEART; and Change the Dirty Diaper. We Owe it to Our Children as They are the Future.  This site is Hosted by Oouey Gooey, a Simple Worm with a Simple Plan:

 B4HEART- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!


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It is a Rough Demo, sung by Loraine O’Donnell

Lyrics by Robert James Karpie & Music by Dwane Hall

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Both Oouey and his wife Olga, Believe in Miracles— Amazing Grace. As Ambassadors of Hope and Goodwill; they Believe in our Children as our Future —who can Rise to the Occasion and Help Spread the Word via their B4HEART Badges with Honesty & Perseverance —to Raise Awareness and Make Our World A Better Place to Live In. Borrowing from  Peace Pilgrim’s Passionate Ideal;  they Hope “to overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.”



Essentially, Oouey and Olga are Determined as they are on a Mission. But, Two Little Worms —Can’t Do It Alone! Unfortunately, Compassion without Action is Stressful, oh so Painful and Appalling? Won’t You HELP? Stand Up and Take Notice. Speak Out and B4HEART… We are all Blessed with Reason and Free Will as well as INTUITION…

Ironically, we are in a State of Denial as per one of  Albert Einstein’s Greatest Calculations:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  

OH! Aha! This is a Wake-Up Call. A Reality Check! Ultimately, life is complicated by logic per choices as consequences. Sometimes people are shocked, side-tracked, or even paralyzed by fear or doubt and lose their sense of direction. Unfortunately, we have a habit of prejudging— people, places, things and ironically ourselves, in this process of living through our journey? Thus, we become self-absorbed in ignorance, as our mental, physical and emotional conditions, conflict with each other and we get stunk in Routine; oblivious to Truth and Reality.

Think! Concentrate! Prejudice can be Very Harmful. Never Underestimate or Take Anything for Granted. Never Underestimate Yourself! Potential is Magical. Don’t Be Preoccupied with the Past. Do a Little Soul-Searching for some Spiritual Clarity! Ask Yourself:

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What’s It All About? What is my Purpose in Life?

If we are, but Lost Souls; How Can We Guide and Teach Our Children? Take the Oath and Join Our B4HEARTer’s Club Now!

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‘Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!’

Rejoice — If there is a Will, there is a Way. INTUITION is the Key… Follow Your Intuition as ACTION speaks louder than words. Consequences— Cause and Effect. Find a Need and Fill It. A Positive Attitude and a Pro-Active Routine are Choices as Intent is Vital. We are Responsible for Both our Actions and our In-Actions. However, In-Actions are Counter-Productive. Thus Accordingly, Human-beings are the Biggest Mystery of Life as we Make All the Mistakes. Someday Mankind Will Realize and Utilize The Miracle of LOVE— Naturally!

Therefore Oouey & Olga are
Challenging Kids to Step Forward and Make a Difference —Self-Discipline. This Soon-To-Be Spiritual Project —Must Not Be Denied. Do your Part and B4HEART as Each and Everyone of Us is but a Little Book— Unfolding in the Fullness of Time. All of Our Thoughts & Actions —Have a Story To Tell. 

Get Involved Now! We Define Our Own Destiny as Our Heart Knows Right from wrong.  Mankind as a Whole Defines the Destiny of Our World —Mother Earth! We are All co-Creators. We are Either Part of the Solution or Part of the problem. Denial is the Antichrist. Cooperation Is Working Together Peacefully.


Consequently, Human-Beings Create Both— GOOD and Evil? Experience is Our Greatest Teacher. We are Influenced through Observation via our Senses. Unfortunately, too many are obsessed with money as they are consumed by greed. Money dictates power and control? To Do? Or, Not to Do?  To B4HEART or Not To B4HEART? It’s Up To You as to Each— His Own Priorities… If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When? #B4HEART2016

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ” —  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from The Phenomenon of Man (1955)

Ironically, All of Us are Subjected to Interpretation as We are Manipulated by the System via its Institutions and deceived by Logic. But Evil is LIVE —Spelled backwards. It is merely Wrong Living. Furthermore, dEVIL is Lived Spelled backwards. When We Live Wrongly, We are in fact Little devils. Free Will is our Choice. When We Do Good Deeds, We are Little Angelic gods! God is LOVE… The Golden Rule urges All People to Treat One Another with Dignity and Respect— “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.”


Unfortunately, far too many of us are prisoners of doubt? Ironically, doubt kills Dreams. However, fear not as HOPE is our Lifeline. Faith is Divine. God Bless those who muster the Courage and take the initiative— to deliver HOPE as they sacrifice a little time and effort.

BELIEVE and You Will Achieve as Life is but a Transition… 

Ascent from the Secular to Spiritual.

Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Heart…

Spread a Little Joy and Cheer as You Deliver some HOPE!

Together, We can Serve Humanity in the Name of LOVE…

Eventually, We shall have Peace on Earth and GoodWill to All…

Welcome to The Age of Aquarius!





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By Robert J. Karpie  / B4HEART Publishing B4HEART PublishingB4HEART Publishing!

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