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“FBI, US Attorney Launch Probe Into Clinton Foundation…”

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“The FBI has launched several investigations into possible corruption within the Clinton Foundation, The Daily Caller reports.”

“The Bureau has support from various U.S. Attorneys offices — including Preet Bharara of the Civil Frauds Unit — that will focus on Clinton Foundation headquarters in New York, according to the Daily Caller report.”

“Bharara has garnered public acclaim for getting convictions of prominent political figures…” Read whole story here…

WATCH: Rand Paul Says Hillary Lied, Should Be Indicted and Locked Up…

The FBI wanted the Justice Department to investigate the Clinton Foundation – but the DOJ declined ? 

“A report that came out today acknowledged that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had wanted Justice to take up a Clinton Foundation probe. “

“The Department of Justice declined to do so – noting that DOJ had looked into Hillary Clinton’s family foundation the year before.”

“At that time there wasn’t enough evidence to open an investigation .”

“The news that as investigation had been sought comes on the heels of the latest Clinton emails release from her time at the State Department.”

“The new emails show a cozy relationship between the head of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s top aides.”

Read the whole story here…


Clinton and Obama should be held accountable. It is time to Enforce the RICO Act. It sure smells like a conspiracy— the DOJ, Loretta Lynch,  President Obama, Bill, Hillary and probably Chelsea  Clinton…

Newt Gingrich wants people to call their representatives.

Newt Gingrich

Listen to Newt’s Shocking  Details Here…

Published on Aug 5, 2016:
 Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks…

Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…

Silent Coup Beginning to Overtake America Now-Larry Nichols

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