Halloween is Tonight- Make the child in your life safer this Halloween…

From Our Friends At Missing and Exploited Children:


The National Center for Missing & Expoloited Children Donate Now
Make the child in your life safer this Halloween

Dear Friend,

Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for children.

But parents and guardians know it also brings with it some potential dangers. Because of that, it is very important for parents to talk to their children about safety before they head out for a night of trick-or-treating.

That’s why we’re sending you these Halloween Safety Tips.

From making sure children stay together while trick-or-treating to planning trick-or-treating routes in familiar neighborhoods with well-lit streets, these easy and effective tips will help ensure a safer night of fun.

So this Halloween, please take a moment to review these basic safety precautions with the children in your life and help make this a Halloween filled with tricks, treats, and safety.



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Michael Savage’s New Book: ‘Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture’…

From bestselling author of Stop the Coming Civil War, Michael Savage reveals the massive dangers currently leading to the demise of our government. 

Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture


“Michael Savage has been warning Americans for decades and now it’s here. In GOVERNMENT ZERO: No Borders, No Language, No Culture, Savage sounds the alarm about how progressives and radical Islamists are each unwittingly working towards similar ends: to destroy Western Civilization and remake it in their own respective images. These two dark forces are transforming our once-free republic into a socialist, Third World dictatorship ruled by Government Zero: absolute government and zero representation.”

“Combining in-depth analysis with biting commentary, Savage cuts through mainstream media propaganda to reveal an all-out attack on our borders, language and culture by progressive travelers who have hijacked public policy from national defense to immigration to public education.”

“Find out everything you need to know about this terrifying agenda to weaken the U.S. military, cripple the American economy, subvert basic American liberties such as freedom of speech, and destroy the international world order.”

“There is no time to lose. The Progressive-Islamist agenda has advanced into every public space, from the White House to the military to your local public school. If America is to survive, it has to be stopped. Michael Savage has a plan. Get the inside story before it’s too late.”

YouTube Video: Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government…

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

Published on Jul 25, 2013 by Great White7

“Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government.

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely.”

You Tube Video: Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!

Published on Apr 19, 2015 by Richard Bruce

Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!

“Absolutely shocking suppressed documentary about the full blown drug smuggling, money laundering, womanizing, murder, political favors, killing anybody who talked; both Clintons crime syndicate, including the murder of children! Some of this I read about in Cathy O’brian’s “Trance-Formation of America”, but this documentary takes the revelation on the Clintons to a whole new level. I simply cannot believe it! Full drugs and murder of anyone who spoke out!”
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“Bad news” – From Our Friends at Fight for The Future:

Despite the fact that nearly every major tech company and security expert has come out against it, Congress is still rushing toward a vote on CISA, and the numbers are not looking good. The House Intelligence chief is claiming that CISA will pass “overwhelmingly,” despite the massive public outcry.

It pains me to say this, but CISA is going to become law unless we go all out right now and every single person getting this does everything in their power to stop it and their phones ring off the hook.

There’s just hours left to have an impact: click here to tell your lawmakers to vote NO on CISA right now.

If you’re still catching up, CISA is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation in the Internet’s history. It sets the precedent for what the Internet is used for into the future. It would effectively give the government full access to all of our information to use as they wish, end privacy policies, and make all of us more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

CISA would allow spy agencies like the NSA to collect even more of your personal data and then share it with dozens of other government agencies, all the way down to local police, authorizing them to use it for an absurdly wide range of purposes that have nothing to do with “cybersecurity,” including investigating “fake” id’s.

Worse, it will literally do nothing to stop the types of high profile cyber attacks that Congress is using to justify it. So we get less privacy AND less security, while giant companies like Target, Experian, and Sony will get legal immunity that lets them on the hook when they fail to protect our data.

There’s still a chance. We’ve won against these types of odds before. But everyone getting this needs to take action TODAY. Click here to speak out, we’ve made it easy to email, tweet, and call to stop CISA.

No matter what happens, we’ve put up a hell of a fight. Together we put the fear of the Internet into the largest tech companies in the U.S. and got them to take a stand against this bill. Now we need to bring it home.

We at Fight for the Future are working around the clock on this right now. Several of us are en route to Washington, DC as I write this and we’ll be participating in an awesome protest outside Congress TONIGHT at 6:30pm EST with giant light up signs.

Beyond making calls, if you’re in the DC area or know someone who is, go here to get the details and RSVP or spread the word: https://www.decidethefuture.org/protest

Congress is hoping that they can sneak this bill through without a fight. We need to prove them wrong.

The final vote is days away. Click here to take action against CISA right now.

We can’t thank you enough for all you do. This is the free speech fight of our generation, and we’re proud to be with you on the frontlines.

For the Internet,
~ Evan, Tiffiniy, Holmes, Charlie, Jeff, Aki, Jessica, Vasjen, and Sarah
Fight for the Future


Did Hillary get caught lying on Benghazi? Perjury?

According to The Horn News.com:

“Perjury? Hillary caught lying on Benghazi”

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent much of her time testifying at Thursday’s Benghazi committee hearing deflecting blame and dodging tough questions.”

“But Clinton twisted some of these facts so badly, she may have even lied under oath.”

“Here are some of the biggest fabrications Clinton told Thursday:”

“Lie #1 — Clinton, speaking on communications between US personnel in Libya and the State Department in Washington, said “there was a good back and forth about security” at the Benghazi compound before the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.”

“The facts say otherwise. The independent review Clinton convened after the attacks deeply faulted State Department officials in Washington for poor communication and cooperation as diplomats in Libya pressed for more security and Benghazi grew more dangerous.”

“The accountability board appointed by Clinton said the security in Benghazi was “grossly inadequate to deal with the attack.” A bipartisan Senate committee report called keeping the Benghazi mission open under those circumstances “a grievous mistake.””

“The fewer than half-dozen armed diplomatic security personnel at the compound “were not well served by their leadership in Washington,” the board said.”

“Clinton furthermore asserted that personnel in Benghazi were granted many of their requests for security equipment upgrades.”

“The review board, however, said “Washington showed a tendency to overemphasize the positive impact of physical security upgrades” to a “profoundly weak” system.”

“At the same time, Washington officials were “generally failing to meet Benghazi’s repeated requests” to augment security personnel.”

“Lie #2 — Clinton said “there was a lot of conflicting information” about who was behind the attacks, in an effort to defend early attempts to link the violence to YouTube videos and other factors.”

“The facts say otherwise. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan produced an email Clinton sent to her daughter, Chelsea, the night of the attack where Clinton said it had been committed by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.”

“And in a conversation with the Egyptian prime minister the next day, Clinton said she knew the online videos had nothing to do with the violence, and that it was a planned attack.”

““State Department experts knew the truth, you knew the truth, but that’s not what the American people got,” Jordan said.”

“Lie #3 — Asked about the dozens of emails she received from longtime political confidant Sidney Blumenthal, many with reports about developments in Libya, Clinton said his advice was “unsolicited.””

“The facts say otherwise. Clinton was mischaracterizing some of those exchanges with Blumenthal.”

“Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy asked what she meant by saying his advice was unsolicited.”

““I did not ask him to send me the information that he sent me,” Clinton said.”

“Noting that Blumenthal had no expertise about Libya, Gowdy read Clinton’s emailed responses to some of his reports: “Thanks and please keep them coming,” ”Anything else to convey?” and “What are you hearing now?””

“At that, Clinton revised her description of how their email exchanges unfolded to “originally unsolicited,” saying, “They started out unsolicited, and as I said, some were of interest.””

“Lie #4 — Explaining some of the poor communication around Benghazi, Clinton said, “I did not email during the day and — except on rare occasions when I was able to.””

“The facts say otherwise. Clinton’s use of her private email address and server during working hours was anything but “rare.””

“Clinton sent about one-third of her emails during working hours — on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. — according to an AP analysis of 2,754 emails she wrote from April 2009 through September 2010, based on time stamps on the messages.”

“The Associated Press contributed to this article”


Would the Former First Lady LIE?

Check this out:

“Hillary Fired for Lies, Unethical Behavior from Congressional Job: Former Boss”

Check the Site Below to Learn More about Hillary!




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““There’s only one Hillary Clinton: she’s the Ice Queen,” …

 “Hill-zilla! Clinton caught abusing Secret Service…”

As Posted by https://thehornnews.com/nasty-hillary-caught-abusing-secret-service/  — “Hillary Clinton’s bad behavior isn’t limited to the political world. In fact, she’s such a difficult and nasty person to get along with that being assigned to guard her is considered a form of punishment for Secret Service agents.”

“That’s according to investigative journalist Ronald Kessler’s tell-all book, The First Family Detail. According to former Secret Service agents interviewed by Kessler, Clinton isn’t as composed as she appears when in public.”

““When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously,” the author recently told National Review. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.””

“Clinton would curse at her Secret Service drivers when they’d go over bumps in the road. And according to the New York Post, one morning an agent guarding her had the nerve to wish her, “Good morning, ma’am.””

““F*ck off”, Clinton barked back.” 

You can pick up a copy of The First Family Detail here.  

the firstfamilydetail

And, according to another NYpost.com exclusive,

“Hillary has long history of beating up Bill behind closed doors: book”

“She’s on a mission to be a softer, warmer, funnier candidate — but according to a new book, the real Hillary Clinton is so volatile and prone to violent outbursts that she terrorizes staff, Secret Service agents and even her own husband.”

“In “The Clintons’ War On Women” (Skyhorse), out Oct. 13, political strategist Roger Stone details Hillary’s abusive behavior — dating back to the Clintons’ days in Arkansas, where Bill served as governor.”


The newer, fuzzier Hillary will be a hard sell with voters, Stone told The Post. “There’s only one Hillary Clinton: she’s the Ice Queen,” he says. “That’s the real Hillary. The one you see in her campaign — that’s the fake.”

“The Clintons’ War on Women” is available for pre-order on ­Amazon now.

Check the Site Below to Learn More about Hillary!




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URGENT UPDATE: CISA is on the Senate floor for the final vote, take action now…

From our Friends at Fight for the Future:

URGENT UPDATE: CISA is on the Senate floor for the final vote, take action now!

Dear FFTF member,

This is the week. Congress is about to create a seismic rupture in the Internet.

CISA is coming up for final vote sometime today or tomorrow. If it passes, we’ll be more vulnerable to hacks as companies shift responsibility for preventing them away to the government. Companies will continue to leave the door open for thieves to get your information, including your bank information and Social Security number. On top of that, all your data will be automatically shared with 7 government agencies, including the NSA and local police.

They’re trying to ignore that millions of people have already called on Congress to stop CISA. And, that they have no business passing it.

This week, we have to show them again: Click here to tell Congress to vote NO on CISA now.

The other side wants us to get sick of taking action. They want to wear us down until we give up. We can’t give up at this final juncture. The Intelligence Committee, full of the Congresspeople who take the most money from the Defense Industry, is hell bent on passing a “cybersecurity” bill in some form. They don’t care what it does or says, even if it means creating more vulnerabilities across the Internet and breaking it.

This is corruption. The Defense industry cares about profit as much as the next industry. But, their pockets are very, very deep. They’ve bought out politicians to do their bidding. That’s why it’s convenient that Congress doesn’t understand the Internet and doesn’t know how to address cyber hacks.

Instead of making sure companies use good security, Congress is convinced they should install a massive surveillance law to watch for hacks. Even security experts have roundly condemned the bill for its ineffectiveness, but Congress is so corrupted they don’t care or don’t understand that it won’t work.

That’s why they need to hear how inept they are, or they’ll never stop. If thousands of you rally and tell them to stop their corrupt bill CISA now, we can stop it and set a precedent for the future. Take action now.

Just a few month ago, things were looking really grim. It seemed almost certain that CISA would pass, but since then we’ve unleashed a huge can of whoopass and our campaigns have led to nearly every major tech company in the U.S. speaking out to oppose this bill. Trade groups that represent Google, Facebook, Amazon, Sprint have come out against CISA. Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia came out opposed too, thanks to you and all the grassroots pressure.

And, we’re organizing the Internet Defense League and thousands of sites to take action this week to stop the bill. If you have a website, click here to join in! (Or join with your twitter here.)

We’ve done all this work because surveillance is the defining issue in our digital age.

We’re in a moment when our data and privacy have become currency. Governments and corporations are fighting over what to do with it, how to pass laws that let them reap profit and power off of it, even when it’s abusive, criminal, or unconstitutional.

We have to make the line in the sand clear. Our data must be protected and can’t be used against us.

That’s what we’re demanding by stopping CISA, and that’s what we have to keep fighting for.

Thanks for all you do,

Tiff, Jeff, Evan, Donny, Charlie, and the rest of the team at Fight for the Future

“Exposed: Hillary’s secret Saudi money connection…”

Why would foreign government lobbyists want to influence Hillary’s campaign? 

Maybe because— Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

In fact, ” The Clinton Foundation has accepted millions from both the Saudi government and its thinly veiled PR firm, known as Friends of Saudi Arabia.”

And now, according to Michael Isikoff – Hillary moneyman highlights new Saudi connection…

Earlier this year, Judicial Watch Exposed:

Routine Government Employee Information on Hillary Clinton Shielded from the Public:

“(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it has received 126 pages of documents from the State Department related to Hillary Clinton’s possible conflicts of interest regarding her position as Secretary of State. The initial Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was placed on May 2, 2011. These documents are being released as a result of a federal court order in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department on May 28, 2013 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00772)).”

Kinky Friedman Sang: ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up,’ live at Sportsmens’ Tavern last night…



As I tended bar at the Sportsmens’ Tavern in Buffalo, New York last night, the crowd roared while Kinky Friedman sang a cut form his new CD— ‘The Lonelist Man I Ever Met’. Ironically it is a song about a man dying of cancer, but Kinky has his way with words and we all loved it. Even more ironic is the fact that it actually describes the Sate of the World Today, especially in America. I actually thought is should be Donald Trump’s road song for his campaign trail.

I was so moved by Kinky’s sincerity and with the grace with which he performed throughout the evening that I bought his CD as well as a book that he authored entitled— ‘Heroes Of A Texas Childhood’.  In fact,  I stayed up half of the night reading it. I have been tending bar at the Sportsmens’ near 17 years now and have seen hundreds of acts in the last 6 or 7 years but there is only one Kinky. I consider it an Honor and a Privileged to have had the chance to meet with and talk to him for the second time in two years. He is Truly a Class Act. He is one of My Heroes.

Earlier in the night he sang a song which he wrote about Ira Hayes entitled— ‘The Ballad of Ira Hayes’. Hayes is famous as being the giant Indian Marine figure raising the flag on Iwo Jima with the other five guys. Being a Marine myself, it was especially touching as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole bar.

This morning when I woke up, I checked out Kinky’s website. I ended up on the Rollingstone.com website. It was an interview with him. To my surprise, Kinky would like to see a Trump – Sanders Presidential Ticket. In the Interview, he was asked: “In politics, do you think we have a Nelson Mandela or a Winston Churchill or an Abraham Lincoln around?”

He asnwered:

“Right now we just have Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is as close as we’ve come, and that’s not close enough. But it’s true, Donald Trump at least awakens some kind of visceral chord.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s obvious. These guys really are the Crips and the Bloods, the Democrats and the Republicans. When you look at what the Democrats used to be, when you look at people like Harry Truman and Sam Rayburn and Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan – you don’t see that with the Democrats anymore. They think they’re Democrats, but they’re not. I suggest that they limit all these elected officials for two terms, one in office, and one in prison. That would well do it. They are unquestionably corrupt, and the ones who are not corrupt, so far, are probably Trump and Bernie. I wouldn’t know who to vote for because I would like to have a [yodels] Jeeeeeewish president. That would be Bernie, of course.”

“You like Bernie?”

“I do like Bernie, and I like Trump.”

“What do you like about them?”

“People can call them anything they want, but they can’t call them corrupt. You and I would be corrupt if we’d been in the Senate 35 years. That’s the problem. Musicians can better run our country then politicians. And maybe we wouldn’t get a lot done in the morning, but we’d work late. We’d be honest. We’d be creative problem solvers. And we’re not seeing it. That’s what JFK wanted. That was the little thing behind his inspiration – that people like you and I should get into politics, we could make our country great again. And we didn’t do it for whatever reason, and the result is we have this political class. It’s very detrimental to what I think America’s all about.”