Obstruction of justice? “Second Federal Court Grants Discovery in Clinton Email Case…”


“Citing indications of wrongdoing and bad faith, a federal judge has overruled government objections by declaring that a conservative group is entitled to more details about how Hillary Clinton’s private email account was integrated into the State Department record keeping system and why it was not searched in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.”

“U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth entered an order Tuesday agreeing that Judicial Watch can pursue legal discovery — which often includes depositions of relevant individuals — as the group pursues legal claims that State did not respond completely to a FOIA request filed in May 2014 seeking records about talking points then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice used for TV appearances discussing the deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi in September 2012.”

“Lamberth is the second federal judge handling a Clinton email-related case to agree to discovery, which is unusual in FOIA litigation. Last month, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan gave Judicial Watch the go-ahead to pursue depositions of Clinton aides in a lawsuit for records about former Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.” Read the whole story here.

scale of justice

Judge Lamberth granted Judicial Watch’s Motion for Discovery, which was filed in opposition to the State Department’s Motion for Summary Judgement.  The court ruled:

“An understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding Secretary Clinton’s extraordinary and exclusive use of her “clintonemail.com” account to conduct official government business, as well as other officials’ use of this account and their own personal e-mail accounts to conduct official government business is required before the Court can determine whether the search conducted here reasonably produced all responsive documents. Plaintiff is certainly entitled to dispute the State Department’s position that it has no obligation to produce these documents because it did not “possess” or “control” them at the time the FOIA request was made. The State Department’s willingness to now search documents voluntarily turned over to the Department by Secretary Clinton and other officials hardly transforms such a search into an “adequate” or “reasonable” one.  Plaintiff is not relying on “speculation” or “surmise” as the State Department claims.  Plaintiff is relying on constantly shifting admissions by the Government and the former government officials.  Whether the State Department’s actions will ultimately be determined by the Court to not be “acting in good faith” remains to be seen at this time, but plaintiff is clearly entitled to discovery and a record before this Court rules on that issue.”

“The Court must observe that the Government argues in its opposition memorandum that “the fact that State did not note that it had not searched Secretary Clinton’s e-mails when it responded to Plaintiffs FOIA request … was neither a misrepresentation nor material omission, because these documents were not in its possession and control when the original search was completed.”  The Government argues that this does not show a lack of good faith, but that is what remains to be seen, and the factual record must be developed appropriately in order for this Court to make that determination…”

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We have an “ipso facto” set of crimes, RICO act crimes, unassailable evidence of open treason committed by every person in the State Department with any authority, every person in the Justice Department with any authority, and every person in the executive administration, “ipso facto” meaning the evidence of the crime is open, clear, unequivocal, and in this case every single sub-crime is subordinate to outright and open treason, and yet with all this evidence already in public, established as fact, not one indictment has even been contemplated, much less served.
These are they highest crimes ever committed in the history of the Nation, they exceed those of Benedict Arnold by exponential levels, and should have already led to international charges of “violation of the just war doctrine” against the United States, along with our president, and our congress, yet they are crimes which those of the U.N. intent on seeing world government find common ground and approve of, as furtherance of their intent.
The sole reason HRC remains a candidate is because she is the sole viable candidate to win the election, and has credentials in accord with the new world order, and the end game, U.N. world government.
Anyone wonder when we ceased to be “the Republic” and became “a democracy the world has to be made safe for?” The constitution was put behind us when the States stood up for their Sovereignty, against a criminal federal government. The “Supremacy Clause” in the constitution, the tenth amendment, secured all powers not specified in the constitution to the federal government, as belonging to The Sovereign States, and the Sovereign Citizens, respectively. Every State constitution had to have the same form of “supremacy clause” to qualify as a legitimate constitution, so all powers not specifically vested by state Constitutions in the States, remain in the hands of “the Sovereign Citizens of The Sovereign States”.
All the “taken” powers currently wielded by the central, not federal government, are powers which belong to “The People”, and were taken from “The People” in addition to that authority which we lend a “legal and law abiding, limited government, governing by our “specific and limited consent”, and by this, makes the government an unindicted RICO conspirator against “The Republic”, whose law is the constitution, and which has been decidedly abrogated to the point there is no aspect of it in power over government.
We reached this point as colonies, in the 1750’s, and began having our government specifically attack us, imposing new laws, just for us, and taking rights all “British Subjects” owned as the law of the land. Are we educated sufficiently to rise? Is this a people willing to secure their Rights when they realise the government they grew up under, is entirely criminal, and without any law over it? Are we still “Americans”, or have we become slaves to our own unconstrained passions, comforts and addictions to personal desires? If we are “Americans” we shall rise and take back our rightful authority, and return our government back under the law, after we erect the long row of gallows necessary to handle the hundreds of treasonous traitors who have filled most of the executive branch, well operate both houses of congress, and have assumed the roles of “justice” in the Judiciary.
The sole reason “Judical Watch” has had to do this is because “We, The People” weren’t willing to stand and demand the same, only the small coterie of “honor bound citizens” who have supported this and similar independent investigators have been willing to invest in finding the truth, and invest in forcing a fascist government to give up its secrets as it does its best to run away.
If it isn’t time to revolt, it will never be time for this People, we will have shown we’ve lost our zeal for liberty, we are willing to be subjects, and have our rights stripped from us, summarily, and watch the elite live in crime with impunity. We will have shown we are not “sovereign citizens” at all, but mere sheep.
Semper Fidelis,
John McClain
GySgt, USMC, ret.
Vanceboro, NC

“DeLay: DOJ Will Stall If FBI Recommends Hillary Indictment…”


According to an article by NewsMax.com:

“The Justice Department would stall any prosecution of Hillary Clinton until after the presidential election should the FBI recommend she be indicted for using a private email server as secretary of state, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.”

“”If the FBI recommends an indictment, the attorney general will appoint a special prosecutor. That gets this case all the way through the election,” DeLay, a Texas Republican, said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.””

“”That’s what I think is going to happen [It would be for] stalling purposes. That’s how you get it past the election.””

Read the Entire Article Here…

It sounds to me that they want to prevent President Obama from Pardoning her…

I wonder if she will still be entitled to– 24 hour Secret Service Protection, while she is in Prison? 

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We The People are Watching; Will Hillary be Indicted, or What…

scale of justice

“The [FBI] has so much information about criminal conduct by her and her staff that there is no way that they walk away from this,” Joseph diGenova, formerly the District of Columbia’s U.S. Attorney, told Laura Ingraham in radio interview. “They are going to make a recommendation that people be charged and then Loretta Lynch is going to have the decision of a lifetime.

“I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so compelling that, unless [Lynch] agrees to the charges, there will be a massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an attorney general. It will be like Watergate. It will be unbelievable.” Read the Whole Story Here.


Alas, the saga continues but, ” FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server, career agents say.”

“Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term.”

“With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence that Clinton broke the law.”

“Exactly what that evidence is — and how and when it was uncovered during Comey’s months-long inquiry — has not been disclosed. For the record, the FBI had no comment on the matter, and government sources say no final decision has been made.”

“Clinton denies she did anything wrong, claiming she had no idea she was getting classified information (a violation of federal law) on her private server during her years as Obama’s secretary of state because the documents she received contained no such headings.”

“And as FBI director, Comey can only recommend charges to the hacks in the Obama Justice Department. Indeed, many law enforcement officials who know the FBI chief and the bureau’s inner workings believe the evidence would have to be overwhelming for Comey to even recommend charges, much less for DOJ to pursue them.”

“Still, some FBI staffers suggest the probe’s at a point where Comey might quit in protest if Justice ignores a recommendation to pursue a criminal case against Clinton.”

“Just how close Comey is to any recommendation — whether to indict or exonerate Clinton — is difficult to know. But agents believe the probe is nearing an end. A State Department staffer who set up Clinton’s email server, for instance, was recently granted immunity from prosecution to provide Comey’s team with evidence.”

““You don’t start granting people close to Clinton immunity unless you are seriously looking at charges against your target,” one former official told me.”

“I’m also told Comey and his team increasingly doubt Clinton’s story. Most officials know private email servers are easier to hack into than secure government servers. They also know that even documents not labeled “classified” may be top secret.”

“That’s why they’re supposed to be sent only through government accounts. Those who don’t follow those rules, like former CIA Director David Petraeus, have faced consequences.”

“Another matter for Comey & Co.: whether Clinton comingled her official State Department business with her role at the Clinton Foundation, and whether she wiped clean messages that show her using her office at State for foundation work.”

“Law enforcement sources also say Comey’s record as a prosecutor shows he has zero tolerance for such abuses.” Read the rest of the story by the NYpost.com here. 

The Powere that Be Better WAKE UP as ‘We The People’; ARE WATCHING…

“I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going To Take This ANYMORE…”

Wake Up America— ‘We THE People’, are Getting Screwed!

Wake Up America— ‘We THE People’—Fell Asleep

“Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified.” — Robert James Karpie

Logo Spotlight

“Wisdom is a work of art sculpted from our ignorance.”          — Noan benShea from his book entitlrd ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18

“With Vision the people shall flourish.”

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” —Proverbs 29:2 

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” —Abraham Lincoln




Hillary Met Bill / Trump 2016

BREITBART NEWS EXCLUSIVE – “Bolton: FBI Will ‘Explode’ If Hillary Not Indicted Over Email Scandal Due to Politics…”

by BREITBART NEWS 20 Mar 2016

Speaking in a radio interview on Sunday, John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, stated he believes the FBI will “explode” if Hillary Clinton ultimately is not indicted for her email infractions due to what he described as politics triumphing over the legal system.

Bolton was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

Klein, who doubles as Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter, asked Bolton whether he thinks Clinton will ultimately be indicted for allegedly sending classified information over her private email server.

“I think that the pressure is definitely building,” Bolton responded. “And just take the politics out of this for a second. What Hillary Clinton and her top aides did is not just make a few small violations of laws to protect classified information. They made wholesale violations and they did it for a sustained, indeed for a four-year period.” Click here to read entire article.

“I Don’t Need YOUR PEOPLE!” John Kasich Ohio Governor; Response to State Senator Nina Turner and Black Caucus…

Is Ohio Governor John Kasich a Racists?

Gov. Kasich To Black Lawmaker: ‘I Don’t Need Your People’ 

Ben Carson warns America about Hillary Clinton’s True Ideals as He Endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. President…

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. President today! He also warned that it is “extremely dangerous” when political parties attempt to “thwart the will of the people,” and urged politicians and the media to “strengthen the nation,” rather than create divisions.

Dr Carson also warned about Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saul Alinsky & Communist Doctrine

He explained that Hillary adheres to Saul Alinsky’s infamous book Rules For Radicals,” and suggest that All Americans read it so they can Be Aware of her true Ideals. 

United We Stand; Dr. Ben Carson Endorses The Donald Trump for U.S. President…

During a joint appearance with billionaire businessman Donald Trump earlier today at his Press conference held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Palm Beach, Florida; Dr. Ben Carson stated:

“I have listened to the People… It is not about the Republican Party or the  Democratic Party. It is about the People of America…  A House Divided Cannot Stand…”

He elaborated that he wants the voice of the people to be heard. In regards to The Donald and why he is endorsing him. “We buried the hatchet. That was political stuff,”  “We Move On. It is about America.”

“I have found in talking with him, that there’s a lot more alignment, philosophically and spiritually, than I ever thought that there was,”

He warmly praised his former rival and presented him as more thoughtful than his public image often suggests. “People ask, ‘Why would you get behind a man like Donald Trump?’” Carson said. “Donald is a very interesting man who cares deeply about America.

“There are two different Donald Trumps: there’s the one you see on the stage and there’s the one who’s very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. You can have a very good conversation with him. And that’s the Donald Trump that you’re going to start seeing more and more of right now,” Carson said.

Dr. Ben Carson

Carson also warned that it is “extremely dangerous” when political parties attempt to “thwart the will of the people,” and urged politicians and the media to “strengthen the nation,” rather than create divisions.

Dr Carson also warned about Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saul Alinsky & Communist Doctrine

He explained that Hillary adheres to Saul Alinsky’s infamous book Rules For Radicals,” and suggest that All Americans read it so they can Be Aware of her true Ideals. 

The Donald humbly shook Dr. Carson’s hand and then they embraced and he described the retired neurosurgeon as a “special, special person – special man,” and a “friend” who is respected by everyone.

Trump confirmed that Carson had not asked for any formal role, but praised his former rival’s ideas health as well as education. “Ben’s going to have a big, big part,” he exclaimed!

Many people fight for change in DC. is a leader with an outsider’s perspective & the vision, guts & energy to get it done.

Last Night Americans Spoke Loud and Clear as Trump and Sanders Roll On…

Hillary Clinton is Appalled as is the Elite Established GOP. So is Much of the Main Stream Media. Ironically, they all are in Denial. But they Better Wake Up.  Americans Voiced their Concerns at the Ballots Last Night. And, ‘We The People’, want CHANGE.

Americans are Sick and Tired of the Established Choke-Hold on Our Livelihoods. We have a Right to Prosperity. We are Pissed Off at the Established System of Inequality and, We Ain’t Gonna Take It Any More.

Bring Our Jobs Back! Build More Factories— Here at Home in the U.S.A.  Made in AMERICA…

It is Time to Protect Our Borders.

It is Time to Take Care of Our Veterans.

It is Time To Protect Our Electric Grid.

It is Time To Audit The Federal Reserve.

It is Time for All Politicians to Unite. Our Two Party System is Destroying America. Multi-International Conglomerate of Fascist Interconnected Corporations are Controlling Our Destiny. They utilize Lobbyists to get their way. Too many politicians sold their Souls to these DEVILS. These DEVILS Own and Control most of the Main Stream Media. What Happened to Journalistic Integrity




1.  “TPP’s Forgotten Danger: Stronger Trade Secrets Protection, With Criminal Penalties For Infringement.” 

2.  “Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S.”


Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is—Ignored; Stupidity is— Justified!

3 monkeys

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
The Declaration of Independence – July 4, 1776
“To hold a pen is to be at war.” – Voltaire



It is Time to Change the Dirty Diaper!

Believe It or Not, America is Not a Democracy, Nor a Republic Anymore; as We Have Degenerated— Into a Corporatocracy. In Fact, Current Events are Dictated and Manipulated Daily —World-wide; by a Multi-International Conglomerate of Fascist Interconnected Corporations. Unfortunately, it has Been Going on for Far Too Many Years? Why? GREED— International Policy,   “Organized Irresponsibility”, a ‘New World Order’

Ultimately, a Fascist Government Takes Control  of ALL Main-Stream-Media, Spies on You and Seizes All You Firearms. Wake Up AMERICA! We were Hoodwinked. Our FREEDOMs have been Seized by ‘Corporate Fascism’.

To Learn all about The New World Order Click Here!

Alas, Corporate Welfare, Privatization, Deregulation, Accumulation and of Course—Monopolies. Thus, they Continue to Destroy Our Environment as They “Leech Off Society”. They Willfully  Rob, Rape, Pollute and Destroy Much of Mother Earth’s Natural Resources. And, they Bully and Murder— ‘We the People of Earth’; Including Our Drinking Water, Plants and Animals, All—  in the Name of Greed, Power and Austerity, as They Plot with Sinister Rational and Employ FEAR by Design. They Freak Us Out by the Threat of Terrorism. But Who or What— Controls the Terrorists? 
Originally, America Was Set Up To Be A Republic… 

It is Time to Reflect. How and Why Did This Happen? It Happened Because ‘We The People’; Let It Happen. Truth Be Told, Our U.S. Government is in Moral Decay, as The Banksters are Destroying Our Livelihood. And, If We Don’t Wake Up Soon and Address This Fact; ‘We The People’, Shall Face An Ultimate National Disaster…
“Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? Does Anybody Really Care”? — CHICAGO
‘Third Eye Blind’? WAKE Up! It is Time for Some Contagious Moral Courage. Strategically, It is Time to Proceed and Hold the ‘Powers that Be’; Accountable for Their Actions.  
In the Name of Truth, Honesty, Dignity and Integrity; We Must— Be Aware of the Subtleties of Power. Thomas Jefferson Warned: “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.” Alas, The Public Must Be INFORMED! The old adage of the “golden” Rule, still applies: “He who has the gold, makes the rules”.  There is a Very Fine Line Between National Security and Corporate Security.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela
Sometimes, You Have to Dig Deep; in Order to Expose Truth. BE AWARE: Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified! Alas, ‘Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.’
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”—-Michael Ellner
The Powers that Be have Strategically Manipulated the System and Our Institutions Long Enough. It is Time to Get Our Government Back on Track as Well as our Educational System and Our Main Stream-Media. They Lack a Moral Compass? What Ever Happened to Journalistic Integrity
Unfortunately, the Vast Majority of Major-Main-Stream-Media is GUILTY of Censorship by Ownership. They Suppress the Truth in the Name of Ulterior Motives. Their Style of News is But, a Mockery of Freedom. Those that Participate in Their Farce, Should Be Ashamed of Themselves! They are the Laughing Stock of the World. They are Betraying ‘We the People’ and, They are Betraying HUMANITY. ‘Evil is What Evil Does’…  


“For a society to be responsible and powerful, it must be informed. Our free press, protected by the first constitutional amendment, plays a critical role in ensuring that every American has constant access to important and trustworthy news.” 
“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.” – Thomas Jefferson
According to Wikipedia, as of July 31, 2015:

‘Ranking of United States press freedom’-

Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization, ranked the United States 30th out of 197 countries in terms of press freedom. The report lauded the constitutional protections afforded American journalists, but criticized authorities for placing undue limits on investigative reporting in the name of national security. Freedom House awards countries a score out of 100, with 0 representing most free and 100 representing least free. The score is broken down into three, separately weighted, categories: legal (out of 30), political (out of 40), and economic (out of 30) environments. The United States scored a 6, 10, and 5 respectively. This gave it a cumulative score of 21.“

“As of February 12, 2014, the United States is ranked 46th in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index. This is a measure of freedom available to the press, encompassing areas such as government censorship, and not indicative of the quality of journalism. There was a fall from 20th in 2010 to 42nd in 2012, which was attributed to arrests of journalists covering the Occupy movement.”

“For 2012, Finland and Norway tied for 1st worldwide. Canada ranked 10th, Germany tied 17th with Jamaica, and Japan tied 22nd with Suriname. The UK ranked 28th, Australia 30th, and France 38th.”

“Extraterritorial regions of the US ranked 57th.”

God Bless and Kudos to Lionel, in regards to his remark about Journalism and the Main-Stream-Media:
“They encourage intellectual torpor and ennui. Asking too many questions especially when you question the official story will get you labeled a conspiracy nut. Asking too few questions will win you high journalistic praise as caution and control are rewarded and heralded.”
Alas, Suppression is Evil. Don’t be Fooled by Censorship by Ownership. How can Anybody Learn Truth when We are Fed Lies and Half-Truths— Propaganda; that Distort Reality? Remember, Knowledge is Power; the Lack of Knowledge is Impotence. Follow the $$$! Who Benefited? Thought is Potent! You are what you Think. THINK about That!


WAKE UP! Denial is the Anti-Christ. Shh and Hush-Hush are its best friends. They are Repugnant? Silence is Not Golden; when Truth is Denied. As a Matter of Fact, it Maintains Perpetual Agony. Speak Out! Deliver us from evil. The TRUTH will set us FREE! Destiny Awaits OUR Command! Inquire! BELIEVE that We Can Make a Difference and Together, We Will Manifest Humanity!
“Substance responds to our faith in it.” —Richard Jafolla
“America’s Only Political Party— ‘The Business Party’”—Noam Chomsky  
Far Too Many that are in Charge, have an Immoral Code of Honor. They have NO Conscience, No Shame! No Empathy or Any Sympathy? No Regard for Dignity? No Credibility! It is but, a Sociopathic Agenda. Congress is but a Dysfunctional Menace to Society…
How can we possibly Trust or Respect them? This current situation, Status Quo; is Totally Unacceptable! Speak Out, Testify! Spread the Word. God Bless the Alternative Medias.
We Must Address Our so called Leaders; the Politicians and Hold them Accountable for Their Actions. Justification!  We Must Address Our so called National Debt and FIX what is Causing IT! We must Address All of Our National Disgraces, Immaculate Deceptions; once and for ALL and Come Clean as WE DEMAND ANSWERS! 
Frankly, I am Mystified by the Stupidity of the Status Quo—State of Affairs? It’s Absurd and Appalling to say the least? Especially since, almost Everybody Knows that it is INFECTING— Their Daily Lives? But No-Body Does Anything to Try and FIX It; let alone— Address It?
“There is a need for social movements that invoke stories as a form of public memory, stories that have the potential to unsettle common sense, challenge the commonplace, and move communities to invest in their own sense of civic and collective agency…” —-Dr. Henry A. Giroux—‘The Violence of Organized Forgetting


“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Dr. Martin Luther King
Indisputably, it is Time to be Open-Minded. Imperialism is Diabolical! It is Time to Open Your Heart. United, it is Time to Lay a Foundation, as We Chart a New Path viaB4HEART; and Change the Dirty Diaper. It is Time for Our College Students and All of Our Veterans, as Well as Our Current Service Men and Women; To Step Up to the Plate and Get AMERICA Back On Track NOW!

It is Time to Open Your Mind, Heart, and Spirit! It is Time to Be WILLING to Make a Difference!  Do Your Part— B4HEART…

Together, We Can Put an End To All of This Madness. It is Time for Brave Journalists and Main-Stream Media to Speak Truth and Spread the Word— B4HEART. It Is also Time for Politicians to Confess, Come Clean and SPEAK Out. Those that Speak Out; Should Be PARDONED. Those that Continue to Lie and Deny; Should Be Prosecuted, in the Name of HUMANITY! We Must ALL Come Together and Face the Facts. It is Time to BRAIN-Storm in the Name of PEACE on EARTH!
We Owe it to Our Children as They are the Future. We are Responsible for The State of Union on Mother Earth. Communication and Civil Relationships; Cooperation, are Vital  to this Cause via Trust, Respect, and Understanding. Discovery! Synchronicity! The Law of Attraction and Manifestation. BELIEVE.

“And Now Abide Faith, Hope, Love, these three, but the Greatest of these is LOVE.” – I Corinthians 13:13

“The Truth Will Set US FREE!”
“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

“Iran fires missile marked with ‘Israel should be wiped'”

, USA TODAY7:43 a.m. EST March 9, 2016

“Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles, one of them with the phrase “Israel should be wiped off the Earth” written on it in Hebrew, Iranian media reported Wednesday.”

“…Speaking during a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said if Iran breaks the terms of the nuclear deal it reached with world powers last year, “we will act.””

““A nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, to the region and the United States. If in fact they break the deal, we will act,” he told reporters.”

“Biden also criticized Palestinians for “failure to condemn” stabbing attacks that killed a Vanderbilt University graduate student and a war veteran in Israel on Tuesday.”

“Israel didn’t immediately comment on the reports of the missile tests. The U.S implemented sanctions against 11 people and companies involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program on Jan. 17.”

“U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Tuesday said that Washington would review the reported tests and raise them in the U.N. Security Council to seek an “appropriate response” if they are confirmed, Reuters reported.”

“”We also continue to aggressively apply our unilateral tools to counter threats from Iran’s missile program,” he added.”

Click Here to Read the whole Article…

“Will Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan join Bryan Pagliano in an immunity plea?”

You Don’t plead the Fifth unless, You are Guilty of Something! And the Justice Department Won’t Grant You an Immunity Plea, Unless You have Some Worthy Evidence in Your Testimony.

Read the Whole Article:



Will Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan join Bryan Pagliano in an immunity plea?

By 3.7.16