Think; Our Children Are Our Future:

Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!


familyfriendly120x78 Life is but a matter of Perspective; precisely —Attitude, Attention and Awareness. It is an on-going struggle of Relationships between people, places and things. Unfortunately people get lost in their own little secular world of hurry and worry about me and mine. Preoccupied, they are curious but too busy to resolve as others suffer  —in destitute, absolute poverty, sickness, emotional distress, disease, slavery or loneliness. Many of us create excuses— as we exist in denial amongst— Social Injustice. Most of Us are Blinded by Our Own EGO

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Alas, far too many humans are depressed and desperate, so sad, angry or even scared as their life seems hopeless, if not worthless? They are bewildered by their crisis. Some are homeless, down and out— living on the streets— doing whatever it takes to survive a meal. Some give up and commit suicide as they are so overwhelmed and confused or hooked on drugs?

Perhaps they didn’t have any friends or family —to lean on —or talk to —about their troubles? After all, Trust is Sacred. It commands Respect. Never underestimate the Power of Shame, the pain and havoc it causes. It’s humiliating and alienating as it destroys ones Dignity. A little Hospitality— to strangers can make a difference. Friendship is Divine. Sometimes, a little caring and sharing— can Save a Life.

Count Your Blessings. Be Thankful of Your Friends and Family as Well as Your Health. And, Always Remember that:

Our Children Are Our Future

They Are GIFTS From GOD, Little Miracles

Love Them, Hug Them, Praise Them.

 Be Their Friend As Well As Their Parent.

Play With Them, Pray With Them, Talk To Them.

Listen To and Learn From Them.

Encourage and Nourish Their Tender Hearts, Dreams and Passion.

Teach Them the Value of LOVE by Giving Them LOVE!

Show Them How to Help, Share and Care About Others via Kindness, Respect and Forgiveness

God is Love!

Love is Truth.

Ultimately, this Trinity — Combined,

Is the Way to Peace and Happiness

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Thus, Oouey and Olga are enlisting Children as B4HEARTers — Little Examples of B4HEART-Babes  and B4HEART-Dudes —to Join in a Spiritual Revolution and Take an Oath / PromiseSOON  — to Help Serve mankind in the Name of Humanity as We put a Smile on Somebody’s Face— Each and Every Day! Together We Shall Raise and Spread Conscious Awareness—via Love as Life is, but a Process —of Mysteries, Miracles and Mistakes. Wake Up… We Are All Connected! Ultimately, Unconditional Love Is Constant, It Is the Key to Happiness!

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