Nuclear Hotseat; is your neighborhood safe???

Nuclear Hotseat, is a weekly international news magazine on all things anti-nuclear. it is Hosted and Produced by Libbe HaLevy,
Each week, she provides news, interviews, humor , commentary and perspective on all aspects of the nuclear issue. In continuous production since three months after the Fukushima disaster began in 2011, the show is downloaded in 58 countries on six continents and have received as many as half a million downloads on a single episode.

Libbe is also the Author of ‘Yes, I Glow in the Dark!: One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Beyond’; Kindle Edition.

In 1979, Libbe HaLevy went east to visit friends and ended up trapped one mile from the leaking nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island. This harrowing, deeply compassionate and surprisingly humorous book follows her through decades of Post-Traumatic Stress, failed Broadway aspirations and successful personal healing to her current empowered position as producer and host of Nuclear Hotseat.

“Yes, I Glow in the Dark!” reveals the human side of what happens in the aftermath of a major nuclear accident – the very thing nuclear industry “experts” promised us could never happen and now has occurred not once, but three times. Yes, I Glow in the Dark! is a cautionary tale, a fascinating memoir and a practical handbook for those who wish to take action on this crucial issue.

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Nuclear Hotseat Might Help Save Your Life!