“Clinton link to Turkey coup uncovered…”


“Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s global network of donors and allies has long been criticized by opponents as a sort-of “who’s who” list full of shady bankers, dictators, and backroom power brokers.”

“Add alleged military coup backers to that list.”

“Turkey is demanding the extradition of Muslim cleric Fetullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile on a 26-acre compound in rural Pennsylvania, after accusing him of masterminding this week’s attempted coup in Turkey.”

“Aside from being a Turkish dissident, Gulen has also enjoyed a cozy relationship with Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for decades. The relationship throughout the years has included numerous dinners and paid speaking arrangements.”

“Gulen’s followers have also been accused of funneling millions of dollars’ worth of donations to the Clinton Foundation and to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

“In a press event this weekend, Gulen called Hillary Clinton a “great hope for this country.””

“But according to the Turkish government, the controversial imam is the mastermind behind the failed military coup that claimed hundreds of lives this weekend. And if Gulen is not extradited, it could affect the future of a key U.S. military base on Turkish soil.”

““A lawyer for the Turkish government, Robert Amsterdam, said that ‘there are indications of direct involvement’ in the coup attempt by Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric who is living in exile in Pennsylvania. He said he and his firm ‘have attempted repeatedly to warn the U.S. government of the threat posed’ by Gulen and his movement. According to Turkish intelligence sources, he said, ‘there are signs that Gulen is working closely with certain members of military leadership against the elected civilian government,’” The Associated Press reported Saturday.”

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LEN says

I LIVE IN PA with 25 miles of the Gulen compound — There’s alot of stuff out there on the internet and a person even wrote a book on his complex. This complex was set up by George Bush SR way back to train Taliban to fight the Soviets. But it is now alleged to be a source of terrorism! Yet the FBI, State Police and every other public servant organization is told HANDS OFF!! Neighbors have reported rat-tat-tat of automatic weapons coming from the complex. (Citizens are forbidden to own auto-weapons yet they have them!) One report says that this guy is a very RADICAL MUSLIM equivalent to the IOTOLA !! He wants Sharia and law much like IRAN.. So why is Hillary supporting him.. YOU PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP THIS ELECTION!!! YOU MAY NOT LIKE TRUMP BUT CONSIDER WHAT’S HAPPENING IN FRANCE RIGHT NOW.. IT’LL BE HERE B-4 YOU KNOW IT!!! HILLARY WANTS TO INCREASE MUSLIM IMMIGRATIONS BY 500%

Brigid says

I want Gulen out of our country. Common sense should tell anyone that if this man can wage a war or a coup in Turkey to take over their government and oust their President, He is a very dangerous man. And I certainly don’t want him here in our country. Just think if he can do that to Turkey from thousands of miles away, what will he try to do to this country. This makes me wonder if the reason Hillary and Obama are trying to take our guns is so that the Muslims can murder our people. There is a movie you can buy on Amazon or watch on Amazon Prime.
Its called “Die America Die: The illuminati plan to murder America, Confiscate its wealth, and make Red China leader of the New World Order. I am going to watch this movie today. I have watched others. That is how I know that Hillary went to the U.N. and made it a felony to say anything against Islam. Her and Obama both are in bed with Muslims. There is another movie you can buy from Amazon. “Rothchilds Choice: Barak Obama and the hidden cabal Behind the plot to murder America.” Another one that I intend to watch before the next election. Our people need to wake up and protect our own country.