“Cenk Uygur: If You Don’t Think Hillary Could Get Indicted, “You Are Either Grossly Ignorant Or Lying…””

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“TYT: There is only one possible way that Hillary Clinton could lose the Democratic Primary. The pundits in Washington swear there’s nothing to see here regarding the ongoing FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. An indictment is either not going to happen or if it does it’s no big deal. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. ”

“CENK UYGUR: If you’ve got a dozen people investigating you, odds are they will indict you. I guess the last possible scenario is they indict her, and they say they are charging you with all these criminal actions, but then the pundits tell you it is no big deal…”

“Let’s say there were a dozen FBI investigators looking into Bernie Sanders and they were going to indict him any day now…”

“If it was Donald Trump — I mean look… They would have blown up over it…”

“But with Hillary Clinton: Shhh, not relevant, not relevant, not relevant. The establishment likes her…”

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“Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified.” — Robert James Karpie

Beware Hillary, a Dozen FBI Agents are Hot on Your Trail…

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“Dear FBI, the Democratic Party’s Future Rests Upon Your Investigation of Clinton’s Emails”

Posted by H. A. Goodman


“To the Honorable James B. Comey, Jr. and all the good people at the Federal Bureau of Investigation,

The majority of the Democratic Party does not believe there is an ongoing FBIcriminal investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. They believe, as the former Secretary of State has told them, that your work is merely a “security review,” or as one Democratic strategist call it, “another BS scandal.” Your work, thus far, has been relegated to yet another “witch hunt.” In fact, Clinton and her campaign have managed to convince millions that former secretaries of state did the same thing, which of course isn’t true.

Also, an interesting brand of logic has been used to rationalize ignoring your email investigation. While the number of agents working on this case is said to have been around 100, some voters have actually taken solace in the fact recent reports only list dozens. Only a dozen FBI agents, say loyal supporters, isn’t that big of a deal.

Since your investigation has taken so long, many people believe that nothing has been found, or simply that Clinton is too powerful to face any serious repercussions. Any attempt to warn people that Hillary Clinton could realistically face criminal indictments is either viewed as a Republican scare tactic, or lunacy. Even many Bernie Sanders supporters, a group that would benefit the most from the FBI recommending indictment of Clinton, feel it’s either disloyal, or pointless to bring up the email controversy. The massive group think within the Democratic Party, fostered by years of circumventing political scandals, has literally altered the mindset of normally rational individuals, and voters.

To a great many people, there is simply nothing Hillary Clinton can do wrong; even FBI investigations are merged with Republican Benghazi hearings…” Read entire article here...

H. A. Goodman
H. A. Goodman is an author and journalist who studied International Relations at USC and worked for a brief stint at the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute. He’s been published in Salon.com, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Tribune, The Hill’s Congress Blog, the Roanoke Times, and various other publications throughout the country. Goodman is also the author of Breaking the Devil’s Heart and Logic of Demons, a widely acclaimed series of existential fantasy novels.

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Hillary Clinton is not above the law.

But Hillary Clinton has a demonstrated record of showing contempt for the rule of law.

  • She refused to tell the truth about the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack that took place on her watch as Secretary of State
  • She violated the law and avoided accountability by using secret email accounts as Secretary of State
  • She abused her public office to funnel money to personal accounts – much of which is now sloshing around her vanity “charity” that could be renamed “The Clinton Corruption Foundation.”

This is all unacceptable.

In this country our leaders are bound by the rule of law. She must be held accountable for her actions.

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