“Top Clinton aide Mills reportedly walks out of FBI interview about emails…”

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Report: Clinton Fixer Cheryl Mills Walks Out During FBI Interview

“Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills’ interview last week with the FBI did not go as smoothly as perhaps she would have liked. According to the Washington Post, she briefly walked out of the interview when an investigator asked her a question that she considered “off limits.” Mills, a lawyer who served as Clinton’s chief of staff while she was secretary of state, reportedly needed to consult with her own lawyer when a question about Clinton’s emails got too hot to handle.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

“The Post reported that Mills and the Department of Justice had set pre-determined boundaries on the interview process. Investigators were reportedly supposed to avoid asking questions about the email production procedure at the State Department.”

“According to the report, Mills was caught off guard when an FBI agent pressed her on the issue, and asked to leave the room to confer with her attorney:”

“Near the beginning of a recent interview, an FBI investigator broached a topic with longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills that her lawyer and the Justice Department had agreed would be off limits, according to several people familiar with the matter.”

“Mills and her lawyer left the room — though both returned a short time later — and prosecutors were somewhat taken aback that their FBI colleague had ventured beyond what was anticipated, the people said.”

“The Post reports that Mills returned after a short time and completed the interview.”

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“…According to Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of Hillary’s State Department staffers that was interviewed by the FBI last week apparently suffered from severe memory loss during questioning, answering “I don’t remember, I don’t remember, I don’t remember” to all of the FBI’s questions. The investigation is getting “closer and closer to a perfect storm for Mrs. Clinton,” Napolitano said.