Proof that Hillary Clinton is Unfit to be President of The United States of America…

Hillary is Incompetent, a Pathological Liar and Guilty of Treason. 


“I can not recall…” 


“Deny, Deny, Deny…”


39 “Can’t Recalls And Don’t Remembers” Prove Hillary Is NOT Mentally Fit To Be President…Read Article Here…


Does AnyBody Re-Call This?


“For her to claim that she has less memory about what she was briefed on that Jason Bourne knew about his past identity is just not realistic,” Huckabee said. “If she really doesn’t remember fundamental facts of national security like this, then she has no business being sworn is as president.” …Mike Huckabee

It is TIME for the RICO Act…

Maybe if Nixon declared he had a concussion he could have gotten away with it.

Here’s a ‘map’ of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s foreign donations and their possible implications for the USA.

Click Here To See The MAP


 Credit: Dave Clegg

Great piece by STEPHEN F. HAYESConnecting the dots on Clinton Foundation