Just 3 weeks until President Obama intends to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership …


From our Friends at Fight  for The Future:

Last Night, I watched President Obama give his final State of the Union address. I expected him to talk at length about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Instead, the President said just 67 words about the deal because he knows it’s become hugely unpopular with people from across the political spectrum.

We have the momentum to stop this — but corporations and special interests will be pouring money and influence into DC to get it passed any way they can.

Click here to take action now before Congress votes on the TPP. Tell your lawmakers not to sell out the Internet and demand they vote NO on the TPP.


There are just 3 weeks until President Obama intends to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). After that, Congress can ratify the treaty at any time.

The good news is that last night’s State of the Union address was the clearest sign yet that we have the power to stop the TPP. During the speech, President Obama talked about the Trans-Pacific Partnership for just 28 seconds. He said all of 67 words. And when he was done, only his cabinet stood to clap.

The lackluster response underscores what we’ve been hearing from allies in Washington, DC: right now there just aren’t enough votes to pass the TPP.

But the bad news is that the the State of the Union was just the beginning of the final push to approve the TPP. Soon, the MPAA, the Chamber of Commerce, and other powerful special interest groups will be pouring money into lobbying efforts to undermine our the democratic process and push the TPP through however they can.

We need to act now to get as many members of Congress on the record opposing the TPP as possible before the lobbyists and campaign contributions tip the scales.

Tell Congress: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a sinking ship — vote against Internet censorship and vote NO on the TPP.

In November, we finally got to read the full text of the TPP, and it is worse than we thought. It reads like a wish list for the most powerful companies — giving Facebook, Comcast, Wal-Mart, and Monsanto the policies they’ve always wanted.

It contains extreme copyright provisions that will lead to a more restricted, expensive, and censored Internet.1 It threatens democracy and national sovereignty by letting corporations sue governments in secret tribunals to undermine our basic rights.2

The fact that members of Congress didn’t stand up to applaud when President Obama spoke about the TPP last night speaks volumes. It says that right now, Congress is on the fence — which means all the activism, the calls, emails, and protests, have been making an impact. Activism is the reason that this morning Senator John Thune, said the TPP is, “on life support.”

But we know that can change all too quickly. Remember how much momentum we had against CISA? We’ve learned to always go big or go home, and that every single call and email matters.

Click here to tell Congress: Vote NO on the TPP.

We CAN stop the TPP — but we’re going to need to step it up in the coming weeks to stave off the White House’s renewed push. So take action and send an email today, and most importantly forward this email to your friends and family and share on social media to sound the alarm.

Thanks for all you do,

~ Evan at FFTF

P.S. Can you chip in $10? As a non-profit, your donation is the fuel for our fight, and our small, nimble team ensures it will go a long way. Help us fight the TPP by chipping in $10 today. 


1.  “TPP’s Forgotten Danger: Stronger Trade Secrets Protection, With Criminal Penalties For Infringement.” 

2.  “Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S.”


“Bad news” – From Our Friends at Fight for The Future:

Despite the fact that nearly every major tech company and security expert has come out against it, Congress is still rushing toward a vote on CISA, and the numbers are not looking good. The House Intelligence chief is claiming that CISA will pass “overwhelmingly,” despite the massive public outcry.

It pains me to say this, but CISA is going to become law unless we go all out right now and every single person getting this does everything in their power to stop it and their phones ring off the hook.

There’s just hours left to have an impact: click here to tell your lawmakers to vote NO on CISA right now.

If you’re still catching up, CISA is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation in the Internet’s history. It sets the precedent for what the Internet is used for into the future. It would effectively give the government full access to all of our information to use as they wish, end privacy policies, and make all of us more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

CISA would allow spy agencies like the NSA to collect even more of your personal data and then share it with dozens of other government agencies, all the way down to local police, authorizing them to use it for an absurdly wide range of purposes that have nothing to do with “cybersecurity,” including investigating “fake” id’s.

Worse, it will literally do nothing to stop the types of high profile cyber attacks that Congress is using to justify it. So we get less privacy AND less security, while giant companies like Target, Experian, and Sony will get legal immunity that lets them on the hook when they fail to protect our data.

There’s still a chance. We’ve won against these types of odds before. But everyone getting this needs to take action TODAY. Click here to speak out, we’ve made it easy to email, tweet, and call to stop CISA.

No matter what happens, we’ve put up a hell of a fight. Together we put the fear of the Internet into the largest tech companies in the U.S. and got them to take a stand against this bill. Now we need to bring it home.

We at Fight for the Future are working around the clock on this right now. Several of us are en route to Washington, DC as I write this and we’ll be participating in an awesome protest outside Congress TONIGHT at 6:30pm EST with giant light up signs.

Beyond making calls, if you’re in the DC area or know someone who is, go here to get the details and RSVP or spread the word: https://www.decidethefuture.org/protest

Congress is hoping that they can sneak this bill through without a fight. We need to prove them wrong.

The final vote is days away. Click here to take action against CISA right now.

We can’t thank you enough for all you do. This is the free speech fight of our generation, and we’re proud to be with you on the frontlines.

For the Internet,
~ Evan, Tiffiniy, Holmes, Charlie, Jeff, Aki, Jessica, Vasjen, and Sarah
Fight for the Future


Stop TPP — It gives POWER to U.N.—to Control USA…

 Fast Track & the Trans-Pacific Partnership… 

This is Insane; How & Why is America Allowing a Trade Treaty to be Negotiated in SECRET? It is so Secret that even— CONGRESS is Kept in the Dark? And soon they have to Vote on it as a ‘FAST TRACK’/ DONE DEAL?

The Powers that Be are Pulling a ‘Fast One’— on ‘We the People’. 

It is a Deal with the DEVIL as According to Leaks that Came Out; It Gives AMERICA’s SOVEREIGNTY— Away to the Powers That Be (The Multi-International Conglomerate of Interconnected Corporationsthe BANKSTERS and the United Nations)

It is The Road To The NEW WORLD ORDER…

This Issue is so HOT that Hillary Clinton is Hush-Hush About Her Opinion? It Could RUIN her Chance in the 2016 Presidential Election! Remember, her Husband Bill Clinton; Passed the NAFTA Bill in the 1990’s , which sent nearly 700,000 jobs— to Third World Countries for Cheap Labor.  THINK Hillary THINK!!!

Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership has passed the Senate is now speeding towards a vote in the House of Representatives. Take action now and tell your Representative to oppose the secret deal that could censor the Internet. Click Here To Fight for The Future…

WAKE Up! Fast Track & the Trans-Pacific Partnership… 

 Not Really A “Trade’ Treaty” 

“The TPP agreement is being negotiated — in secret, even from Congress — between representatives of governments and giant, multinational corporations. (Government negotiators are not prevented from seeking lucrative corporate jobs if negotiations are completed in favor of those corporations.) Groups representing the interests of labor, environmental, consumer, human rights or other stakeholders in democracy are not at the negotiating table. And, not surprisingly, it appears that the agreement will promote the interests of giant, multinational corporations over the interests of labor, environmental, consumer, human rights or other stakeholders in democracy.”

“Negotiated in secret, what we know about the treaty comes from leaks. Only a few of the “chapters” of the agreement are actually about “trade” at all. The rest are about the “rights” of corporations and investors. Negotiated just as the worldwide democracy uprising threatens to reign in corporate interests, the agreement will limit governments’ ability to write banking regulations, energy policy, food safety standards and even government purchasing decisions. It will allow corporations and investors to sue governments for lost profits if the governments try to make and enforce environmental, labor and other laws.”


Thomas Jefferson warned us about— allowing private banks to control currency— “that first by allowing inflation & then deflation, the banks & corporations will grow up around their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

The IRS is a Cartel. The income tax was introduced the same year the Federal reserve was formed in 1913.

We Must Not Allow the United Nations to Interfere with AMERICA’s SOVEREIGNTY! It is Time to Stop The BANKSTERS and The Multi-International Conglomerate of Interconnected Corporations. It is Time to End The FED (Federal Reserve) which is Controlled By The BANKSTERS…

It Is Time For All  American Citizens to Realize that the Federal Reserve is Robbing us — ‘We the People’; the U.S . Taxpayers ,Blind and Destroying Our Country? (read my book SURPRISE for more information)  Click Here to Find the Real Reason Why the American Revolutionary War was Fought in the First Place? 

“The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. The inability of colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.” — Ben Franklin 

It is Time to Change the Dirty Diaper!

It is Time for a New Political Party In America…