“The Six Clinton Foundation Scandals Everyone Needs to Know…”


“The Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit charity organization run by Bill and Hillary Clinton (that also provides a career to untalented daughter Chelsea), has been in the news recently over what is truthfully just its latest scandal…”

“How did Huma Abedin hold down four full-time jobs at once?”

“The media will try to memory-hole this latest Clinton Foundation scandal, but it can’t be forgotten. Nor can these other Foundation scandals. This is probably not a comprehensive list, but here are the most egregious.”

  • Selling access to the U.S. State Department
  • Sketchy foreign donations from abusive nations
  • Using the State Department to help her husband
  • Donations in return for Bill Clinton speeches
  • Huma Abedin working for State and the Foundation
  • Helping foreign entities that donated to the Foundation

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