“I Don’t Need YOUR PEOPLE!” John Kasich Ohio Governor; Response to State Senator Nina Turner and Black Caucus…

Is Ohio Governor John Kasich a Racists?

Gov. Kasich To Black Lawmaker: ‘I Don’t Need Your People’ 

BEWARE: “Jeb Can Fix It”…

I”m Not Making This Up— #Jeb Can Fix It; is Jeb Bush’s New Campaign Slogan? WHAT? At least he is giving us a warning this time. He stole the 2000 Election for his Brother with Florida. 

Remember, “In one of the closest contests in U.S. history, the 2000 presidential election between Democratic Vice-President Al Gore and Republican governor of Texas George W. Bush (hereafter referred to as Bush Jr. to distinguish him from his father who was also a president), the final outcome hinged on how the vote went in Florida.”

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The Stolen Presidential Elections



And, Take a Look at Hillary Clinton’s Logo After Jeb Bush ‘Fixed’ It for Her (It was an online— RAT Duel…)

We Don’t Need Any of Jeb Bush’s Fixes! It is Time To WAKE Up! We Need to “Make America Great Again!” We Have to Change ‘The FIX’, that Both the Bush and Clinton Families Delivered Upon the U.S.A..

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