Kinky Friedman Sang: ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up,’ live at Sportsmens’ Tavern last night…


As I tended bar at the Sportsmens’ Tavern in Buffalo, New York last night, the crowd roared while Kinky Friedman sang a cut form his new CD— ‘The Lonelist Man I Ever Met’. Ironically it is a song about a man dying of cancer, but Kinky has his way with words and we all loved it. Even more ironic is the fact that it actually describes the Sate of the World Today, especially in America. I actually thought is should be Donald Trump’s road song for his campaign trail.

I was so moved by Kinky’s sincerity and with the grace with which he performed throughout the evening that I bought his CD as well as a book that he authored entitled— ‘Heroes Of A Texas Childhood’.  In fact,  I stayed up half of the night reading it. I have been tending bar at the Sportsmens’ near 17 years now and have seen hundreds of acts in the last 6 or 7 years but there is only one Kinky. I consider it an Honor and a Privileged to have had the chance to meet with and talk to him for the second time in two years. He is Truly a Class Act. He is one of My Heroes.

Earlier in the night he sang a song which he wrote about Ira Hayes entitled— ‘The Ballad of Ira Hayes’. Hayes is famous as being the giant Indian Marine figure raising the flag on Iwo Jima with the other five guys. Being a Marine myself, it was especially touching as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole bar.

This morning when I woke up, I checked out Kinky’s website. I ended up on the website. It was an interview with him. To my surprise, Kinky would like to see a Trump – Sanders Presidential Ticket. In the Interview, he was asked: “In politics, do you think we have a Nelson Mandela or a Winston Churchill or an Abraham Lincoln around?”

He asnwered:

“Right now we just have Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is as close as we’ve come, and that’s not close enough. But it’s true, Donald Trump at least awakens some kind of visceral chord.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s obvious. These guys really are the Crips and the Bloods, the Democrats and the Republicans. When you look at what the Democrats used to be, when you look at people like Harry Truman and Sam Rayburn and Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan – you don’t see that with the Democrats anymore. They think they’re Democrats, but they’re not. I suggest that they limit all these elected officials for two terms, one in office, and one in prison. That would well do it. They are unquestionably corrupt, and the ones who are not corrupt, so far, are probably Trump and Bernie. I wouldn’t know who to vote for because I would like to have a [yodels] Jeeeeeewish president. That would be Bernie, of course.”

“You like Bernie?”

“I do like Bernie, and I like Trump.”

“What do you like about them?”

“People can call them anything they want, but they can’t call them corrupt. You and I would be corrupt if we’d been in the Senate 35 years. That’s the problem. Musicians can better run our country then politicians. And maybe we wouldn’t get a lot done in the morning, but we’d work late. We’d be honest. We’d be creative problem solvers. And we’re not seeing it. That’s what JFK wanted. That was the little thing behind his inspiration – that people like you and I should get into politics, we could make our country great again. And we didn’t do it for whatever reason, and the result is we have this political class. It’s very detrimental to what I think America’s all about.”

YES: “U.S. Congress is a Mess”…

From Our Friends at ‘Fight for the Future’ 

We gave every member of U.S. Congress a “grade” based on how they’ve voted on laws that affect your privacy and freedom. Click here to see how yours scored! You might be surprised.

U.S. Congress is a mess.

So many politicians blatantly push for policies that harm all of us, just because the special interests that fund their campaigns want them to.

Because of this, Congress tries to hide — taking vague positions, pushing for watered down legislation, or remaining silent at critical moments.

This week, they’re expected to renew debate on CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, a bill that would give corporations sweeping legal immunity when they share your data with the government.

Now more than ever, it’s so important that we don’t let our lawmakers hide in the shadows.

Click here to find out where your members of Congress stand on government spying and abuse!

This scoreboard is a tool we can use to hold politicians accountable and demand they stand up for our basic human and Constitutional rights.

Surveillance will define our future. Let’s make sure the future isn’t terrible.

Click here to see how your representatives measure up, and tell them to oppose CISA!

For the Internet,
~Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. As much as we’ve talked about how bad CISA is for expanding mass surveillance, there’s another side to the law that just made it even worse. Late last week, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island introduced an amendment to expand the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the law that has been used time and again to persecute digital activists, including our friend Aaron Swartz. That’s despicable, and needs to be quashed immediately — so take action now to help kill CISA.