EMP – ‘electromagnetic pulse’, “This threat is ‘head-and-shoulders’ above all others!” – Billionaire Paul Singer

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“Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has issued an unusual warning for investors, calling the threat of a widespread blackout from an electromagnetic surge the “most significant danger” in the world.

Called an “electromagnetic pulse” or EMP, the events can occur naturally from solar storms or artificially from a high-altitude explosion of nuclear weapons.”

In a letter to  clients of his $24.8 billion Elliott Management; Mr. Singers “called on leaders to protect the power grid and essential electronic devices. He also said that spare parts should be stockpiled and that government and other groups should prepare an emergency response plan.”

The letter continued: “Why are we writing about this topic? Because in any analysis of societal risk, EMP stands all by itself. Congressional committees are studying this problem, and federal legislation is laboriously working its way through the process. We think that raising people’s consciousness about what should be a bipartisan push to make the country (and the world) safer from this kind of event is a good thing to do.”

Check out the whole story at: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101875747#.

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Unfortunately, this is one on the issues that I talk about in my book ‘Surprise’, A Message of Hope – Second Edition; which nobody wants to address?  It is a National Disgrace because our elected officials avoid this National Security Threat and our Survival is in Jeopardy. Ironically, according to Paul Singer’s inside contacts;  our U. S. Government is well aware of this International Threat! But as usual, our incompetent ‘do NOTHING Congress’, does nothing to FIX this THREAT?


It is time for All of You— To Do— Your Job and Protect America! It is TIME for— ‘We The People to Vote Your Asses Out Of Office— If You Don’t!

 Below is a transcript from my book Surprise: 

“Let’s move on to some other imminent dangers. Our Electric Grid, is in DANGER and our elected officials — Don’t give a Damn? If and when it goes down; we will get knocked back into the Stone Age! Our Top Priority should be to Protect and Modify our electric grid from an EMP or Solar Flares from our Sun.” “A solar flare disrupted primitive electronics such as telegraphs in 1859 and another one A blast like that one above the U.S. could wipe out every electric grid in the U.S. More than 1,800 electric power plants are part of this nationwide network. A Nuclear blast 200+ miles above mid America could wipe out every electric grid in the U.S. – plunging our nation into darkness.” “We must Guard the Grid by passing the Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act (H.R. 2417) which was introduced by Rep. Trent Franks [R-AZ8] in June of 2013. This is very, very serious and if you don’t believe me then you best check out the book ‘One Second After’ at http://www.onesecondafter.com/.  Also you can do a Google search on EMPs and Our Electric grid. You don’t play politics when it is a matter of survival.”


George Noory Launches EMP Protection Campaign

August 04, 2014

George Noory has announced a campaign to protect and insulate the U.S. power grid against an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event or attack via nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and solar flares, all of which could endanger the lives of millions of Americans.

“The preservation of our great nation and the lives of its people are critical. It is not a matter of if, but when we will experience an EMP event or attack. We need to be ready now. I want to thank WND and Joseph Farah for joining this effort, which is imperative to our future.” George Noory,

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/end-is-near-radio-star-launches-emp-warning/#d4HHLCFMfQB01qf6.99