Help make kids safer as they head back to school…

A Message From Our Friends At The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:


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Help make kids safer as they head back to school

Dear Friends,

It took place over several days in August.

Four neighboring communities in Illinois were set on edge by a man who was approaching children while they were walking to or from school.

In some cases he offered rides or asked for directions. In others he struck up a conversation about a puppy that was nearby.

Thankfully, in all four incidents the students knew to run away and report what had happened to a trusted adult.

We know back-to-school time is a critical time to talk to kids about safety. In fact, based on our analysis of information reported to NCMEC, nearly one out of every three attempted abductions take place while a child is going to or from school-related activities. Millions of kids across the country now heading back to school, need our help to stay safer.

Thats why we urgently need your help to reach children, parents and teachers about back to school safety. By supporting our child safety and abduction prevention programs you help us educate students to recognize dangerous situations and stay out of harms way.

We also know that children who escaped abductions successfully used skills like those being promoted nationwide by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Please, help make this school year safer for kids across the country by donating today. Thank you for caring so much.

Very sincerely,

Ju’Riese Colon
Executive Director, External Affairs

P.S. The incidents in Illinois serve as a stark reminder of just how much is at stake. By donating today, you could help protect children from the risk of abduction and victimization.


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