Arrest Biden and Reinstate The Donald, so he Can Finish Draining the Swamp...

‘The Swamp’, is still a haunting and daunting wasteland, of Greed and Corruption.

Drain the Swamp

‘The Swamp’, is still, a haunting and daunting wasteland, of Greed and Corruption. Historically plagued, by dirty dealings, perpetuated by dysfunctional, co-operation. The system it self, is worst off now, then it ever was? It was compromised by design until, ‘’We the People’, demand answers. If we don’t, the elected ‘Powers that Be’, will continue to get away with Illegal Activity?

Perhaps, some of them are ‘Good People’; in ‘Bad Situations’? But, a lot of them are unacceptable crooks, as secrets, blackmail, bribery and dirty deeds; bad choices, ensure chaos. Society suffers? Cash is King! Skeletons are Hidden, in the Closet. Wake Up America!

It is a National Disgrace, which displays dramatic flair, of deception, aptitude, and attitude. A hush, hush ability! Mind your own business! Scandals are priceless, as secrets hide, behind policy! It comes with a, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, or Else, Warning. Excuses, lies, alibis, threats. and plausible deniability, maintain and sustain; Not Guilty.

It is time to explore and Investigate the DC Swamp. It stinks, smells just like spoiled garbage. It requires constant and special care, concern and attention; or Else! There is a Lot of Suspects? Deep Pockets! We Must Follow the Money, the Paper Trail. Checks and Balances Must Be Enforced.


Trump promised to drain the swamp.