Collateral Damage, as Ignorance is the Evil Enabler?

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Faults? Blame? Murder, Rape, Mayhem, Massacres in our Schools?


Age of Innocence Begone, by Inhumane Disturbance-y?

Shocked and Awed by, Portrayed Horror.

Pain and Sorrows Galore?

Depression, Bad Memories, Night-mares, mere Ghosts of the Past. Physiological Hauntings, Psychological Stress, Illusion? Confusion? Disillusioned?

Life goes on Regardless. Experience Teaches as Adversity is Test of Character. We are All here to Learn. Threat of Wars? Death and Destruction?

Facts of Life?

Ironically, Tragedies Define Destiny.

Live and Learn…

Tomorrow is A New Day.

Anxiety, FEAR and Panic are Natural. But sometimes, Fear and Panic is Utilized to Gain and Maintain Power and Control?

Beware! Systematically, Mentality gets Paralyzed by, Tides of Emotions. Battle Scars Linger, as they Remind us, Until , If and When; Reality Sets In.

“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the Ocean” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

“The first casualty of War is Truth” — Hiram Warren Johnson



Free Speech…


Wake Up!

Are We Being Setup?




The Great Fall?

The Great Reset?

The PURGE of Society?

Are You Woke? WOKEN?

Eggs get Broken!


There is More to the Story!


Hopes, Dreams…

TIME, Efforts!


Ethical Treatment of Each Other?






What’s it all about? Truth? What is Truth? Intent? Hurry and Worry? Laughs, Tears, Fears, Regrets? Guilt, Shame, Resentments? The Circle of Life is a Mystery. Death, Suicide, Grief? Death is a Mystery?







Share and Care…


LOVE is Precious!

Heaven, Hell, Earth?

Karma, Belief, Faith, Trust?

Good, Evil, Angels, Devils?

Witches, Occult, Lust?

Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll?

Appropriate Behavior?



Do as You are Told?

The ‘Secular Power that Be’, know what is Best for Mankind?

It is for the GREATER Good?

Good for Whom?

Wake Up!


Spinning the Truth?

Contemplate… Power and Control!

Consequently Life, can get out of Control as it is filled with Surprises, Complications, Confusion, Distractions, Manipulation, and Chaos — - Shit Happens!

Sadly, To add Insult to Injury, Fake News as Fear Mongering, instills, Doubt and Bewilderment? Hectic Commotion, Dramatic Disinformation? Perplexing? Sometimes, it is Enough to Make People Snap, Self-Destruct or Look for an Escape?

Panic? Anticipation? Memories? Collective Memory? Lost in Emotions, Loneliness, Fear, Irresolution? Distress? Abandonment? Trauma? Unfortunately, all and all combined, it gets to be so exhausting and yet, upsetting? Poverty, Lack of Remorse? Lack of Equality? Lack of Empathy? Pain and Social Injustice? At times, it seems Hopeless? Perhaps to Summarize, it’s a Constant Struggle, as Life has been Defined as: ‘the sum of the forces which resist death’.


Human Nature?

Common Sense?





Here and There, the Journey is weathered with Pain and Pleasure, Peer Pressure? Cruelty? Anger, Rage, and Revenge? But, you better Beware, it is a Scientific Fact, that Anger and Hatred, can Eat away at you from the Inside Out. Stress is Toxic. DIS-ease, KILLS. Ironically, Nature is naturally obliged to carry on accordingly. Alas, Frustration is Justified. It can be a Struggle to Survive? Wake Up! Think…

Survival of the Fittest?

To Be, or Not to Be?

Are you Ready?



Do You Have a Mission?

Are You Prepared?

Motives, Means, Opportunities?


Do you have Faith?


Do It, Get Involved.

Make Change for the Betterment of Humanity…

To Error is Human; Make Amends!

Pain is Inevitable but Suffering, is A Warning Sign / an Alarming DING-DING! DANGER! Do Something about It! Make Change. Intent is a Vital Prerogative — Free-Will. Choose Wisely. Consequences Define Destiny. Life is a War between, GOOD and eVIL! We are responsible for both, our Actions and our InActions. Responsibility, is our Common Bond, which is sealed by LOVE. Vanity is a Disease. Don’t let Vanity, Rob You of Your GIFT from God. Inner PEACE is Precious!

Contemporary Man Believes in Logic, questions his Faith and can’t Fathom or Perceive Miracles; It’s time for a Reality Check? Wake up! Societies must Maintain, Law and Order. Obligations and Consequences are Vital. ‘Will-Power’ is Sacred. Faith is Divine. Together, they are Life Changing.

Be A Ware of Logical Deception as it is TABOO.

Unfortunately, Inner Chaos is Natural? Fears, Doubt and Curiosity are Normal. It All Starts in your Mind. Life is a matter of Political Evolution, as Everything is Inter-Connected. Systematically, Organized Chaos is Man-made as are; Governments and Corruption.

Organized Ignorance is also TABOO! It Deceives Humanity!
It is an Evil Tool used to indoctrinate our children; by dumbing them down and thus conforming to a desired Belief System. It is Brain washing, via lies. It is Utilized and Monetized by The Secular Powers that Be?

Ironically EVIL is LIVE, spelled Backwards. Unfortunately, man has a habit of Wrong Living, as Devil is; Lived spelled Backwards. Go Figure! Society is in a Spiritual War? Mankind is Guilty of Ignorance. ’Truth’ is akin to ‘Cool’ as Both are Repulsive to ‘Un’, But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!

Ultimately, we are Here to Bring Joy to the World; as Peace on Earth. You have to Re-Think your Mind-Set. Psychoanalyze Yourself.

Investigate, Research, Critical Thinking…

Self-manifestation allows you to trust that the universe will provide exactly what you need at exactly the right moment.” Thoughts Become Reality; from Irrelevant to Essential; Destiny Still, Awaits Your Command.

You Manifest Your Own Destiny. Ironically, both Ordinary and Extraordinary; are mere Options. Happiness is Paramount. Ego, does Exits? Be A Ware of Egos. Egos are Compulsive. Learn to Tame your Ego. Influence is a Sacred Choice. An Iron Will, Does Not Compromise with Evil. Greed and Corruption are Unconscionable!

Mankind must ‘Be-A-Ware’ of his Egotistical Appetite as Greed is TOXIC. Naturally, Egos’ are susceptible to Greed and thereby, ‘Egomania’ is Shocking; when it leads to Greedy; Hectic-In-Humane Behavior. Unfortunately, we get Obsessed with Possessions. Politicians get Obsessed and Possessed with Power and Control of Others? But Politicians are Not Above the Law!

Life can be so Overwhelming and Frantic. Free-Will, Choice, Should of, Would of, Could of? Procrastination, is a Lazy Excuse. Interpretation can be Misleading as Confusion Responds as a ‘Doubting Thomas’? Alas “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ( Edmund Burke.) A Little Care, Concern, and Understanding as Compassion and the Benefit of the Doubt can be a Life Savor. Sometimes, Human Nature Needs a Kick in the Ass. Get involved. Confront the Sinister evils of Earth. God Bless our Natural Resources. God Help Us Protect our Children. They are our Greatest Natural Resource. Think before You Act. See Something, Say Something. Evil is Diabolical? Hang on! Never Give Up! Move On. Trust Your Intuition! TUNE INTUITForgive? Forgive Yourself Too. Let Go, Let God!

Frustration, Gestation, It All Must, Settle in our Hearts and Mind. Wake-Up! We Must Remove The Veil of Ignorance in the Cob-webs of our Minds. Take off the Masks. Breathe. Relax. Fresh Air. We must Smarten Up before it is too Late. Troubles and Complications are but, Man-made. Look Around, Observation, Curiosity, Contemplation, Imagination, Commitment and Capability are Natural Instincts. A Little Courage is Divine! Why? Why Not! Stand Tall. Make a Difference. Make Change! Dream On. Its Magical, when a Dream becomes Real. If Not You or I? Then Whom, Will Address Evil?

Trial and Error, Tenacity Conquers Ignorance. The ‘System’, needs Modification. Denial is the Anti-Christ! Silence can be Deafening. Look! Listen! Humanity is Screaming for HELP. Destiny, awaits our Command! Seize the Moment, ‘carpe diem’! Do your Part, B4HEART. Care, Concern, and Compassion are Divine Gifts. We are All, Little gods Unfolding it this Matter called, Time. We are Responsible for both Good and Evil. Mankind is Guilty of Ignorance! Thus, Humanity Suffers in Shame and Disgrace as Temptation is a Choice. Think with your, HEART. Think before you Act. Love is Divine. God is Love. We are All, Connected. We are All, Family. Alas: Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to youseek and you will findknock and the door will be opened to you. … “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for”. The squeaky wheel, gets greased!

Speak Up! Free-Will is Sacred. Mind, Body, Soul? Luck, Intent, A Spark of Divine Grace can Happen through Your Choice. It is Magical. Religions and Miracles are not Myths. You have Divine Powers. Use them Wisely as Grace Happens through you by the Grace of God. United Together, Family, Friends, and Forgiveness, Shall Overcome Grief, Sorrow, and Blame. For we are All; Spiritual Beings — - having a Human Experience, in the Process of Evolution. We are the Living Bible, Unfolding in Time. Unfortunately, Right or wrong can become, complicated in the Grey Area of Life. Ignorance is Taboo! Let your Conscience be your Guide. Get Involved. B4HEART. God Bless Reincarnation. Hopefully, Sooner or Later, We Shall get on Track, in route to Humanity. Amen.

It is Time To Stand Tall.

Faith and Courage!

Do Your Part B4HEART.

Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Imagination. You were born with all the tools to Thrive. Trust Your Intuition. Master Your-Mind-Set, Control Your Emotions. Let Your Conscience be Your Guide. Love is Essential. Confession and Forgiveness are Divine Gifts. Imagination, Defies Logic. Manifestation is The Secret, to Control Your Own Destiny. BELIEVE! Follow Your Dream. Shine On… Glory Be when — — We All Embellish; Joy to the World as Peace on Earth and Mankind, Reflects LOVE… God Bless America! United We Stand, Divided We — ???? America was founded as One Nation Under God.


A Little Experiment Below:

Nightly Road-Trip

Try It, You Might Like It as Dreams are Magical! Please Let me know how It was! Good Luck…

Pray to God for Help, Guidance, and Protection before Bed.

Be Thankful for All the Gifts and Blessing Bestowed Upon You!

Envision the Future.

What is your Mission and what are You Supposed, to Do in this Lifetime?

Invoke Your Wish as A Dream at Night in Dreamland.

Faith! B4HEART! BELIEVE — Ask/Receive, Seek/Find, Knock/Open — Amen!

Conjure Your Journey as You Sleep!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild…

Open the Flood-gates — — “Off to See the Wizard?” (YOU Need A Goal)

“Follow The Yellow Brick Road” — ( It is a Good Starting Point)

Communicate with the Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY! ( Spiritual Guides)

Anticipation Wonders as You Will, Free WILL — — Time, Place, Characters, Plot, Invention, Procreate…etc.

It is Your Dream, Your are the Producer, Director, Writer and Editor!

If You Believe, You Will Achieve.

Have Faith! Have Fun! Go for It! (Courage, Heart, Brain, Soul, Home!)


P.S. ‘The Wizard of Oz, is my Favorite Movie!

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