Foolish Pride


Foolish Pride

Pride or Glory Be?

Wake Up!

Foolish Pride is Not Glory!

Together, We Shall Overcome Evil!

The Glory of God

We are All Born With A Divine Inter-Connectedness, To God!

We Are All Children of God! Perhaps it is Hard for You, to Imagine? But Deep Down, in Heart of My Soul; I know God said — ‘Let There Be Love!’

God Is The Personification of Love…The Power of His LOVE Is So GREAT, That It Is Inconceivable to Mankind! But, The Glory of God’s Love, Is The Defining Moment… It is When; We Realize and Comprehend: ANTICIPATION… The Glory of God… “Believe In Thee”…

Trust In Jesus Christ

Ironically, Vices and Virtues are Facts of Life

Trust Your Conscience to be Your Guide.

But Remember, ‘Truth is Akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un.’ ‘But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified.’

Don’t Be Stupid!

Make History, Make a Difference! Save A Child! Pass it On…

Seek, Trust and Respect Almighty God!

Beware of Logic

A Fool and His Logic,

Gets Lost in Vanity

Ego Loves Temptation

Unfortunately, Ignorance is Unjustifiable

As Excuses are Obsolete

Ultimately, Intent is Vital

You Must Know What You Seek and Why

The Truth Will Set You Free!

Forget Your Foolish Pride and Relish in the Glory of Almighty God’s Love

Life Is A Mystery?

History Is Inevitable, Honesty is Paramount…

Don’t Underestimate Your Ignorance!

We are All Here for a Reason!

Reasons are Many?

But we are Here to Learn and, Do our Part In; the Name of Love

Take the Initiative?

God Helps Those, Whom Help Themselves…

Don’t Become, ‘A Know-It-All’?

Ignorance is a Monster, that is Starving?

Greed is Intriguing, Enticing and Contagious.

Temptation Inspires Curiosity.

Experience is Your Teacher.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Tame Your Ego!

We Have the Choice to Be a little Angel or a little Devil

Honesty is Required for Direct Access To God!

Don’t Let Greed, Become You?

Vanity is Foolish Pride; Proof of Your Ignorance!

Be Honest With Your Self

Don’t Lie To Yourself

Reason and Free Will

Divine Laws

‘Thou Shalt’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not’



Risks and Rewards

Don’t Flaunt Your Freaky Kink?

What Legally Happens in Bedroom, with Consent, Should Stay in Bedroom.

Ironically, ‘All Humans are imperfect members of an imperfect world…’ We Are All Sinners?

‘We are self-centered creatures who, given the choice, tend to choose our pleasure over God’s commands…’

No Shame, No Gain…

Fortunately, Discretion Avoids Controversy

Why Attract Attention?

Go Home and Hide In Mommy’s Closet.

Society Should Not, Corrupt Children’s Morals, by Promoting Un-Natural Behavior

Unfortunately, Curiosity is Dangerous at Such a Young Age.

The Mere Thought of a Sex Changes is Absurd?

Anyone Involved In Any, Such Act; is a ‘Mental Case’?

Don’t Freak Your Kink, in Public

STOP Confusing and Freaking Out, Our Children!

Privacy, Belongs, Behind Closed Doors

Just Make Sure that you are Using a Raincoat,

Especially if and when, it is Sex with, Another Species

Consent is a Choice but, No Means No!

I Don’t Care What You Do, In Your Bedrooms!

But, Don’t Hurt Any Children or Corrupt Their Morals!

Forgive Yourself, as Jesus Died, for Our Sins!


Almighty God Is The Personification of Love… God’s Love is the Prerequisite for Humanity. Humanity is God’s Work, in Progress. Mankind is The Living Bible, unfolding in time.

Ultimately, God has Divine Laws!

These Laws, Sustain and Maintain Life.

God Is In Charge!

Don’t Mess With Almighty God’s Nature!

Prey or Predator?

Our Children Should Not Be On The Menu! Pedophilia is a World-Wide Epidemic! It Must Be Stopped. Pedifiles Should Be Castrated!

The Circle of Life — Food Chain

Trust, Respect, Loyalty and Obedience, are Our Obligations to Almighty God; Which Shall Ensure Peace and Harmony; in the Name of Humanity!

We Can be Living gods or Living devils.

God Gave us Reason and Free Will!

The Choice To Choose, Good or Bad?

Choose Wisely!

Life Is A Learning Process!


Live and Let Live

Adapt and Over Come

Admit You Guilt and Shame

Divine Laws?

Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified! Robert James Karpie

Humanity is a Process of Evolution

Life is a Mystery? Survival Is the Name of the Game. Death is Taboo, as Struggle, is an on Going Effort, To Survive? Existence is Awareness in Action, as Consciousness is Resourceful.

It Takes Grit, Guts, Mussel, Blood, Sweat, and Tears as Patience and Imagination, to Spark your Intuition, and Inspire You; to Carry On.

Faith, Hope, Courage and Determination; Define Destiny

We Think, And Therefor, We Are!

Little gods or Little devils?

The Power of Intent Is Granted By God, as Free Will; Your Choice!

Decisions are Options! Right or Wrong? Good or Evil? gods or devils! Consequences are Waiting! Choose Wisely. Sometimes, The Decision of Not To Choose, as an Inaction is Dangerous. Do The Right Thing! Speak Up… Evil Wins, When It Is Not Confronted.

We Live and Learn as We Participate. Progress is a Matter of Perspective and Perception. We Contribute, Digress and Evolve, Together. Actions are Monitored, by God’s Divine Intelligence System, of Karma and Reincarnation. God’s Miracle of Jesus Christ, is A Gift To Humans.

Karma — Divine Intervention

Karma Is The Great Equalizer!

The Prince of Peace

“Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled”-John14:1

Believe! Faith is Divine. Become One With God, Through Jesus Christ! Amen… There is A War going On Between Good and evil. B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Get Off of the Wheel of Life. Reincarnation is Paid in Full. Accept Jesus Christ, Enjoy Eternal Life!

Focus, Observe and Contemplate…

Attitude, Attention and Awareness are Paramount to Spiritual Evolution. Believe! Faith is Divine! Intent is Vital…

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Karma —

The Prince Of Peace

Jesus Loves You

Divine Miracle


Eternal Life



Graham Mack



Jesus Christ

Eternal Life

Test Of Time