Humanity is a Process of Evolution...


Life is a Mystery? Survival Is the Name of the Game. Death is Taboo, as Struggle, is an on Going Effort, To Survive? Existence is Awareness in Action, as Consciousness is Resourceful.

We Think, And Therefor, We Are! Little gods or Little devils? The Power of Intent Is Granted By God, as Free Will, Your Choice!

Decisions are Options! Right or Wrong? Good or Evil? gods or devils! Consequences are Waiting! Choose Wisely. Sometimes, The Decision of Not To Choose, as an Inaction is Dangerous. Do The Right Thing! Speak Up… Evil Wins, When It Is Not Confronted.

We Live and Learn as We Participate. Progress is a Matter of Perspective and Perception. We Contribute, Digress and Evolve, Together. Actions are Monitored, by God’s Divine Intelligence System, of Karma and Reincarnation. God’s Miracle of Jesus Christ, is A Gift To Humans. Karma — Divine Intervention

Karma Is The Great Equalizer!

The Prince of Peace

“Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled”-John14:1

Believe! Faith is Divine. Become One With God, Through Jesus Christ! Amen… There is A War going On Between Good and evil. B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Get Involved!

How Does One Define Success or Progress? Free Will, is a Prerogative. Trust and Respect Are Sacred. Don’t Trespass on Other People’s Rights! Unfortunately Chaos, is Enviable, as Ignorance Takes It’s Toll? It is The Price of Humanity. A Process of Elimination? Death, Awaits All… Beware!

Focus, Observe and Contemplate! ‘Shit Happens’, Naturally. Get Over It! Consequently, It is a Fact of Life, as Karma and Reincarnation Sustain, and Maintains Procedure, Until Humans; Wake UP and Get Enlightened. We are Responsible for Our Actions and Inactions!

All Shit Stinks! Especially ‘Bull-Shit’! ’Truth’ is akin to ‘Cool’, as Both are Repulsive to ‘Un’, But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified! We Must Expose Bullshit, Greed and Corruption!

“Hope Springs Eternal…” Thank God!

We Are All In, This Quagmire of Time, Together! United We, Must Stand Up To Evil. Divided We Suffer? Some Suffer Silently. Others Bitch and Complain, More Than Others? Poverty is a Disgrace. Chaos Lurks, Just Waiting, Anticipating, Opportunity A Reason To Disrupt Normal Routine.

Karma Ain’t Prejudice! We All Require Love, Patience and Understanding. There is More To Life Then the Survival of Death. Together We Shall Learn How to Survive and Thrive! Destiny Awaits Our Command!

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Together We Shall Thrive!

Grace Transends as Miracles by The Grace of God’s Love. Logic Makes No Sense, In God’s Divine Arrangement. Trust and Faith Are Vital and Required To Progress. Ironically, We Do Manifest, Both Good and Evil, According To Universal Laws. Free Will is Subjected, To Consequences.

Miracles Are Gifts as Graces, From God’s Love

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

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The Prince Of Peace

Jesus Loves You

Divine Miracle

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