Donald Rumsfeld – SCUM-BAG…

Donald Rumsfeld — SCUM-BAG…

Mark Twain once warned: “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

Donald Rumsfeld bragged: “There are a lot of people who lie and get away with it, and that’s just a fact.”

America’s Immaculate Deception’s, are all National Disgraces, which infuriate me. But how one man can have so much power, is unconscionable? In my opinion, Donald Rumsfeld is one of the biggest scum bags that ever lived. He is a blatant liar, and should be locked up for Genocide and Treason. Below are some alarming facts from my second book, Social Security, which was published in 2009. These are some perfect examples of how dangerous man-made hazards — get incorporated into the system and how the Powers that Be profit from it, in spite of the health and or safety of We the Little People?


Let’s see how ‘Diabolical Donald’ Rumsfeld plays a role in each of the following:

1. The Swine Flu Vaccine Scams / Poisoning

2. The Axis of Evil (TREASON?)

3. The Cancer Causing Aspartame

Here are some historical facts:

Donald Rumsfeld was the Secretary of Defense under President Gerald Ford from 1975 to 1977 and again, Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, from 2001 to 2006. He was also a major stock holder and former CEO of Gilead Sciences Inc., which was the sole patent owner of Tamiflu.

‘Tamiflu’, is an antiviral prescription medication, in pill form. So far it is supposedly, the most effective treatment for combating the new swine flu as well as protecting health care workers who may be exposed to it. This drug was made and marketed by Hoffmann–La Roche Holding AG of Switzerland, but was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc. of California in 1996.

Tamiflu was stockpiled by the U.S. Defense Department and millions are made with each new Swine Flu Panic. The US federal government is one of the world’s biggest customers for Tamiflu at the tax-payers expense. Former Sec. of State George Schultz — CFR, Trilateral, and Bilderberg member, was also on the board of Gilead Sciences. According to Fortune, Shultz turned a neat $7 million profit in 2005 in insider selling of some of his Gilead stock.

From 1977 to 1985, Rumsfeld served as Chief Executive Officer, President, and then Chairman of G. D. Searle & Company, a worldwide pharmaceutical company that is the maker of aspartame, and which was based in Skokie, Illinois. For over sixteen years, the FDA refused to approve aspartame because of the seizures and brain tumors this drug produced in lab animals. Among other influential positions, the scum bag sat on the board of a technology giant — ABB from 1990 to 2001. In 2000 this company sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea.

In 2006, George Bush signed into law the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act as part of the 2006 Defense Appropriations Act (HR 2863). This law; lets the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary declare any disease an epidemic or national emergency requiring mandatory vaccinations. But, nothing in this Act lists any criteria that warrant a threat. Nor does it list any potential penalties for those who balk and or refuse to get it. Maybe quarantine and? This law is still in effect now in 2014.

Now let’s see how all of this plays out.

1. The Swine Flu Vaccine Scam / Poisoning

Ironically, at Rumsfeld’s urging, in 1976, President Ford called for a national inoculation against swine flu. The $135 million program proclaimed that ‘every man, woman and child’; should be vaccinated. Huge amounts of vaccine were produced and distributed quickly and the government assumed all liability from side-effects.

Several older people died within hours, after taken the shot; from heart attacks. There were also reports of the vaccine touching off neurological problems, especially rare ‘Guillain-Barre’ syndrome. Eventually, the government suspended the program, after inoculating 40 million people for a flu that never came. It was known as the ‘Swine Flu Fiasco’ or the ‘Swine Flu Debacle’. The strain itself killed one person and hospitalized 13. 300 died from the vaccine itself.

The over-all consequences of the 1976 Swine-Flu scare, are somewhat distorted. It embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), his job. Why did the U. S. government give its citizens the vaccine known as X53A; which was known to have neurological side- effects?

The U. S. Government was sued and the taxpayers paid again. Whoever made it, was off the hook? Who did the USA pay for this bad/worthless vaccine and why? And, why did Donald Rumsfeld urge the President Ford to go through with it in the first place?

I think we have a right to know all of these facts! But wait! That was just the beginning of Rumsfeld’s cronyism?

In 2005, President George W. Bush pushed for and won $7.1 billion in emergency funding to prepare for an influenza pandemic that was not even yet on the horizon. Remember, Donald Rumsfeld was AGAIN — — Defense Secretary at that time? The United States placed an order for 20 million doses of Tamiflu at a price of $100 per dose. It cost the taxpayers around $2 billion. Conflict of Interest? Also, in March 2005, Britain’s Tony Blair, ordered the UK Government to buy enough Tamiflu drugs to supply 14 million of its British citizens.

And then, the World Health Organization was hyping up the hysteria by declaring a Swine flu Pandemic; warning that governments worldwide should launch emergency response plans for late 2009 or early 2010 as a pandemic is “imminent.”?

Do You See a Pattern Here? How many billions did our US Government spend on Swine flu to line his pockets? Propaganda from friends in Washington and other high places to instill a scenario of panic by fear-mongering to rob the taxpayers? Go Figure!


Dr. Ron Paul warned:

“Flu Hype’ Designed to Scare Americans”

Check it out at:

Now, today as I finish posting this blog in early 2014, Tamiflu is advertised all over the TV, with a sick giant in a small house — “Large Man” Ad”, that tries to convince us to buy it? They even want us, to give it to our sick infant children, over 2 weeks old, in spite of the dangerous side effects?

2. The Axis of Evil

Recently, North Korea ominously warned the USA that: ‘It WILL use its Nuclear Weapons — both to defend itself and as an offense against those who seek to attack the country’? But how did North Korea get the Nuclear Material for its weapons in the first place?

Great Article

ABB, Donald Rumsfeld and North Korea? TREASON?

Remember, Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of a technology giant — ABB when it won a deal to supply North Korea with two nuclear power plants. Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of ABB, from 1990 to 2001, until he became Secretary of State again. ABB is a European engineering giant — based in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2000 this company sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea. The sale of this nuclear technology was a high-profile, $200 million dollar contract with Pyongyang, Korea.

Weapons experts warned that waste material from these two reactors could be used for so-called ‘dirty bombs’. According to Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB; Rumsfeld “was at nearly all the board meetings,” during his decade-long involvement with the company. Rumsfeld does not recall the $200 million dollar deal being brought before the board at any time. (Denial or selective memory or a blatant lie?) But ABB spokesman Björn Edlund told Fortune (magazine) that “board members were informed about this project.”

Ironically, in 2002 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared North Korea a terrorist state and a target for regime change. ABB no longer has any involvement with the North Korean power plants. Rumsfeld got paid to help supply North Korea with Nuclear Material and then he declared North Korea part of the so called ‘Axis of Evil’?

Who in their right mind would give Nuclear Material; which could be used for a dirty bomb, to a MAD Man? Especially when he was a former and then again, became the Secretary of Defense for the U.S.A. Some people will do anything for money? OMG WTF? If that is not Treason, then I don’t know what is! Unfortunately, everything is in fact backwards. Edward Snowden is a HERO! And, I believe that Donald Rumsfeld is a TRAITOR?

3. The Cancer Causing Aspartame

The FDA refused to approve aspartame for sixteen years because it triggers brain tumors — violates the Delaney Amendment; that makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer-causing chemicals in foods. But, 1n 1981, the FDA magically changes its mind and Approves Aspartame? Why?

In January 1981 Rumsfeld bragged at a sales meeting, according to one attendee, that he would ‘call in his markers’ and get aspartame approved by the end of the year. In 1981 the FDA commissioner’s authority was suspended by the new President of the USA, Ronald Reagan; on his first day in office. One month later, he appointed a new FDA commissioner.

Four months later, the new FDA commissioner, Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes (Rumsfeld’s old friend); defying FDA advisors, approved aspartame for dry foods.

It was his first major decision? In November 1983 the FDA approved aspartame for soft drinks. It was Dr. Hayes last decision? Supposedly, he was under fire for accepting corporate gifts; thus he left the agency and went to work for GUESS WHO? He became Searle’s senior medical advisor for their public-relations firm.




Aspartame name was changed to NutraSweet. Rumsfeld received a $12 million bonus. ‘Prior to the approval of aspartame, the FDA sent two specialized teams to G.D. Searle and found a ghastly 95% level of misdirected testing; concealed tests, collusion between corporate and their company-funded research; withholding of material facts; alterations of records: lying to investigators, lost records, no records; falsification of reports, bribery, poor test methodology or design…’

For more information, go to:

To learn how Aspartame became legal, go to:

To learn how dangerous Aspartame is go here:

Ironically, but not surprisingly, Donald Rumsfeld — made millions of dollars, at tax-payers expense; because of his position in both the corporate/private sector, and while being Secretary of Defense — two different times? Wow! We the Little People were played as fools as he laughed, joked and lied all the way to the bank! Imagine that! Has cynical become obsolete in our society?

No! And, it is not a mystery, either. There is a lot of Truth to the old adage: ‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’. In fact, members of the ‘Good Old Boys’ Club’; make sure that their money talks, as they corrupt others via the temptation of money, because of their own personal greed for more money.

And, they have the audacity to think that they can get away with it? Membership does have it privilege but, what are the consequences? Where are their conscience? It is comprised of a den of thieves. They are monsters! Where is our system headed?

In spite of the fact that the USA already has a law, (PREP) Act; that entitles it to enforce mandatory vaccines; there is another scary fact that frightens me. Obamacare has a provision for ‘Forced’ Home Inspections. In fact any family can be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason? For instance, families where the mom is under the age of 21? Families where someone is a tobacco user? Families where children have low student achievement, development delays, or disabilities? Talk about a ‘Police State’?

To read the whole story, go to:

Also, buried in the 2,572 pages of the Affordable Care Act are two little paragraphs that make me cringe?

“The federal government may enter into contracts with private companies to buy vaccines…” “The government not only will be buying more vaccines, but it also will be promoting their benefits…” It sounds like the Good Ol Boys are laying the Ground Work for Their Future Prosperity.

Now, the medical industry is working on a vaccine to prevent cancer? In fact, the American Cancer Society: “Recommends vaccine use to prevent cervical cancer — or Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and pre-cancers.”

WAKE Up America! You can read about this and many more National Disgraces in my New Book entitled Surprise, A Message of Hope; Second Edition.

Spread the Word and B4HEART… Amen! #B4HEART2016

‘Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!’ — Robert James Karpie

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