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I am Adding the Following Badges to my Ko-fi.com/b4heartcomdream Store. They will be out there on August 15, 2022. Free Shipping! 

We Now Have the NEW B4HEART Badges...

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B4HEART.biz Badge

Oouey Gooey Badge

Olga Gooey Badge

Oouey & Olga, AKA 'TheLOVE Worms' Badge

Oouey / B4HEART Badge

Oouey's Anti-Drug Badge

Olga's Anti-Drug Badge

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Bee4HEART Badge www.B4HEART.biz

FREE Shipping on BADGES...

Remember, If You Join The B4HEART Club by Taking the Oath and Buy a B4HEART t-Shirt and Send Oouey a Picture of Yourself wearing your shirt; Oouey will Put it on the B4HEART Dudes or B4HEART Babes Page and Send you a Free B4HEART Badge.

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