The Great Awakening!

It’s A Great Day For America!

Trump expected to surrender to Miami authorities on Tuesday after indictment

Happy Trump Day!

America Has Been Seized by Greed and Corruption; Long Enough?

The Truth, Will Set America Free, & Great Again!


Thank You Jesus!

Thank You Donald Trump! MAGA…

Never Underestimate The Element of Surprise!

‘The Great Awakening!’

Get The Popcorn.

This Is A Shocker!

Get Ready for the Surprise

This Will be a Movie, that Shocks the World!

The Dramatic Trap was Set; ‘The Web of Deceit!’

Lots of Treason!


The Greedy Varmints are Caught!

Hook, Line and Sinker.

Time to Tighten the Rope?

Time to Reveal, the Real Greed and Corruption?

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

How High Does It Go?

Who will Confess First, and RAT Out, the Other RATs?

Who Is King RAT?

The Proof, is in the Pudding!

Confiscate All Their Assets!

Built A Wall of Shame To Dishonor Them!

They Are A National Disgrace!

But Where is the Pudding?

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy MAGA!