Miracles are but, Special Deliveries from Almighty God, Amen!

Miracles are but, Special Deliveries from Almighty God, Amen!


Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality; with a Little Help From God!

“God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” -Serenity Prayer. Amen…


Let You Dream, B-Come a Reality…

Believe, as Faith; Manifests Miracles.


God is the Captain, of Your Dream Boat; Believe and You Will Achieve!

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!


‘Will-Power’ Is Your Secret Weapon. ( from my book ‘Taboo’)

Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified…

Why Do We Tolerate It?


Never Underestimate the Power of Imagination. What If? Think! Imagination, Defies Logic! Ultimately, Man is Blessed with Reason and his Free-will. Ironically, we have to deal with Curiosity and Temptations; on a daily basis as we struggle to Survive through Obligations and Consequences. Realistically, Life is but a Process of Political Evolution. Perhaps we could do better, if we Learned the Laws of the Universe. All we need is a little more Faith, Courage, Enthusiasm, Passion and Forgiveness, along with Gratification, Personal Restraint, and Foresight.

Philosophically Speaking, Life is Complicated by Logic as Humans have a Natural Tendency to Over-think Simplicity. Alas, We Struggle with Logical Deception and Bad Habits. To put it in Proper Perspective, let’s use the old dictum coined by the French philosopher René Descartes — — “I Think, therefore I am!’ Ultimately, this applies to All Humans, including YOU. But who are We? What are We? And, why are we Here?

Knowledge is Power but, Intent and Values are also keys to the Equation of Life. Life is a Precious Gift, from God. Don’t Take It; for Granted. What do You Value in Life and What, do You Intend to Do About, it? Think… You have to know what you want in Life and what or who; you Respect in Life.

Biologically, we Live and Learn through Experience; along the path of Destiny as Morals and Mistakes Define who we Become. Eventually, we Establish Trust, Respect and other Values; as We Make our Mark in History.

Consequently, Contemporary man Believes in Logic, questions his Faith and can’t Fathom or Perceive Miracles; as Reason Complicates Understanding? A Spiritual Disability of self-induced afflictions? Ultimately, we are Here to Bring Joy to the World; as Peace on Earth. Naturally, we All Have Potential, but we are All Peculiar; in our Own Unique way. Most People Conform into the ‘System’, and Settle in Sheepishly; as they Follow the Flock’s Way of Life. Ironically, a Dysfunctional Attitude is Cluelessly Dangerous. Influence is a Sacred Choice.

Sometimes it is hard to break bad habits. Intent? Priorities, State of Mind, Mental Health; are all Vital. Ignorance is No Excuse. But Change is Always an Option as Opportunities await your Command. Sometimes we have to Pivot and Change Direction. Go for It! Make the World a Better Place; to Live — — In Peace and Harmony. For we are co-creators; little gods who have the Profound Power to Manifest Destiny.

Unfortunately, some humans choose to create evil instead; as ‘evil’ is live spelled backwards. Inadvertently, they behave like little devils? It’s a matter of Wrong Living; as ‘devil’ is lived spelled backwards. Psychology, it sounds like we have a Psychological Disability; as our mental faculties, functions and behavior; are Out of Whack? Who is in Charge? It’s not what you believe in; but Who You Believe In; that is Paramount to Salvation.

“I Think; Therefor I Am”. But who am I? Mind, Body, Spirit? Why am I Here? Intent? Purpose? ID, Ego? The Quagmire of man — — ‘The Essence of ID’? Privileges, Obligations, Responsibilities, and Choices? Trust, Respect, Loyalty? Consequences? Power, Control? Authenticity? Credibility? Panic? Doubt?

So Many Questions, Options; Decisions to Make? It’s exciting and yet somewhat, thought provoking. Critical Thinking is Crucial. Curiosity and Temptations? Wants, Needs; Desires? Greed? Inner Chaos? Mentality Disabled by Logic? Life is a Mystery. But throughout History, man has Created this Mysterious Delivery of Misery? It is mere Human Nature as Ego is so Arbitrary and Naïve.

Hence, we must ‘Be-A-Ware’ of our Egotistical Appetite as Greed is TOXIC. Naturally, Egos’ are susceptible to Greed and thereby, ‘Egomania’ is Shocking; when it leads to Greedy; Hectic-In-Humane Behavior. Unfortunately, we get Obsessed with Possessions.

Take a Good Look in the Mirror and Ask yourself: “What’s it All About?” Breath Deep. Relax and Think to Yourself. Think about Your Life, Your Family, Your Wants and Their NEEDS.

Psychoanalyze Yourself! What’s on Your Mind? Perhaps, you think that I am Crazy. Most of my Family does. But seriously, how do you define Sanity? I believe that we are all, somewhat confused throughout life. Think about that and, later on during the day, or later during the night; Ponder the Mysteries of Being.

Keep a Journal. You’d be Surprised! Focus! Set Goals. Get in the Grove. It All Starts in Your Mind. Be A Ware of Logical Deception. Sometimes, you have to Think Outside the Box. Trust Your INTUITION!

Ironically, we crave — — More, More, More! Alas, Ego becomes In-sensitive and tends to be Selfish; me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, I, I, I; ID? Want, leads to Jealousy and Ego; becomes ‘The Enemy’ within; as Desire Ignores the Right Brain as well as Intuition and Conscience? Thus, a war between our two minds ensues? Chaos lingers Within. Man becomes confused, stressed and over-whelmed as Joy fades away. Hell has No Fury like a ‘Possessed Ego’.

But Ironically, Ego is Not a Curse; it’s simply, Un-tamed and Curious. In fact, it is Essentially Necessary, as it Defines Who You Are. You Must Become Aware of Your EGO! It Does Exists. You Must Learn How to Tame It, and Control It. You are in Charge. Express Yourself as you make your Mark in History. Manifest Love as your Legacy, in this World; plagued with secular desires, as the great cultural divide; maintains inequality? LOVE is Essential… LOVE is Crystal Clarity!

Listen to your Voice of Reason. Learn to Modify Your Thought Process. Conscience is a precaution; that should make you think twice, before you Decide. Let your Conscience Be Your Guide! Trust your Intuition; it is your Voice of Wisdom!

Intuition is also your ‘Built in Radar Detector’. It Warns You of Pending Dangers. Respect it and Avoid Dangerous Situations. You were born with all the Necessary Tools to Thrive. You have Command of your Mind-Set. Will-Power is your Secret Weapon. An Iron-Will, Does Not Compromise, with Evil. You Must be Intolerant and Discriminative of the immoral and wickedness, as Conscience; Empathy and Compassion are Divine!

Invest in Yourself. Integrity is Precious. It is Developed Over Time and Recognized, as it Establishes — — Trust from Others. Cherish, Cultivate and Nourish Your INTEGRITY. There is No Shame in Being True to Yourself. Be All You Can Be. But Don’t Be Phony. Integrity is Measured by Determination and Compassion. Integrity is the Impetus that Invokes the Spirit of Humanity. Blessed is he that Ultimately, Achieves and Manifests Love, Peace and Harmony.

Dignity is a Unique Gift, and a Responsibility. Your Conscience is your Guide. Pray. Sometimes — ‘Shit Happens.’ Shake it off! Sadness, Guilt, Shame, and Regrets; result in Shaken Faith. Relax, Forgive and Forget About It!

Stand-Up to your Troubles. Admit your Faults. You can Run, but you can’t hide. The Shadow Knows Subconsciously. It may Haunt You Consciously? Patience is, a virtue. No Hurry, No Worry! Fear Not. Be Bold! Re-Right your Wrongs. Things have a way of working out; over a matter of Time. Confession and Forgiveness are Divine Options. They are Gifts from God!

Tomorrow is another day; Get some sleep. Thank Almighty God and Be Grateful; for All His Blessings, bestowed upon you. Eventually, ‘GRACE’ Happens! Think before you Act; Empathy and Compassion are Divine. It is nice to be nice. Kindness is Angelic. Pass it on as Vision, Passion and the United Energy of LOVE; are Appealing.

Choose Wisely as the Power to Manifest Destiny is a Quagmire? It is a double-edged sword until; we Learn ‘The Universal Laws.’ We must Realize that we have this Profound Power. And, we must Understand that we really have two Brains; that Simultaneously, work Together in one Mind.

Ultimately, They / You, are Responsible for Your Choices and Your Reactions. Thanks to the Will of God, nobody has the Power; Over Your Thoughts, Feelings or Emotions; except You. It is Your Personal Responsibility. and it is Maintained and Sustained by Your Gift from God; known as ‘Will-Power’. Hopefully, if and when; You Learn to Utilize it; It Will Be an Exciting Life Changing Event. Think Before You Act, or React. Purge Your Evil Thoughts. You Govern your own mentality. Pause for a Minute or Two. Let you Emotions Subside, as you Filter your Perspective, via Your Conscience and Intuition.

For we Create both Good and Evil. We must Learn How to Keep our Ego in Check. And Maintain — — Peace of Mind. Empathy, Ethics, and Morality, are Vital. Greed and Corruption are Unconscionable!

Humans must agree to Establish Moral Ground. We Must Maintain the Rule of Law! Unfortunately, there is so much Flawed Ideologies, Negligence and Malevolence? Propaganda? Fake News? Hypocrisy? Figure Heads, Ethics, Religions? Go Figure!

Everybody wants to put their two cents in as they worry about their own rights and forget about their responsibilities? Entertainer’s, Sports Heroes, Critics? When I was a kid, Police Officers and Firefighters, were the Superheroes. But Now, it is a matter of Culture Shock? Protesters? Why do some wish evil, or harm to another or others; showing ill will; ill-disposed actions? It is enough to make your head spin? Wake Up!

Mindset? Education, History, Traditions? Evolution, Revolutions, Wars, Civil-War, Humanity? It All Starts in the MIND. It ALL Continues with Our Children. Teach Them to Be A WARE. They are GIFTS from God! We must Encourage and Nourish their tender Hearts, Dreams and Passion with LOVE. They Must Be A Ware of EVIL INTENT. Some want to Destroy America?

Mankind, as a whole Must be Willing, Able and Ready to B4HEART… LOVE is Essential! Humanity is an Option! SOON, We Should Expect Mystical, Magical, Miracles as ‘Hope Springs Eternal.’ Glory Be when — — We All Embellish; Joy to the World as Peace on Earth and, Mankind Reflects LOVE…

Wake Up! Almighty God is in Charge! Amen…

God Is Love

And, The Power of His LOVE Is So GREAT,

That It Is Inconceivable to Mankind!

But, The Glory of God’s Love,

Is The Defining Moment…

It is When; We Realize and Comprehend:


The Glory of God…

“Believe In Thee”…

Listen Below:

Rough Demo that was created, on one take.
The singer is my Friend Loraine O’Donnell www.facebook.com/loraine.odonnell/
I wrote the Lyrics for ‘Believe in Thee’, and Copy-Righted it with US Copyright Office about 30 years ago. I Paid Dwane Hall at Session Studio in Buffalo, New York to Provide the Music. Total of $50.00 as I was Partner of his Record Label. That was in about 2017.

It is Time for humans to Validate Almighty God’s Greatness as His Faith in Mankind; to Overcome Evil and B4HEART. Keep the Faith… Shine On! Expose Almighty God’s Unconditional LOVE…

“This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.” — Horace Walpole

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” — — George Carlin

“We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” — Carl Sagan

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Special Deliveries
From Almighty God
Jesus Christ
Manifest Your Dreams