Destination Death - A Self Contemplated Inquiry…

“I Think, and, Therefore; I AM…”


It’s Me?

Thought Processing!

Thought Provoking?

But, Who am I?

“To Be, or; Not To Be?”

Questions, Answers?

Proof, Dis-Prove?

Believe, Dis-Believe?

Power and Control?

For Profit and Pleasure?


Choices / Options / Actions?

I am Responsible for all of my Choices, Actions and In-Actions…

Evil is Taboo, it’s a Divine No No.

Temptations, Reason and Free Will Are a matter of Choice!

I am Human!

Life is but, a Learning Process?

I have the Freedom to make Mistakes, “To error is Human.”

But, Consequences Lurk, Waiting to Pounce, eventually…

Don’t Gamble with your Soul.

Don’t Offend God and Insult his Trust, in You.

Respect God’s Universal Laws of Nature.

You are on a Spiritual Journey, en-Route to Truth and Enlightenment.

Via a Path of, ‘Self Discovery’ and Destiny?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I must utilize my Senses, my 6th Sense, Intuition, Concentration, Conscience, Courage, Will-Power, A Positive Attitude /Effort and my Imagination To Seek WISDOM.

All of my Experiences, Adventures, and Experiments; are Subjective to, Rejection.

These are mere Facts of Life.

Focus on ‘The Force’, The Source, Energy.

Stimulate Your Brain, Tap Into The Source…

“Spirt is Life. Mind is the Builder. Physical is the Result.” — — Edgar Cayce

“The Force is with You “ — -Always

The Divine Spark is Within — -God, Heart, Mind and Soul.

Your Conscience is your Guide

God is LOVE

Get Involved

It all Starts in Your Mind.

Words are Powerful!

Be-Aware of the Power of Suggestion.

Be-Aware of Impulses

Pay Attention to Details.

The Process of Imagination, Can Run Deep.

The Power of Patience is Magical, as You Transcend In the Glory of God

Mind-set is Vital to The Mysteries of Being…

God Works In Mysterious Ways…

Fly Like ‘The Phoenix’, On Unconditional Love…

Be-Aware of, Egos!

Control your own, ego!

Let Go of your ego, and Let God work through you…

GRACE Happens!

That’s The Glory of LOVE…

Potential and Possibilities are Everywhere

It is All a matter of Attitude, Attention and Awareness

Perception and Perspective are Paramount.

Where am I?

I am here on Earth.


To co-Create, via, co-Existence; as A Process of Inter-Actions…

But, You’re Only Human?

You are Subjected to Reason, Free Will, Mistakes and Consequences?

Yes, but, What does it mean, to be Human?

Our Goal is to Sustain and /or, Maintain the Circle of Life, and Evolve During the Process via Our Hopes and Dreams

My Dream is B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…

SURPRISE — — A Message of Hope; ‘Believe In Thy’

Oouey and Olga Gooey , AKA The LOVE Worms…

Peace Be With You… Joy to The World! And Peace on Earth!

Follow Your Passion Like, Jonathan Livingston Seagull:

What’s it all About?


Friends, Family, Relationships, Memories, Hopes and Dreams.

It Is Mind Over Matter!

You have to Control, Your Beliefs…

What Really Matters to You — - Now?

You Have to Let Go, of Your Sub- Conscious Past.

Forgiveness is Divine!

Accept, Live and Learn, Forgive and Accept…

You Have the Power and Control…

You are in Control, of Your Thoughts — — Past, Present and Future!

Move On and Manifest, Together; with the Grace of God!

Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion, Mercy, Community, Cooperation, International Amity and Goodwill are Precious.

Peace is Within,

Accept It — — with Your, Whole Mind, Heart and Soul.

Be One with God, Amen!

Trust and Respect are Vital as Fear and Faith Apply to Destiny — The Circle of Life…

The Circle of Perpetual Everlasting Existence

“We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” — Carl Sagan

Be-Aware of Logical Deception?

Ironically, Logic is Absurd when it is a Matter, of Life and Death?

Thus, the Mind is Blinded by a Veil of Ignorance, as Humanity is Compromised?

Unfortunately, Logic Favors Convenience?

It Always Looks for, the Easy Out,

In spite, of Collateral Damage or Conscience?


Fortunately, Karmic Retribution, Naturally Intervenes.

Therefore, Life is Complicated, by it’s Consequences.

Ultimately, You Cannot Compromise, with Ignorant Choices.

Nor can you Reason with Karma.

Mankind, as a whole is, Responsible by Choice.

The Wrong Choice.

Beware, as Consequences, will come back to bite All of us.

Consequently, we are All Guilty, of the In-Humane Suffering.

Historically, Our System was formulated by many man-made Cluster-Fuck-Ups, Combined and Incorporated, Together via Logic in Pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.

Some Blame it on Capitalism.

I Blame it on Greed, Vanity and Corruption.

When is Enough, Enough?

What Happen to The Pursuit of Happiness?

Happiness for ALL! Not Just Some?

Take a Look Around, People are Starving all over the World?

It’s an Abomination?

I’m Sensitive, I am Curious, Concerned and Confused?

I See Things? They are Atrocious. I get Pissed.

“Do you See, what I See?”

“Do You Hear, what I Hear?”

If Seeing is Believing; then Most People, are Blind.

Objective Reality?

Shit Happens?

I Object To, In-Humane Suffering!

Am I Crazy?

How does one Define Crazy?

Ironically, Life is so Mystifying?

But in Actuality, It is Man / Woman, each and everyone of us, that Confuses the Issue of Life.

Should of, Would of, Could of?

Mysteriously, Life is Full of Secrets and Interesting Surprises!

They say that, ‘When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear.’

And When the Teacher Does Appear, it Can be Shocking or Perplexing.

You might Feel somewhat, Vulnerable, if Not, Ignorant or Crazy?

Congratulations, You Are Not CRAZY, as You Just Past ‘Your Rite of Passage’; en-route to Enlightenment.

Oppositions are Many,

But ‘resistance of Temptation is a measure of Character’

Betrayal is ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’.

Don’t Betray Yourself or God!

Mankind is his own, Worst Enemy.

You have to have Faith, Trust, and Respect, in Yourself as God is with you.

You Got to Get, to Know, You.

Alas, ‘Know Thy-Self’ — — Thales

Peace Be With You…

Fortunately, the Teacher Will Appear,

Via the Miracle of Believing.

Prayer, Visualizations and Affirmations are Divine.

Glory Be As Grace Happens!

Miracles Do Happen Everyday.

But, Where did this ‘Teacher’ come from?

Look, Conscious Awareness…

Stop and LISTEN

Mother Earth Speaks

Life is Calling Out to — — You!

It’s Your Personal Invitation…

“Hark, Hark”, my Angel Sang, in my head!

Perhaps, it is just a Rainbow?

Did you ever see a Rainbow — — that Demanded You Utmost ATTENTION…

I was driving one day and, it just appeared, right in front of my eyes. I was Mesmerized. I drove for forty miles, thinking; that I would soon pass under it. But, I never caught up to the Beautiful Mystery, in the sky above. Was it there, just to get my Attention. I was driving with a friend, on our way to the race track. I made a comment, that it was a sign. He was Irish, and laughed as I stared up and, Thanked the Rainbow for the Pleasure of its Company. I said Good-bye and joked something about a- ‘Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold’. Believe it or don’t. Glory Be! I did Hit the Jackpot. I won 11 out of 12 races that evening. They were all favorites, but the $1000.00 was appreciated. We celebrated at the bar afterward.

Another time I was driving. It was in March, and oh the winds were a blowing. People were running for cover as I stopped, for a red light. Suddenly, something caught my attention. I Looked and watched as a wad of green just danced in the streets. I watched it in the mirror of my car as it flew away behind me, down the road. I Parked my car on the side of the street and ran after it. It soared 2 more blocks, but I caught up to it. It landed in the corner of a bus shelter. Nobody was in there as I fetched my reward.

I put it in my pocket and braved the wind, on the way back to my car. When I took it out of my pocket, I laughed at the $3.00, all rolled up and bunched together like a ball just waiting for me to chase and run after it. It was a Divine Inspiration. I knew it was another sign from the ‘Divine Infinite Powers that Be’.

At that time, a daily racing form, cost $3.00. I went and bought a racing form, at the store which was another block down the street and which I knew would carry the form. It was only one, of a few stores, in this area that carried it. Next, I proceeded to OTB. And, YES I won again! $5000.00! The next day, my wife and I went shopping, bought our first Brand New Vehicle — — a 1987 Ford Aero-Star.

Destiny? Signs, Clues,

Stars, Moon, Sun, in the sky?

Did You ever Wonder Why?

They’re out There!

Did you Ever, Anticipate the Smell of Rain?

And then you Hear Thunder and See Lightning,

Divine Sound Effects; that make You Jump!

Did You Run for Cover?

Are Humans influenced by the Full Moon, Just like the Oceans are?

Why is it that Weird Things, Do Happen Under a Full Moon?

I tended bar, twenty years, knew it was a Full Moon by my crowd’s actions.

Use your Radar , It’s Manifests the ‘AHA Moment’!

Think! ‘Twilight Zone’. Intuition is a Gift. Be on the ALERT!

De ja vu, the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time. A Sudden familiar circumstance /coincidence, that calls you into instant action as Your Rite of Passage!

It’s A Mysterious Encounter; a Blessed Event.

Bring It On! Tune Into The Infinite…

Nature is so Amazing — — Powers, and Resources Galore.

BeautyAwe and Wonder of Being…

It’s Awe-Inspiring

Observe, Praise, Encourage, Share and Care, Ask for Help, Give Thanks…

Get Involved, Participate in the Glory of God.

Think! Justice?

Be Prepared…

It is Time for a Change.

We Must Simplify Man-Made Chaos

The system has to be Modified!

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…

Reason and Free-Will

Do Something! BELIEVE, Make Change for the Betterment of Mankind.

Together, We can Usher In — — Grace Happening as a Routine Blessing.

Help Build A Legacy of LOVE, here on Earth

Don’t be a Disappointment.

Consciousness — “If You Believe, You Will Achieve!”

Never Give Up!

Let Go, Let God…

Live, Learn and Die?

The Mystery of DEATH?


Begin, Again…

The Circle of Perpetual Everlasting Existence…

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