Shame, Shame; Don’t Let Greed Become YOU!

Shame, Shame; Don’t Let Greed Become YOU!

Be Grateful & Thank God for, All of Your Blessings!



Ironically, Just Imagine…

Imagine a World, Without Almighty God, and His; Divine Laws To Sustain and Maintain Nature?

Unfortunately, It Sounds All Too Familiar?

Especially Since So Many Ignore, Doubt, or Don’t Believe in God or His Divine Laws?


Take A Look Around!

The Awe and Wonder of Nature, is Beautiful…

Praise God For His Amazing Creation

Enjoy Its Mystical Beauty!

But Don’t Take It for Granted?

Cherish The Process!

Why Are Humans, FUCKING It UP.

The Circle of Life!

Open Your Eyes

Are We Not, Part of Nature?

Subjected To Karma and Reincarnation?

Is CHAOS Pending?

Is The End of the World, as We Know It?

The End?


Absolutely Not!

God Ain’t Dead!

Jesus Sacrificed as He Suffered Extreme Pain and Humiliation and Ultimately; His Life on The Cross, for ALL of Our Sins and thus, Freed Us from the Divine Process of Karma and Reincarnation.

Thank You Jesus

Praise Jesus

Almighty God Is The Alpha and The Omega

Miraculously, Almighty God Is; Divine Love in Action!

Gods Promise, Is A Beacon of Hope…

Thank You Jesus!

Praise The Almighty Grace of Gods Love.

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…

Never Under Estimate Almighty God!

Life Is, But a Prerogative!

God Gave You Reason and Free Will.

We Have Options.


But You Must Choose, Wisely!

Thou Shalt or, Thou Shalt, Not?

We Are Accountable for Our Actions!

Unfortunately, We are All Guilty of Ignorance?

God Please, Help Us Become Your Agents, of Change for Truth; Amen…

Grant Us Strength, Courage and Wisdom to Manifest Your Word.

Trust and Respect Are Divine.

Be Loyal To Almighty God!

You are Wholly, a Child of God

Don’t Let Greed, Become You!

Greed is Evil, as It Breeds Corruption!

Share Some of Your, Good Fortune!

Pass it Around…

Trust God!

Sharing and Caring is Our Duty, to God

Spread the Word; B4HEART

Bring a Little Hope and Joy To The World, One Good Deed at a Time!

Complications and Adversity, ain’t but a Situation; in of Need of Understanding, as Charity is Divine!

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” — Vedantu


Breathe, Relax and Think.

Don’t Panic or Doubt God?

Believe and Achieve!

Humanity Depends Upon God, Self and Each-Other

Pray — Ask God for Help.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 KJV

Unfortunately, Preconceived Assumptions, Interfere with and Limit the Mind of Imagination? Open Your Heart and Open Your Mind! TRUST God! Invite God, Into Your Heart and Mind. Become One-with-God!

With God, Nothing is Impossible! Potential Is Endless. Investigate and Explore. Possibilities are Waiting. Go For Yours NOW!

Believe and Achieve!

Process with Priority…


LOVE is The Foundation of Eternal Life. The Grace and Glory of Almighty God’s LOVE is Divine! Reincarnation is a Precious Part of His Process! It is a Natural Order of God’s Willful Creation.

Faith is Supreme as Patience, Trust, Respect and Loyalty are Vital to His Cause. Naturally, Faith is Sustained and Maintained by God’s Word, as a Beacon of Hope, which Shall Miraculously Manifest and Transform Humanity by Evolution of His LOVE; Through Mankind’s Faith in God! Enlightenment is Refreshening. Surrender Your Ego, as Power and Control are The Glory of Almighty God’s Will… Seek and You will Find, Jesus!



Jesus Tamed My EGO…


LOVE, Is Our Divine Gift from Almighty God


Trust, Respect, Loyalty and Obedience, are Our Obligations to Almighty God; Which Shall Ensure Peace and Harmony; in the Name of Humanity!

 We are All Born With A Divine Inter-Connectedness, To God! We Are All Children of God! Perhaps it is Hard for You, to Imagine. But Deep Down, in the Heart of My Soul; I know God said — ‘Let There Be Love!’


God Is The Personification of Love… The Power of His LOVE Is So GREAT, That It Is Inconceivable to Mankind! But, The Glory of God’s Love, Is The Defining Moment… It is When; We Realize and Comprehend: ANTICIPATION… The Glory of God…


Listen to “Believe In Thee”… Below:


This is a Rough Demo that was created, on the First take.
The singer is my Friend, Loraine O’Donnel.


You Can, Check Her Out at:


I wrote the Lyrics for ‘Believe in Thee’, and Copy-Righted it with US Copyright Office about 30 years ago. I Paid Dwane Hall at Session Studio in Buffalo, New York to Provide the Music. Total Some of $50.00 as I was Partner of his Record Label. That was in about 2017. Loraine Has A Beautiful Voice. She is an Angel.


Thank You Jesus!

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