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Intro To My Audio Book ‘Surprise,’ Narrated by Graham Mack!


It’s Official, Thank You Graham Mack

I Just Signed a 7 Year Contract, with Amazon’s Audible Audiobooks! 

Mr. Mack Just Finished Producing and Narrating  an Audio Book for my Book — Surprise, A Message of Hope! His is going to also produce and Narrate my book  ‘Social Security; in April, 2023. I Just signed a 7 Year contract, with Amazon's Audible Audiobooks!

In fact, Mr Mack wants to Help Me with All of My Published Works!

"Hi Robert, I'm so glad you like what I've done. It's a wonderful book with an important message."  Graham Mack

He is going to help me market Surprise! when he is finished with my book It! Surprise will be Out Next Week and I will be doing an interview with Graham Mack on His YouTube Channel… On May 1, 2023!

Who is Graham Mack? He has been a professional broadcaster for more than 25 years and won many international broadcasting awards including New York Festivals Radio Awards. He won the “Merit Award” at the Wehear Audiobook Awards 2022! He is also a member of The Audio Publishers Association. And, he also invited me, for an online interview; on his YouTube channel to help promote them for Free!

 Listen To Graham Below!

Thank You Graham Mack!

“Whether small or great, and no matter what the stage or grade of life, the Call rings up the curtain, always on a mystery of transfiguration, a rite, or moment, of spiritual passage, which, when complete; amounts to a dying and a birth. The familiar, life horizon has been outgrown, the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit, the time for passing of a threshold is at hand.” — Joseph Campbell, ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

What is Humanity?

“all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind. the quality or condition of being human; human nature. the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.”

Soon, Freedom, Equal Opportunity, Prosperity, Happiness, Love, Peace, and Joy, To The World; are Destine to Be Fulfilled… Amen!

But, until then, Human Nature is quite dramatic and mysterious, and yet sensitive; as curiosity is constantly tempted? Free will is overwhelmed, by all of the opportunities? Logical Deduction is our ability to separate fact from fiction, and good from evil. But, Ego gets Greedy and Enlists Imagination, to twist and turn ideas, to make sense? Ironically, Logical Deception is EVIL, as Chaos is Inevitable! Plausible deniability; only goes so far until; the Truth Prevails.

The Truth Shall, Set Us Free!

Compulsive Ignorance, A Lack of Faith?

The Good News is Jesus Christ, and Faith in God’s Love is Unstoppable!

Humanity Will Succeed The Test of Time!

Spread the Word. B4HEART… Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Amen…

The Glory of God

We are All Born With A Divine Inter-Connectedness, To God!

We Are All Children of God! Perhaps it is Hard for You, to Imagine? But Deep Down, in Heart of My Soul; I know God said — ‘Let There Be Love!’

God Is The Personification of Love…The Power of His LOVE Is So GREAT, That It Is Inconceivable to Mankind! But, The Glory of God’s Love, Is The Defining Moment… It is When; We Realize and Comprehend: ANTICIPATION… The Glory of God… “Believe In Thee”…

Listen Below:

This is a Demo that was created, on one take.
The singer is my Friend Loraine O’Donnell

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The Prince Of Peace

Jesus Loves You

Divine Miracle


Eternal Life

Truth Is Divine

God Is Love