Sometimes, Shit Happens?

Sometimes, Shit Happens?

Beware of the Consequences of Uncertainty. Sometimes inappropriately, Shit Happens and We are Blindsided? Ouch! It knocks you on your ass? But, don’t Panic. Get over it! Believe! Tomorrow is another day. Faith is Divine! Hope Springs Eternal, as Grace Happens; as God deems Necessary.

In the Meantime, Move On and Be, Thankful for all that you are Blessed with. Care, Concern and Consideration, are vital to Humanity. Blessed are Our Brothers Keepers. Be Humble as there is No Shame in Needing Help. Don’t be afraid to ask for Help. Destiny will Provide; one way or another!

Trust in God as well as Yourself. ‘God Helps those Whom, Help Themselves.’ PRAY to God for Help. Believe! Miracles Happen Every Day! Gratitude, Charity and Mercy, are Acts of Love. They Help Maintain and Sustain, Life. Maybe Destiny will Provide Grace Tomorrow? When Grace Happens, Embrace it’s Glory and Thank God! Amen…

Sharing and Caring, are Acts of Love too! Don’t Be Stingy. Don’t Be Greedy. Don’t Let Greed, Become You! Greed is Uneventful and Evil as, It Defies Humanity! Greed Instills Corruption. Therefor, I Am Bound and Determined by FAITH; to B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…


Thank You Jesus… Amen!

Jesus Tamed My EGO…

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